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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


~~~~Hi Friends & Folk~~~~

well, no pictures for this post, but the job interview went well
(i thought , anyway ~ lol)

I talked my heart out, was true to myself and put on no airs...
I talked about my family, my animals, my love of creating ~ I was asked to describe myself and found myself saying things like:
"comfortable in my own skin"
(I think that means to have a good sense of humor and can laugh at one-self)...

without being glib, I tried to convey that as I am pushing the upside of 50 yrs old,
I am still {in MY mind} young, capable, confident ~
(more now that I was in my younger days)
...and grounded. VERY CENTERED & Grounded.

oh I talk too much ~ me thinks...


that's ME.

I am simple folk, like you,....
I love family, friends & my faith...I am a HOMEBODY.
i trust in my insitincts as a woman, and fly by the seat-of-my-pants...

I love a bargain, (Goodwill here i come!)
I treat others as i would like to be treated
and give praise & recognition where i think it is due...

I am in the throes of menopause,
..am over-weight (and trying to be healthier)...
I make vows to myself to be more productive ~
nicer, friendlier and more helpful
{{IF my hormones let me, if not, WATCH OUT!!}}

here i am...

take me or leave me...

either way,

I know I am still loved by those that matter to me~
liked by my true-friends
and can genuinely put my head on my pillow at night and sleep...
{ok, till a hot-flash wakes me up}

I hope to not bore you with all of this..

I truly believe we have some say in our destinies...
We are are all handed a Brand-New day, everyday~
and what we make of it it up to us...

I want to make it good,
& I know you do too.


tomorrow morning,

when you're still in bed & just waking up ~
while you're stretching PLEASE remember these words:

just be....

those are the words that help me everyday...
I hope they help you too....

blessings from the farm,


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh dear Lori - am late visiting blogs today and just read of your interview in your prior post - sorry I wasn't able to wish you luck. But it sounds like it went well - don't know how it couldn't - you definitely come across as a people person, and that should be a priority in that profession. I do wish you the best of luck in your path - I assume that it would mean less time to design and create - which is a loss for all of us; but truly understand the practical need...family always has to be first and foremost. Loved your photos in the last post - your Hannah is so strikingly beautiful...And, yeah - I'd say you did a mighty fine job. Wishing you the best....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

tj said...

...I can't imagine you being anything else but fantastic no matter what you are doing! I'm certain the employer is weighing heavily in your favor and that you'll be receiving a call. I can't imagine you working outside of your farmstead but we womenfolk do what we have to do, don't we? We always have. :o)

...Your daughter is lovely and you aced the world's hardest profession which is being a parent. I tip my hat to you Lori! You did a fine job.

...Thank you for the inspiring words. They are the perfect thing to say first thing in the morning besides a lil' prayer I say everyday which is, "God please bless me today. Amen." :o)

...I'm sending lots o' positive energy your way that you'll get the job! Keep us posted! :o)


Penny said...

How could anyone not appreciate all the wonderful things that you are!!! I'm sure you'll rank high in the eyes of the employer .... and that you will have an excellent chance at getting that job. Best wishes to you!!!

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Great and inspirational post!

Rhonda said...

Oh Lori thanks for the thoughtful post. I can't help but think you are the perfect person for the job. A people person you are. Good luck I hope it all works out for you.


Faye said...

Good good luck Lori~~~ You just totally described ME btw!!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweetie, just by reading this post, I'D HIRE YOU!!! You are precious!! Don't you worry one little bit, because we all know what is meant to be, WILL BE. You will find the perfect spot for your wonderful personality ~ wishing you all the best and much, much success, hugs and love, Dawn

cucki said...

good luck dear,,thank you so much for such a sweet post..me love you so much.
hugs cucki xx

Mouse said...

oooo fingers crossed you get the post .... love your descriptions of your self ... and I would hire you :) love mouse xxxx

Cindy said...

Thank you Lori for a beautiful post. You described me as well and I know that transitions are difficult as I am facing a significant one. What grace and beauty you exhibit.

Good luck

Cinlyn said...

I don't know how it could of gone any other way! Good luck!
Enjoyed your words of encouragement...thank you.

Jane said...

Just love it!!!One of my favorite sayings is...."Nothing ventured, nothing gained." You've ventured and gained a lot. Hope this new venture works out for you.

A Fine Farmhouse said...

I love your way with words. You certainly speak for me.... I can relate to all you are saying. Thanks for the inspiration. I want to become a better person in every way. Enjoy all you do today.

Maria said...

They'd be lucky to have you! Sending good luck & best wishes your way!

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