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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh Iggy....

This has to be thee most entertaining cat that has ever owned us...
Never a dull moment when The Igmeister is around.

"O Sole Mia..."

seriously, some of his poses just crack us up!!

...and S-T-R-E-T-C-H...

even his catnaps tickle us ~

"what're you lookin' at??

as you can tell, Peter's chair is his favorite spot...the pillow & the quilt are there to keep his fur off the chair, but me thinks HE thinks it's there for his comfort alone.

Where' the remote? Animal Planet is coming on....

life would be a boring without him, for sure...

and you can tell by the look on his face that he just tolerates me...

he is never far from the AC, or his food bowl.
...we love your antics Iggy!!
Blessings from the farm,


  1. I think you had better stop disturbing your cat taking pics and let him sleep, he looks like he really needs it. ;-)
    I wouldnt stop laughing at him.

  2. He is a character, mine area always doing something funny, but never when the camera is on.


  3. What a character! These are precious. Thanks for sharing with all of us feline fanatics.

  4. Iggy must be the long lost brother of our Shadow (aka Graybee, Graybinator). He cracks us up daily and he's a hoarder! He "finds" things and hides them in the kids' bedrooms.

    Happy 4th!


  5. He's ADORABLE! One of mine is attacking my crafting table as I write this. Wish they were busy making cute poses like yours is!

  6. what a little hoot...never a dull moment with cats around...Iggy looks especially fun...

  7. Iggy is so cute~ what a little bad egg, I think a Ham~giggles~
    smiles & Happy 4th

  8. Hello Linda, oh what a sweet and cheeky puddy tat that Iggy is. Great pictures of him even though he didn`t think so,tee hee. Happy July 4th, Blessings Francine.

  9. I think you've got enough material to publish your own calendar. Iggy 2013. It will be a big seller.

  10. Laurie ZimmermanJuly 3, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    Lori, this is my first time writing. I Do love everything you draw, punch, hook. Your blog is so entertaining. I absolutely love to see pictures of Iggy. He is soooo funny and cute!! I have 3 cats and I can't get pictures like these!! When you post pictures of Iggy I always have to show them to my husband. He is going to love these!!! I also love to see pictures of the dogs and the donkeys. Thanks for all pictures, well, of everything!!!

  11. I generally don't like cats, but he sure is cute. Even I could live with him.

  12. oh, everybdy needs an Iggy ~ he's not just a cat..he;s an adventure for sure!!

  13. Thanks for a much needed smile!

  14. What a character. You picked the perfect name for him.

  15. What an awesome kitty! He's a keeper!

  16. Iggy makes me giggle! Happy July 4th, Take care, Janice

  17. Thanks for the laughs Lori. I'm allergic to cats so I live vicariously through your photos and daily adventures with Iggy. That photo with him paws out on Peter's chair had me falling off one.
    Smiles and giggles,

  18. What funny pics of Iggy!! He sure is cute.... my fave is the one of him stretching those legs.... our shih-tzu will do that, too.... makes me laugh. What would we do without our furry friends?!
    Have a happy 4th of July!

  19. Hehehe....cats are sooo much fun!

  20. I love the Igmeister! What a character! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  21. Too funny! He is precious!!


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