Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Punchlings & a Sneak Peak!

And a Happy Saturday to you!

I've finished the two little 'punchlings' that I've been working on ~
(called that because they are a nice small size to work on)
I'm offering both of these designs in one pattern for your spooky punching needs...
title of the double-pattern is:

(get it? 'witch' one will you choose to punch first?)
 These were designed to fit our little wooden pincushion base
made from our own hand milled trees at Notforgotten Farm...

witch's hand? no...that's mine...
 both little punchlings measure approx. 3 & 1/4" square~
I've filled mine with our organic sawdust ~
they're nice & firm to hold your pins & needles.

or, you can order directly from me if you'd like ~ the pattern is 10.00 + 1.50 shipping

We also carry supplies that you might need like:
Weavers Cloth, Cameo Punch Needles (medium tip), Organic Sawdust (from our trees) 
and the little Wooden Pincushion Bases.

"Witch one?"
... I'll take both please!
here is a sneak peak of new cross stitch designs-to-come:
and yes, I know the linen is wrinkly ~ please don't throw tomatoes at me ;)
This one below is called
"Christmas Donkey"
little wagon bringing home the tree

Pinocchio? is that YOU?
Mizz Flea is working on
"Dear Santa"
"Mary Snow"
& I'll share them with you soon.

 The design below is the final design for the 2013
Little Stitches Handwork Club
and it's called
"Happy ThankHollowMas"

combining Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving & Christmas together :)
 If you were a charter member of our Little Stitches Handwork Club for 2013 ~ 
...this will be your last design. 
If you are a NEW member, this will be your first design.
IF you'd like to renew your membership for 2014 
you can contact me at & I'll add you to our ever-growing list!

and this little design below is one that I've had on the back burner for some time...
it will be finished into a little needle book and offered soon ~

I Love Squirrels & Acorns :)
I'm off to post on the show blog:
I have some HAPPY NEWS to share with you there!!

Have a beautiful day, and a safe Holiday Weekend my Friends!

Lori from 
Notforgotten Farm

Friday, August 30, 2013

Ramblings on a Friday Morning ~

when we visited Maryland last week (again) 
we went to the Beaver Creek Antiques mall 
where Kathy Barrick and Jimmie Cramer 
...both hold booths of their wonderful goods ~ 

I spotted this glass cloche with white chippy knob & had to have it:

 Jimmie decorates his booths with thee most awesome stuff ever.
old photographs, tin buckets, glass vessels filled with string balls and wire baskets full of old lace ~
and ironstone. 
 LOTS of ironstone.
so to emulate 'his' look
I placed a bunch of my old lace into the glass cloche, flipped it upside down and then put it onto a small white ironstone dish ~


now it sets on an old grey painted bookshelf in my sewing room for me to admire.
somehow, the lace looks more important under glass....
like a specimen from Victorian days.

Iwas also inspired to do something a bit different with some of my old photos ~
so I clipped them onto steel curtain rings and hung them on a vintage spinner rack...

I pretend the folks of whom these pictures were taken
now enjoy a spin every couple of times I walk by... an old merry-go-round.

long tall doll created by Mandy Fischer of Bittersweet Folk Art Primitives
 and a while back,
I found this newer card filing cabinet.
thought it would be perfect for storing all sorts of things here in my little sewing room,
and it is.
I changed the drawer labels to sepia copies of some of my old photos of children
and slipped them behind the brass plates instead...

I love old photos...
but by far my very favorite is this one below:
a glass negative of two women ~

ghostly & transparent
 of course I love taking photos too, 
with one of my models below...

hello Iggy!
I will be here in my little sewing studio today ~
working on Old Hallow's Eve goodies for the show in September...
Punching, sewing, painting ~ perhaps some paper clay too.
a doll or three as well?
and plenty of little needfuls for the sewing witch.

many Good things to come....

Hoping you are all happy & busy~
have a beautiful day my friends!

Lori from 
Notforgotten Farm

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ending today ~

my little necklace auction is ending in a little while...

I'll be adding a few more perhaps this evening ~

Lori from 
Notforgotten Farm

My thanks to all who bid on my little W I T C H pendant ~
...she will be flying by broom to her new home soon ~

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Subtle Changes ~

Taking our morning walk, 
Lazy & I are noticing the subtle changes occurring ever so quietly here...

 there is a 'feeling' in the air ~
the faint scent of things-to-come....
yes, that would be AUTUMN!!

c'mon boy ~ let's go for a walk!

Our walks aren't hurried.
they are purposely slow and mindful...
...exercising the soul more than the body.

I stop many times to breathe, admire and ponder ~ and look for the beauty around me:

turkey feather

 Our path leads us to the little graveyard that we take care of ~
where the Proffit family peacefully rests...

ancient stones & cedars

beautiful resting place
 Near the headstones I find a small cache of beechnuts ~
looks like friend Squirrel has been busy...

tiny toadstools near a headstone

twisted branches
 We can see changes to the trees.
mottled colors so vibrant against the green...

spotted leaf and another turkey feather
 Lazy is getting on in years, so we decide to turn and head back home...

shop in the distance

another beautiful decaying leaf
 we stop for a moment to check the pumpkins:
they've begun to turn ~

and finally reach our farmhouse front porch~

Welcome A U T U M N indeed!!

Lori from
 Notforgotten Farm

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday monday ~

Happy Monday afternoon my friends ~
I am hoping that you are enjoying a bit of the cooler weather that we've been having here in the south ~
although, Mizz Flea says we will get hot again tomorrow...
I'd rather it didn't!

and let's keep those folks in CA in our prayers ~ those wildfires are nasty!
scares me to death...

while watching the news, and movies, and youtube, and browsing Pinterest...
i've been working on the designs below:

almost finished with these ~
 the square 2 will become new patterns for our pin keep bases, as mentioned in an earlier post,
and the other 2 I have no clue as to what they'll end up being!
ever done that?
just start working on something with no real plan as how to finish?
to be honest, I just drew them up on the weavers cloth because I had room for 'something' else and hate to waste an inch of anything :)

I did finish another little pendant too, and will offer this one on Ebay this evening ~
the little W I T C H pendant on Ebay at the moment is ending in 2 days, I wanted to put another up before it ends ~

bittersweet & key pendant
 I love choosing just the right little button, buckle or finding for my things ~
I have a nice collection of junk and love to root through & dump out my many (many) jars of stuff.

I have jars that hold bone buttons, white buttons, black buttons, brown buttons ~
rusty pins, rusty bells, rusty wire...
jars full of thread spools, empty spools and just thread.
I love apothecary jars and have them filled with wool, string and old millinery flowers...
and I like to keep them out where I can see them:

a corner in my sewing room ~

inspiration under glass

Thanks so much to everyone for their kind words regarding my book coming out ~
and to those...who have pre ordered.

 I will leave the link up on my sidebar for easy ordering for you ~
remember, if you'd like your copy signed/personalized, 
I'm happy to ~ just let me know you do :)

Have a beautiful & quiet (of what remains) Monday friends ~

Lori from
 Notforgotten Farm

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking Pre Orders ~

Good Morning Friends and Folk!
it is with sheer delight that I can now offer you
for my newly released book:
AUTUMN at Notforgotten Farm
published by Kansas City Star Books

Autumn at Notforgotten Farm: Needlework Projects to Warm Your Hands and Heart

by Lori Brechlin
25.95 + 5.95 shipping
Preorder yours today by clicking on the Paypal button to your upper right ~
If you would like your copy signed, please let me know!
Books will begin shipping in September ~
Have a beautiful day my Friends!!!
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Friday, August 23, 2013

WITCH in the Moon ~

So I finished the little (8" x 11")
WITCH in the Moon pillow.
...added a poison-green wool back,
stuffed it with organic sawdust ~
knotted some wool-strip fringe around the edges....
WITCH in the M O O N

sweet with my early child's chair and broom

sweet-ly spook-y

I see the Moon, and the Moon sees me....


yes, we see you too, Minew...
Paper pattern for
WITCH in the Moon
now available in our Etsy shop ~
Wholesale shop orders can be placed by emailing me at or by telephone
Hope you like it!!
I actually videoed myself putting the fringe on this pillow...
thought I might add it to my Youtube channel.
when I played the video back, I realized that the camera was pointing directly
at my Humongous boobs and what used to be my waist or mid-section
(which I NOW politely refer to as my 'ruffle')
 I didn't think you'd want to sit there watching that, so I burned  , destroyed
deleted it quickly.
(maybe I'll try it again)
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Little Loops ~

Loops, loops loops ~
pulling and poking little loops.
...cotton loops and now ~
wool loops...
I'm a little feeling loopy!
no, really I'm having fun!
hooked up this little guy and need to
him now ~
my loops are wonky ~ like me!

love the textures and colors...

somber expression with his bottom lip pouting...
perhaps he's sad about something?

shadow play

think i'll finish him into a pillow and add some kind of fringe...
what would you suggest?

this is where i clip my works-in-progress...
((behind that curtain are bins of supplies))
I think I'll offer this design as a paper pattern so you can enjoy hooking him too!
Oh, speaking of patterns ~
I am working on a few Hallowe'en inspired punch needle patterns too..
got a few emails from folks who punch...
seems as though they felt 'left out'
and wondered if I would have any new ones ~
I'm ALWAYS happy to oblige,
... so the answer is YES!
in fact I am working on two at the moment that will fit nicely into our little wooden pinkeep base:
little wooden pinkeep base in our etsy shop

a glimpse of two of the soon to be released punch needle patterns...
Hoping that Kris (
will share new rug hooking patterns adapted from my work for you soon, as well ~
Such excitement going on around here!!!!!
Thank you all who visit and keep up with me regularly... all hold my heart ~
Have a beautiful day my Friends ~
Lori from
Notforgotten Farm

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