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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Serious Simplifying....

look at this little guy on my pumpkin stem...

he carries everything he needs with him on his back
in that beautiful home-made shell of his.

I noticed him while watering plants this morning...
thankfully, it was a cooler much sunnier autumn morning.

I was bending down to water when I spotted him slowly going on his way
and I got to thinking...
gee, he doesn't have chores to do like dusting,
watering plants, vacuuming rugs or things of that nature

then I came back in the house and realized that,
once again~
I just have too much 'stuff'.
I love my stuff, but there's alot of it in here
and I don't like the cluttered feeling I'm beginning to get
when I walk into certain rooms...
I need to really focus on what I treasure mostly (in terms of 'stuff', of course)
and let go of most of this stuff that doesn't mean much to me or my family...

I've started a list of to do's, and will allow you to follow me through the process
(if you'd like to, that is)
I will begin on Monday morning...October 3rd.
which happens to be our wedding anniversary ~ 24 years together!!
what better day to begin simplifying than one that is already memorable?

On another note~
I have received SO many emails from you wishing me good luck on the job situation ~
my thanks to you all and here's how I look at it...
if it is meant to be, fine.
... if it isn't meant to be
and also from some of you who were concerned
that I was 'quitting' designing patterns and making my folk art....
nonsense I say.
no worries.
I have to create & share with you.
it's what fills my heart!

I'll always be here ~

blessings from the farm,



tj said...

...That snail is the epitome of simplicity! Carrying his home with him and moving along at a snail's pace...no rushing to go here or there; just moving along minding his own business. What a life! ;o)

...Glorious photos too btw!

...I too agree regarding the paring down of one's possessions, as I need to do the same. I always covet the photos of the Shaker home and then I look at my own lil' homestead and think, "oh my, this looks nothing like that"...*giggle* I've begun to gather items together that are going to go up for sale but now it's a matter of taking photos and such. Another task to add to my ever growing to-do list! :o)

...Blessings :o)

April Mechelle said...

Thank you for the pictures of the snail. It got me to thinking.. When was the last time I had seen one... Was it because there aren't any around my home? or is it because maybe I am not slowing down to see them? I think it is the last thought. Thank you for making me realize I need to slow down and enjoy the beauty around me.

Rhonda said...

Hi Lori
I agree. Too much stuff. I promised myself no more fabric........till the next project HeHeHe. Seriously though I always plan on using up what I have and somehow it never happens.

Love the snail and his picture. He does have it all together doesn't he.

I love your posts. They keep me inspired.


TheCrankyCrow said...

That is one of the most beautiful snails I've ever seen - the patterns and colors on his shell are amazing...Ahh...to simplify...I so need to do that. I, too, look at those wonderful colonial type homes with minimalist decor and scream "I WANT THAT!" But, then, when push comes to shove, just can't let my "treasures" go. I wish you the best of luck - and hope to glean some inspiration from your posts of your progress and journey.....

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Penny said...

I will be forced very soon to scale back on my collections and PURGE!! We will be downsizing our house soon, so I have no choice. It will be hard, but as you said -- I will keep just those things that are especially dear to my heart and let the rest go....

Happy Anniversary to you a bit early -- I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Mouse said...

happpyyy anniversary for monday .. DD shares her birthday with you :) love the snail it reminds me of the famous what is life etc poem ... and good luck with the de cluttering :) love mouse xxxx

cucki said...

happy friday dear, i love snail so much..these little slow fellows are so cure..i have so many in my home and i love the little silver line they left behind..when they walking slowly :)
Happy anniversary for monday..have a lovely time.
with all my love and hugs..cucki xx

frontporchprims said...

A beautiful simple snail to bring our lives into check. Things get way to fast and crazy. Thanks for the post.

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