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Sunday, July 1, 2012

well, HELLO Folks!

Howdy do to you!!!
Oh it's been a l o n g week my friends....
we took a trip down to FLORIDA this past week,
for Hannah & Skyler's graduation presents :)
so that's where i've been...

MIA but now I'm back!

i am such a homebody...I HATE leaving my farmhouse...
I'm not comfortable out 'there' in the big world, I'd rather stay here with my beloved animals than to venture anywhere else,
but, Hannah wanted to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in FLA...
so, off we went...

and, after an initial 14 hr drive, we arrived.
after a day however, Hannah came down with a nasty case of bronchitis and after we spent a morning in a clinic getting her some meds, we were on our way to Universal Studios!!!

we ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks.,..
Yum yum YUM...

...Shopped a little, ((( hey, one always needs a new cauldron!!!)))

we got lost a couple of times, had to don our rain ponchos to deter the tropical storm DEBBY we were in....but we prevailed!

the buildings were breathtaking, like we were in the middle of the movies...SO BIG!!!!

If ONLY that snow was real...
during our week long stay,
it rained for 4 days and the daily temps were averaging to be
about 118 degrees....

we tried to stay indoors as much as possible,
in the AC, drinking wonderful things like Hog's Head Beer & Butter Beer...
(I prefer the Pumpkin cider, thankyouverymuch)

of course we had to take pics with the 'locals' , a train engineer from Hogwart's CASTLE

and when the sun did come out, we took pics of each other....
here's Hannah & Skyler...

...and me & Peter...
don't laugh at us too much.
if YOU were walking 140 miles a day, in horizontal rain, 80 mph winds and 120 dgree temps,
you'd look like us too.
oh, and btw, our .88 cent Walmart rain ponchos worked just fine, thank you.
(although at times I did feel somewhat like a microwaveable bag
of the Jolly Green Giant's Steamable Broccoli.))

My two Loves...

and our favorite was Seaworld...
and that's when my camera decided to go on vacation...

we came home last night (saturday about 11:30 pm) to the damage of the storms in our rural area...we haven't lost power, and so far only a few branches & leaves are down.
please keep our neighbors in your thoughts, as some of them won't receive power for another week.


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Thanks so much my friends, I'm going to go catch up on all of you now!
Blessings from the farm,


  1. Hi there...I wonder if the Harry Potter exhibition is the same one as the one in Sydney that we went to...if so wasn't it fabulous!!!!

    Always good to come home after a trip away...Blessings to all in the area who have storm damage and I hope it will all be fixed soon ...

  2. Missed you and I must confess I was getting a bit concerned that you hadn't posted in a while...geez just like a Mother Hen! Looks like everyone had a great time!~Laurie
    PS The linen is fabulous!!!

  3. Missed you--I totally understand about having photo taken in extreme condition. We had similar situation happen to us in DC and we bought cheap raincoats at grocery store.

    Glad you did not have storm damage--we could sure use some of the rain

  4. I totally agree with you that there is no place better to be than home. =) I have heard good things about the wonderful world of Harry Potter in Florida. glad that you did not lose power in this horrid heat.

  5. That trip was right up my alley, except for the sick part.

    I love seeing things through your eyes.

  6. Lori, I looks like dispite the bumps in the road it was a fun vacation!!! OLM

  7. I would love to see HP at Universal! I was thinking my son is too old at 15, but your kids wanted to go. Maybe I can convince the boys to take a trip. :-)

  8. Minus the weather it looks like alot of fun!!

  9. Hey Folks,... Hannah & Skyler are 17, almost 18. IF you love Harry Potter, my suggestion is to GO GO GO!~!! it is super-cool, wonderful and all of the shops there are awesome too...didn't get a wand, but came home with two chocolate frogs, hogshead beer mugs, books by JK Rowling, and memores to last a lifetime!!

  10. Lori ~
    Sounds like a fun trip in spite of the weather.
    Glad you had no damage from the storms. Northern Ohio was spared but mid to southern Ohio had lots of damage and lost power.
    Hugs :)

  11. Lori - we thought about you every time we saw a report about Debby. It sounds like you endured some rough conditions. Glad you enjoyed it inspite of the blips. It was rough here on Friday night. We never lost power :-)
    Glad you didn't come home to problems.

  12. Fantastic photos, the cauldrom one is my favorite- I would love to see that in person, totally cool!

  13. I MUST go...... absolutely...


  14. WoW!!! That looks soooooo fun!!! But you are just like me, I don't like going away to long either. But I bet you got inspired by all that goodness.



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