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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ramblings on a Friday Morning ~

when we visited Maryland last week (again) 
we went to the Beaver Creek Antiques mall 
where Kathy Barrick and Jimmie Cramer 
...both hold booths of their wonderful goods ~ 

I spotted this glass cloche with white chippy knob & had to have it:

 Jimmie decorates his booths with thee most awesome stuff ever.
old photographs, tin buckets, glass vessels filled with string balls and wire baskets full of old lace ~
and ironstone. 
 LOTS of ironstone.
so to emulate 'his' look
I placed a bunch of my old lace into the glass cloche, flipped it upside down and then put it onto a small white ironstone dish ~


now it sets on an old grey painted bookshelf in my sewing room for me to admire.
somehow, the lace looks more important under glass....
like a specimen from Victorian days.

Iwas also inspired to do something a bit different with some of my old photos ~
so I clipped them onto steel curtain rings and hung them on a vintage spinner rack...

I pretend the folks of whom these pictures were taken
now enjoy a spin every couple of times I walk by...
...like an old merry-go-round.

long tall doll created by Mandy Fischer of Bittersweet Folk Art Primitives
 and a while back,
I found this newer card filing cabinet.
thought it would be perfect for storing all sorts of things here in my little sewing room,
and it is.
I changed the drawer labels to sepia copies of some of my old photos of children
and slipped them behind the brass plates instead...

I love old photos...
but by far my very favorite is this one below:
a glass negative of two women ~

ghostly & transparent
 of course I love taking photos too, 
with one of my models below...

hello Iggy!
I will be here in my little sewing studio today ~
working on Old Hallow's Eve goodies for the show in September...
Punching, sewing, painting ~ perhaps some paper clay too.
a doll or three as well?
and plenty of little needfuls for the sewing witch.

many Good things to come....

Hoping you are all happy & busy~
have a beautiful day my friends!

Lori from 
Notforgotten Farm


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love the long doll. How wonderful to have so many lovely things to inspire you in your work space. Iggy is wonderful too!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

So many lovely things! I am looking forward to seeing you and all your wares at the September opening. It's been a long time! xxoo

Penny said...

Great ideas.... love them all! The glass negative is really neat... never saw one before, but will have to keep my eyes open for them...especially during this upcoming 'spooky' time of year! TFS! Give Iggy a hug and a head pat from me... he is as cute as can be, and a very fine model indeed....

The Evening Stitcher said...

Love your glass cloche. Your sewing room is so cozy filled with well-loved items, items you can not only display, but items that give you much inspiration. And your inspiration and creativity renders your readers to be inspired. I would love to be able to go to your show....it's just a little too far. The antique booths in Maryland sound like they are to die for! I wish Jimmy Cramer would put out another book displaying his home. Have a great day, Lori!

NMK said...

Everything looks so pretty !!! Love your idea of the pretty laces under the cloche....I want to display mine like that....Love what you do with all the old pictures...just makes me smile, they're on a Merry Go Round !!! And your Iggie...too cute !!! Have a nice Labor Day weekend !!!

Barb said...

Love your find! It looks perfect with the old lace! Kitty is so cute!

Chris said...

Lovely finds and inspiration. Hello Iggy!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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