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Monday, July 2, 2012

Dog (or bird) Days of Summer....

Waaayyy too hot for me...
I prefer a cooler climate ~ guess it's the New England girl in me!!
Spending my time on the porch, sweet tea in one hand, needle in the other...

see that hanging plant below?
that's where the Jenny Wren layed her eggs, remember?
see my porch swing?
that's where I stitch...

there's been lots of action going on at Jenny's nest...
you see, her babies have hatched and they are getting big & strong.
Momma Jenny feeds them every-other-minute ~ there are at least 5 of them in there, I can't really tell.


a male & female Bee Catcher has decided to 'adopt' these babes too, and is ALSO feeding them!!!
imagine the confusion when they will be fledglings? are you my mother? or are YOU my mother?
and um are you dad?? hehehe ~
the fun part about this is that the plant/nest can be seen from our keeping room window too,
so we can watch the shenanigans in the coolness of the constantly whirring AC...
these are difintely Jenny Wren's babies, their tiny little tails are proof positive...
Hmmm...wonder if Ms. Jenny & Mr. B. Catcher had a li'l sumthun' going on?
(who's your daddy!!!)
I'll keep trying to snap a pic of the feedings, so stay tuned :<

since we were away last week, we have to hay the fields this week.
yep. hot, humid sticky scratchy hay...yay.

(hi pete!)

please remember to offer fresh cool water to our feathered & fur friends
outside on days like these...
even the insects need water to survive so fill a plastic container's lid with some water, place it in the shade of a bush and help them out...the lid will keep them from drowning.

hoping you all are safe from the heat & are keeping well!!!

Blessings from the farm,

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