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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanna is HERE and what a mess!!!!!

No, I'm not talking about my daughter,
or in what condition is her bedroom at the moment!

I'm talking about the storm Hanna...it hit us about 4:00 am...
strong winds & driving rain...

everything is so GREEN!!!
very tropical feeling in the air...

MUCH needed rain,
I can hear the creek down in the back of the house
gurgling & splashing!!

our satellite tv is on the friz because of the storm in the atmosphere,
but thankfully my puter is working!

seems like a perfect day to curl up with some stitching, put on a movie
(probably Hocus Pocus or Nightmare before Christmas!!)
make some popcorn & cocoa...

or MAYBE Hannah & I will venture out to the Barnes & Noble in Lynchburg...
I want to get the new Romantic Homes, Mary Engelbreit and Martha...
( hi, my name is Lori, and I have a magazine addiction!
ESPECIALLY any of the Somerset mags!)

What do you like to do on rainy/stormy days????


janeu729 said...

Isn't this rain wonderful?? I love the way everything has greened-up.
After a hectic week with 2nd graders, I'm looking forward to working on my newest hooked piece...SUNFLOWER STITCHES which will be my sign at the Sorghum Festival, next month.
Have fun at the bookstore!

moosecraft said...

Even though it's a rainy day, your pictures of your home and land are gorgeous! I say, go get your magazines... then curl up with the mags and movie and the popcorn and cocoa! Have it all, if just for one day! :-) Sounds like a sweet day! Enjoy!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

We didn't get much of the rain today, but what we got sure did sound pretty. I was up in my wool room finishing up some odds and ends and I could hear it on the roof. Very subtle, but so relaxing. I like to relax and not do much on a rainy day. Curling up with a good book, or hooking is always good on a day like this.

Prairie Primitives Folkart said...

Magazines and hot chocolate are a smashing way to spend a rainy day!

I've had to temporarily curtail my magazine addiction. When I moved to California, I brought two over-stuffed 18-gallon bins full of magazines I'd saved over the years. That was nearly 12 years ago!!! While I've sorted thru some of them over the years, I've promised myself that I will weed through the rest of them before renewing any more subscriptions! If anyone wants to buy back issues of Country Living, Country Home, and who knows what else (from the early-mid 90s), drop me a line!


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