Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find us...chasing our kittens, puttering in the herb gardens, or talking to the trees.

Our Needlework Shop & Studio
is located here at our farm:
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, Virginia 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
email ~

Due to Covid-19 Health restrictions, the Shop & Studio at Notforgotten Farm is CLOSED until further notice...

Our ETSY Shop is Always Open!
visit our Etsy Shop by clicking on any one of the thumbnail photos below or going to

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sentimental Pillows ~

I can remember visiting my Mom's sister, Miriam
(Aunt Mim)...
She had a pillow on her bed
that had dozens of tiny yellow buttons
sewn on in the shape of a basket...
I loved how sweet & nostalgic it was, so I thought I would make some...
The two in the photos above are now on Etsy~if you'd like to take a look.
They are each hand-made, using my old Pfaff treadle machine...
stuffed with wool scraps for weight and a lumpy 'old-fashioned' feel..
I've hand-stitched dozens of buttons on,
then added vintage millinery flowers/corsages/ribbons from my stash.
I think they are so pretty!
PERFECT for my Spring Farmhouse!
let me know what you think?
It is sunny here skies and cold breezes.
I've been watching a small flock of Robin's on our front lawn...
They're eating what's left of the fallen Persimmons under the tree,
and the ground is moist from the ice-storm...
great for pulling up a fat juicy worm or two.

I love the way they hop-hop about on their little feet!

Our neighbors have asked us if we'd like some of their
brood of hens that are almost ready for laying....


...nothin' like a farm fresh egg ~
they taste SO different from those pale, runny ones
at the grocery store.
as a matter of fact,
I think I'll make Peter & I omeletes for dinner tonight,
since Hannah will be staying at a friend's house
& I don't have to cook a big meal...
Here's how I make mine...

~Farmhouse Omelettes~
6 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 tblsp. butter
1 cup chopped mushrooms
1 cup chopped tomato
1 cup feta or goat's cheese (crumbled)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped spinach (fresh)
sea salt, ground pepper and garlic powder to taste.
Over medium heat, drop butter into pan and melt...
combine eggs and milk, scrambling well and pour into pan...
let the eggs bubble a bit then turn heat to low...
add other ingredients on top of egg, and fold egg over itself...cook well.
Serve with Rye or Pumpernickle Toast!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A little somethin' for being so sweet!

Here's a little Valentine from me to you~

the dmc floss colors used are:

921 for hearts
611 for dots on hearts and date on cup
3033 for cup and handles
730 for stems
3013 for leaves
(or you could use whatever your favorite colors are!)

I would love to see finished pics, so get stitching!

oh boy Oh BOY!

It's Like CHRISTMAS again here at the shop!!

(well ok...not reeeally, )

Our ever-pleasant UPS man, Jeff and
FED EX people have been here almost everyday this week!

(...even battling that nasty ice-storm!)

We've been unpacking bolts of fabrics, book, patterns, sewing & quilting notions, gadgets & gizmos that ya just can't live without and everything to get you started on your way to becoming a FABULOUS NEEDLEWOMAN!

(can you tell i'm a little excited?)

C'mon in, pull up a chair by our cozy woodstove and see our new goodies!!!
Hope to see you soon!
(oh...& bring your stitchin'!!)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

a little gift & Sad News....

I'll be listing this little Heart pinkeep,
and a couple of others on ebay within the next few days...

AND... on a sad note,
I went to feed the sheep & chickens this morning,
and found my big-boy rooster, Frank,
had succumbed to the bitter-cold of the recent ice-storm...

poor old man that he was, i guess the cold was too much for him.
we've had him for almost 6 years,
and we don't have a clue as to how old he was
when he came to live with us...

He was a good rooster, never mean at all...
he would let me hold him and cuddle him...
I'm happy that I've saved a bunch of his beautiful,
long irredescent black/blue/green tail feathers...

Now, not to be confused with Little Bit, my little-boy rooster
(the one that usually greets you here at the shop)
He's fine, as are all the hens...
but I can tell you that the barnyard just won't be the same
without sweet big old Frank...

We'll ALL miss you Frank!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!

while attempting to go for a morning walk,
(read: iceskating through the woods!)
I brought my camera along again...
The Winter Woods are a beautiful, if not dangerous, place to be~
I made sure that I dressed in layers,
wore my good rugged boots with non-slip soles,
carried a pocket-warmer in each coat pocket
made sure to slather on moisturizer
and plenty of my Burt's Bees lip balm...
...the crackle of the ice high atop the trees
and the snapping of branches is really what you have to watch for,
and of course, your footing on slippery rocks & leaves...
I walked a good hour, 1/2 hour in and a 1/2 hour out...
I was warmed by the excersize, my heart rate was up and It felt invigorating!
My little cheeks (on my face silly !!!)
were ruddy from the cold air
and I couldn't wait to get back into the house
where my stitching waited patiently for me...
I'm stitching up a couple of little sampler pinkeep/pillows for eBay,
hopefully I will have them finished by tomorrow eve~
Stay Warm Friends,
P.S. I'm working on a little free cross stitch chart for you all,
that should be ready tomorrow too!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm ~

my outlook is good, despite the ice covering EVERYTHING!
...even my "BLOOM" banner!!

Lamb Popsicle anyone?

Frozen Crow
(not a real crow, mind you, a decoy...but frozen just the same!)

SO pretty, but SO treacherous!
Be CAREFUL out there today if you're having the same weather...
better yet, stay home & stitch!

just playin' a bit...

with old photos & my photoshop program...
thought this came out pretty...
(this poor thing is so homely that she's beautiful in her own way!)

we're in the midst of an ice storm today, no snow yet, Jane, but pretty just the same!

Hoping you are all safe & warm & happy & creating something that speaks to your Heart!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

...and for the occasion, I whipped up this sweet
Chinese print Full-Apron!

I'm tall, almost 6 ft.,
so I made it long and added deep pockets
towards the bottom of the apron, using a complimentary print fabric...
The fabrics came from the 'sale' section o f my local Jo-ann's Fabrics store...
I made another apron too, in browns, with two different sized pockets
and stitched a little sparrow-bird print to one of the pockets...
I'm just having some fun!
How many of you girls out there wear aprons?
I'm wearing mine more & more...they're great to carry my glasses & cell phone in when i'm working here in the shop, and of course, I wear my 'messy' one for cleaning and painting...
I found a pattern from Indygo Junction for some smock-type tops,
... that are nice & long
(to cover my belly bulge and bum)
I think once i get that pattern i'll try my hand at making some of those...
they look like a more 'fashionable' scrub-top
(which I love, they're SOOooo comfy...
i used to wear mine from the dental office till they fell apart!)
Hoping that you are all creating something wonderful!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

one down....

One down,....a bunch to go!

here is the finished
"My Samplar House"
well, finished as far as the stitching goes, that is...

I don't know if i want to make a pillow out of it, or frame it...
Hmmm...decisions, decisions...

it will be available soon, along with one more cross stitch design
a needlepunch pattern, and a couple of quilt patterns too...
let me know if it pleases you!
Blessed be!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet (heart) Treats for you!!

These little redwork pinkeeps are now in my etsy shop
sold seperately, but shown grouped together....
~ AND ~

...a little snippet available on ebay ~
(love that frame!!)
more paper snippets to come, and a little more redwork too!
Another cold day...
I have all three woodstoves going
(2 in the farmhouse, 1 in the shop)
Cosy & comfy,
hauling the wood in,
sweeping the hearths
and wiping down soot is not necessarily good fun...
it does, on the other hand, help to know that our heat is free
(unless you add up the time spent chopping, gathering & piling)
I used to complain alot more about the whole woodstove thing
when we first moved to the farm, but was told by
an elder that wood warms you twice...
once when you chop it,
twice when you burn it.
'nuff said.
Hope you're all enjoying some handwork, some good homecooking & some heat....
Here's a recipe for
Corn & Sausage Chowder
for you, to help ward off the chilly weather:
1 package frozen corn
1 package sweet italian sausage
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 cups chopped carrots
2 cups chopped potatoes
1 cup chopped tomatoes
2 tbls. italian seasoning
4 cups chicken broth
1 cup heavy cream
place all ingredients into a soup pot EXCEPT heavy cream ~
cook all day
(at least 4 hours...i cook on my woodstove)
just before serving, add in heavy cream & stir...
serve with crusty bread and a nice fresh salad with orange slices & grapes in it!
let me know how you like it???
Blessed be!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Hands...

Joan & Leslie came in today for a little quilt class,
since they aren't able to come for Felicia's class next month~
Joan working on her little quilt...

Leslie, Joan and Felicia working on their little quilts.
Cosy & warm by the woodstove!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Works in Progress....

While the weather is sunny today, it is bitterly cold...

I've decided to stay indoors, watch the Inaguration of President Obama,
sip hot mint tea and stitch the day away...

(except for the few minutes I'll spend here with you)

the picture above is a preview of what I've been working on...

~::~ Redwork ~::~

I love redwork
(blackwork, brownwork, bluework...etc)

something about stitching many different kinds of stitches,
using only one continuous color of thread,
makes for a nice, 'no brainer' way to stitch...
no counting, no color choices to make,
not even having to seperate threads
since I like to use all 6 strands of floss...

A couple of years ago, I was given two beautiful pillowcases
(shams, really)...
both redwork, both Angels with vines & flowers,
one reads
Good Night,

the other,
Good Morning...
both are in need of a little bit of TLC,
as their backs are frayed, but the stitching is still salvageable.
I think I'll frame them to hang in our bedroom?...
this way they won't get further wear,
as say, if I made them into actual pillows...

the work above, will be framed and listed on Ebay this evening...
I'll take more pics of it framed later, as now I have to paint the frame for it...

I think I'll make up little sachets too...
redwork, of course, and fill with dried orange peel and lavender

just the thing for Valentine's day, no?

i'll list them on etsy and ebay....

~::~ THEN ~::~

I want to make some Scherenschnitte Valentines for you.

where's my Good Scissors?

Have a creative day, my Friends...
Go root through your thread baskets
to find that perfect shade of thread and get stitching...

~ Lori ~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 for 1 !!!

two posts in one day, that is!
I wanted to tell you that I just listed 3 new Valentine's day cards on ebay
please let me know what you think?

Below are a couple of pictures from the Needle Felting class
that we had here in our little shop yesterday...
I had so much fun teaching this class!!!
What a great group of Girls!
In the photo above, you can see Kathy Barrick
(of Carriage House Samplings)...
the first thing she did was sit down, get right into the felting & broke her needle!
...lighten up there girlfriend!
(luv ya!)

the picture above, is of Anne Brown
(the Goode Huswif)
enjoying one of my fresh-baked Oatmeal Raisin cookies...

and here are Sharon, Cindy, Pat, Jan & Robin...
hard at work~
eating cookies!

Thanks girls, for coming in and having so much fun with me!
Hope to see you all again real soon!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

How do you Nest?

I found this sweet little nest while taking my morning walk...

(i believe it to be a jenny-wren's nest, but i'm not sure...)

what i do know, is that the little bird that built it was quite the gatherer ~

...taking a closer look, i found little clues as to how
she wanted her nest to feel for her family...
I found scraps & snippets of wool, bits of thread and feathers...
lambs wool and even tufts of dog-hair ~
I'm sure she was making her nest as cozy as she could for herself
and her tiny babies,
using what she had
and doing the best she could...
Isn't that what we do to?
saving bits of fabric, thread, wool...
...not really sure what we'll end up doing with them,
but in the meantime,
they cozy our homes,
brighten our days with their warm colors
and make us smile each time we look at them...

it is extremely cold outside today...
but i couldn't resist setting out on the porch swing after my walk,
having a cup of tea while i was
snuggled up in this beautifully sunny quilt...

I listened to the birds, and watched the sky...
thinking about the woman who made the quilt
that was at that very moment,
warming me from the inside out...

I'm sure her nest was a cozy one....

Stay warm, my Friends...BE warm....
call a far-away Friend just to say hi...
offer an old coat to someone you see might need one...
knit up a pair of mittens or socks and bring it to your local Senior center...
and remember, your smile not only warms your heart, but other's hearts as well.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Okkeedokeeeeeee....It's Official!

As of February 14th, 2009
will be disabled....
you will be able to see all of my patterns at
please put my picturetrail into your favorites,
and watch for a 'revamping' of my picturetrail soon!!!!
Thanks my Friends!
Stay cosy tonight...light the fire, make coca & watch American Idol by candlelight!

A new place?

It's time to renew my subscription fees for my website host...
I don't think i will.
I use the UMI program from Crowsoup ~
instead, I will be moving ALL of my patterns, booklets and cards to my picturetrail.
When we are ready to release the new patterns, that's where you'll find them!
(and ebay, and etsy)...
of course, I'll let you all know here First!
It's looking like early February will be the time everything will be finished up...
(she says keeping fingers crossed!)

Have a Creative Day!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look what we found!!!!!

Felicia found this beautiful quilt top at a thrift shop...

She said she only paid pennies for it!!!!
...upon closer inspection, we found it to not only be in perfect condition,
but it is chock-full of beautiful old Feedsack prints!!!!!!!

here she's baste-stitching the batting and backing together...
it will be one of those "works in Progress" here in the shop~


The new photo that you see at the top of my blog is of my humble little Needlework shop....
Everyday, I take a walk around the perimeter of our front hay-field...
i usually don't bring my camera with me, but it was serendipity i guess...

I think the shot i got of the woodsmoke & the morning mist is beautiful,
...don't you?
Have a Beautiful Day!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I survived !

I said my speach panic attacks, no vomiting...
only heavy sweating & hard breathing, but I survived!!!
it was extremely hot to begin with, in the room where we were,
which was a classroom at the Nelson Center (senior & rec. center)...
I'm sure my nerves didn't help and I swear I had to have a power-surge (you gals over 30 will know what I mean) right there & then...why of course i did.
I was probably to blame for the heat in the room! ha!

all kidding aside, i think I did well...I even received applause! wow!
after my speach, questions were asked & answered...everyone was so welcoming to me and wanted to know so much about me & what i do...
I really miss working with an Historical Society, so this will be good for me...
I want to say thanks to all of you who commented on my last post!
you all have more faith in me than i do myself, & i sincerely thank you for that...
My Glory is I have SUCH Friends....I'm blessed to 'know' all of you!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wish Me Luck~

I am spekaing in front of the Nelson Co. Historical Society today at 2:00
here's what I wrote, please let me know what you think?

Good afternoon.
First, let be begin by thanking you all for the invite to come today…I’m looking forward to becoming a part of the Nelson County Historical soc.
For those that don’t know me, my name is Lori Brechlin…My family first moved here to nelson. Co. in august of husband peter, is a building inspector for the county, and our daughter Hannah is in her freshman year at nelson high school…
We live in the tye river area, and are restoring the Proffit homeplace…we raise sheep for wool which I use in many of my crafts…we have also added a needlework shop/studio on the property, where I teach classes for all types of needlework, and sell supplies…
Before moving to nelson co., we lived in Ct, where I was active with the Stratford Historical society, Guilford, hist. Soc. And the Dudley farm museum….my daughter & I would attend different functions, wearing our period clothing and demonstrate the art of rug hooking…I was then asked to teach rug hooking classes and thus began my career as a ‘hooker’….(I don’t mind being called a hooker, as long as you include the word ‘rug’ and say it with a smile) I formed a rug hooking group that met every Wednesday evening, and thr group still meets today….I began teaching girl scout troops, and was then asked to become a faculty member at the Guilford Handcraft center, where I taught the art of rug hooking to many….
from there, I began to design patterns for the rug hooking industry, which led to drawing illustrations for catalogs,and that led to the designing of cross stitch patterns and notecards…I now have two national distributors, many international distributors, and you can find my patterns and cards in finer needlework shops and country gift shops across the country…
….being raised in ct, I was surrounded by antiques, primitives and folk art…I knew that the historical homes that I was fortunate to visit held an almost magical sense for me, the way things were made…by hand, made to last and made with beauty and spirit….my love for folk art thus began at an early age…I was inspired to keep alive the handwork of the women before us.
I paint murals, design notecards, hook rugs, stitch samplers, and I delight in teaching others to do the same, to carry on the traditions of our foremothers…
Our shop is now welcoming more & more local women in for classes…we’ve begun to carry quilting fabrics … it has also become a place for us to gather to work on our handwork…like the ‘bees’ of yesteryear…I feel that by gathering together, we as women can be a strong support system for each other, while being creative for ourselves, families and homes…
When Becky Howard first contacted me about demonstrating at the Oakland museum for their Christmas open house, I was thrilled…I pulled out one of my ‘best’ dress costumes, readied my needle & thread, gathered my rugs & wool and set to work…it was a beautiful place to spend the afternoon, with lovely harp music, and tales of Christmas’ past…as I was sitting in the tavern room, surrounded by fresh pine decorations and a table laden with wonderful home baked goods, I glanced out the window and saw that it was beginning to softly snow…the room was warm & cozy, but it was the people I was in the room with that made me feel truly comfortable…people devoted to keeping the past alive for our future.
These past couple of years, since moving to nelson co., time constraints wouldn’t able me to be involved with any historical societies…and I missed that tremendously…recently, I vowed to make the time again, so I contacted Becky…and here I am.I’m looking forward to helping the Nelson Co. Hist. Soc preserve what they have and build a wonderful future…I’m looking forward to meeting you and sharing what each of us has to offer…I’m looking forward to the past…….
too much? too little?
I'll be fine, i'll be fine, i'll be fine.
(as long as no one shows up!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

snippets & scraps...

I worked on my little wool applique quilt today, finally finishing up the saw-tooth border...
I did only two sides with the border, the other two are more flannel plaid homespun...
I like the look!

I'll try my hand at machine-quilting it now...
i want to 'echo' the design of the pot, stems, flowers & leaves...
i'll use a contrasting brown cotton thread for this....

I think it will be pretty when finished!

I have to start on a needle punch project next, a little rabbit....
and I hope my cross stitch model makers out there
(You know who you are!!)
are stitching your fingers off !!!!

well i'm off to make roasted chicken for dinner tonight...scratch biscuits & fruit salad...
I can't wait to plant my garden!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Needles & Pins...

....well, it's being held together (for the most part), by pins right now...

But this is a preview of the wool applique cupboard-door quilt i'm finishing up...

(usually, I don't use pins at all!)

I've found, that stapling the applique' pieces to your foundation fabric,
you can move it around better (to the dr.'s appt., a stitch-in, etc...)
because you won't lose any pins and your pieces won't budge!!!

I've invested in a long-arm stapler for this reason...
it works better because it can reach into the middle of your work better...

This cupboard door quilt
(as I've named them, for they're the perfect size to hang on a cupboard door)
will have a hand-quilted, sawtooth border of fabric...
the foundation is homespun flannels, with the motifs
(tulips, stems, leaves & pitcher)
being wool...

I love this look...
it is easy to do, and so warm & cozy feeling!
I will be finishing this up tomorrow, and will post ALL of the new patterns soon...

Oh My Garsh.....

Remember last month I posted about doing a needlework demo
at the Nelson Co. Historical Society museum?
well I guess I was a hit...
They've contacted me about speaking at their next meeting,
which is this Sunday the 11th.
They want me to speak to the members of the Society, so of course I said yes...
(not knowing that i'd have to speak for 20 or so minutes front of about 50 people.)


I am such a dork.
I hope I don't flub up everything and sound like an idiot...
(I'm hoping that "imagine them in their underwear..." thing works for me...)
I am writing down little bits of info throughout the days, and re-reading them at night
and am trying to sound witty, charming
and intelligent all at the same time....
So far, I sound like a dork.
Geeez Louise....
Wish me luck, will you?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally ~

The farmhouse is quiet again...

our visiting family left Saturday, Hannah went back to school today,
and I am basking in the quietness...

I worked a bit on a new wool applique' quilt (pattern model)
and got caught up on the mounds of dirty laundry...
(i swear dirty laundry breeds in the basket...)
at least I could hang them on the line to dry,
as it was a warmer, sunnier day today....

tonight I actually have time to sit here & visit my favorite websites, blogs & auctions.
I've missed doing that for a good couple of weeks!

So, I'm off to visit with those that visit me here...

Tomorrow I'll hopefully have a picture of the wool applique' quilt...

Hoping you're all reaping the benefits of a less-stressed household, and can find some quiet time for yourselves!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Viola's Tea Apron...

Felicia just finished this pattern for a beautiful fancy-apron...
it reminds me of a farmwife's "fancy" that she would only wear on special occasions...

(oh I wish my waist were as skinny as Lou-Lou's, our ever-happy-to-oblige dress form...)

Felicia designed & stitched it up using vintage fabrics & rick-rack,
but you can find plenty of repro 40's -50's
fabric and trims at your local fabric shop.
(we also carry some here!)

The pattern also includes a wonderful recipe for
Tangerine Chiffon Pie
(and now you know why my waist doesn't mimic Lou-Lou's!!!!!)
What a Sweet way to pass your dreary winter days,
by making this apron,
then wear it for your guests
while serving up a dainty slice of the pie..
"...tea anyone??"
(pattern is $8.00)
and you can email me at
if you'd like to order~

Thursday, January 1, 2009

a new day~

I have been in the shop today ~
rearranging & getting ready open again tomorrow...
been closed for a week, and boy, am I jones-ing!!!

I can't tell you much I love working for myself~
the up-side is this...

I set my own hours

I do mostly what i want

I go where i want to go

I squander time like it's non-existent....

On the other hand,

I have to set time constraints:

I have bills that can't be paid unless I produce

I produce, print, pack & ship CONSTANTLY...

I really shouldn't squander time....

Time, to me, is a precious commodity..
I can stretch it, bend it..
sometimes, even stop it...

but, alas, it catches up with me....

Today will mark the beginning of a new chapter of Time...
i do & do & do...yet I'm busier than I ever was...


make time for those that need you,
for those that don't realize they need you,
...and for those you need....

you'll see that your time was well-spent in doing so.


Wishing you all a little more time for what you need~

Blessed be,


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