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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~ A Breather ~

I was cleaning out my ever-growing photo files and came upon three that tickled me ~
thought you might get a smile from them too...

Fuzz-bucket Donkeys dressed in their Winter woolies ~~~
(Daisy is much bigger now and has become quite long-legged and elegant)


Hannah & Skyler,
always helpful, always smiling & always together...
(we love you both so much!)

Laughing Kittens
(or more simply, those that really get my sense of humor ...like Iggy)

remember to take time to enjoy even the tiniest things today...
stop for a second and just breathe ~
drop those shoulders and
...let a smile creep across your face :)

AND in other news...
I have been keeping a secret from all of you.
I have a JOB INTERVIEW today at 10:00
(((...yepper, you read that right)))
~In my 'past life'
(read: before I became a full time arteest),
I was a Dental Assistant in CT
and had a wonderful career in the healthcare field...
I enjoyed it immensely ~ but when I was blessed to become pregnant with Hannah
(after struggling for 7 yrs with infertility treatments)
I vowed to stay home & be a full time Mommy...I must say I think I've done a good job,
but now that she's choosing her path towards college & adulthood,
and since Peter lost his job back in May,
I feel it's time for me to get back to healthcare ~ to contribute to my family just a little bit more.

I am a people-person who loves to help others~
i think i can do this AND still have my beloved career in designing...
I am a positive-thinker and I know that everything always turns out ok...
SO ~
wish me luck at the dental office today,
I'll chime back in later to hopefully fill you in with good news :)
be happy, be productive and be kind.
that's the best we can do!!!

blessings from the farm,


HomeSpunPrims said...

My very best wishes at your job interview Lori. I hope everything works out for you. Lori

A Fine Farmhouse said...

I don't tell you often enough how much you inspire me ! Your talent, your kindness, your words ! You truly are a one of a kind as it your art. I just love it.
I hope to someday visit you - would have loved to gone to your recent gathering.
Blessings to you. I hope your path leads you right where you want to go !

Ronda said...

Lots of luck today.....that kitty is just too darn cute!

Penny said...

Lori,that's great news about your interview!! Good luck :) The fuzz- bucket donkeys made me smile and Iggy made me laugh!:D

rockriverstitches said...

Lori, Good Luck on the interview! Loved your laughing kitty pic!! Cats sure can be amusing can't they!


Cindy Lu said...

Good luck, I cant wait to hear how things go.....

primitivebettys said...

Love the photos! <3 Best wishes with the job interview. I'm sure they will fall in love with you instantly. I know all too well how tight funds are now here... and I too have been looking for something part-time.

Penny said...

Wishing you good luck with your interview today!!

Patti said...

Love the photos! Thanks for the reminder to breathe - I really needed that right now! Good luck on the job interview! I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish - I know that you can do this too!
Blessings, Patti

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wonderful photos~ the donkeys & iggy are adorable!!made me giggle!!
The kids are so cute~ so real~beautiful!!
Good luck today~
hugs to you~

sheravery said...

I wish you the very best of luck in your search for employment. The economy has given us all a good kick in the seat. I DO hope that you are able to continue with your designing, as well. Can't tell you how much I LOVE your work.
Those donkeys are waaaay too cute, and the cat just cracks me up. Thanks for sharing. Again, good luck!!


Constance said...

I wish you the very best, I've been in the same situation and back working in the office now for 8 years. I really miss my art and crafting but I love my job too. Best of luck.


Laura said...

Good luck today, I hope you get your job. I loved the post ending about Being productive. This is so important to every day create even if it's a doodle . Use it or lose it applies to your brain too. Enjoy life, it's short. Laura

Jacqueline said...

I hope things work out the way you want them to. You deserve the best.

DianeM said...

Best of luck today :)
Smiles, DianeM

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Love your blog head pictures. They are awesome job!. I meet Hannah in the show and she is really gorgeous and so nice like you. Good luck in your interview, I hope you get the job. Hugs, Eve

Kelly said...

Good luck at the interview. Love the kitty picture. Also you have a very beautiful daughter.

cucki said...

good luck for your interview dear..me sending you pots full of luck..
kitty is so sweet..
big hugs cucki xx

Jane said...

Kids and critters are so cute!! Sending you good vibes about the job! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Hugs :-)

Cindy in Virginia said...

I've got everything crossed for you, Lori! I know you knocked their socks off! Oh, and thanks for letting me know where you got your black tree- my daughter goes to Roanoke College, which is actually right up the street from Charlotte's Web- she went and got me the last 3' one! I guess our trees are sisters, lol!

Beckyjean said...

Best of luck to you Lori.


OldeThreads said...

Hope you're interview goes well, heck, they gotta love you. Just don't forget about us folks craving for your stuff.!


Prims By The Water said...

Good luck at your interview...keeping my fingers crossed for you. Take care, Janice

Patty ♣ said...

Sending my Best Wishes and Hopes for your interview today!Let it be what you want and need!

Alicia said...


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