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Friday, September 5, 2008

This & That...

Popping up all over our Farm, every late-Summer, early-Autumn,
is what's known in these parts of VA, as
"Lamb's Bur"

(if you have another name for it, please leave a comment for me!!)

They are big bush-y plants that have beautiful foliage
and almost luminescent purple-ish white/blue flowers that resemble huge
Morning Glories or Petunias

...the flowers close up at night, winding themselves into tight little cocoons..
In the later stages of their lives, the plant produces large spikey "burs"...round pods covered in thistle-like thorns...
When dried, the prickley pods were once used to card shorn Sheeps wool...

how practical!...
& how coincidental that now the land that we live on is being used as a
Sheep farm?

and here's my little Rooster-man, "li'l bit"...
he's getting old, but he enjoys my company & I his,
so I keep him with me at the shop during the day,
and cage him up at night so he'll be safe...
when you come to visit the shop, he'll be right there on the porch
(sometimes even IN the shop!!)
to meet & greet you...
he loves nothing better than to curl up in your arms & take a nap...
of course, he does crow rather LOUDLY
when he wakes back up, but, hey
...he is a rooster!!!

yeah, I know...
no make-up and kinda plain lookin'....
(I'm talking about me!!)
oh well...
that's the Farm life!!!


Plumruncreek said...
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Rachael Kinnison said...

less is MORE~ you both are beautiful!

Sherry said...

First of all Sister Friend,you're beautiful inside & outside, make-up or not!!!! Now something scary,ME without make-up!!!!
Anyhoo,I grew a plant VERY similar to that & I called it Angel's Trumpet. Can't remember how I got that name.too many years ago!!! But it did show up in different places in my yard on it's own. Huge & I loved them!!!!
The Queen

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I have to treat this as an annual here in Michigan. It's a Devil's Trumpet (proper name is datura.) I grew some last year from a transplant bought at our county farm market. It grew like mad and had the most lovely flowers. Lucky you to have them self seed!
Mossy Sherry

Anonymous said...

I like Angel's Trumpet for a nickname too Sherry; just thought Lori might like the Halloween connection lol!!

Lori said...

I wish I looked that good without make-up Lori! You and your buddy look purdy darn good.

Lori R

Boggy Creek Primitives said...

What a cute rooster! I too have chickens and love every one of them. I sit on my porch and it's not unusual to have 3 or 4 of 'em jump in my lap. I have to put mine away at night too ~ the racoons like them for supper.

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