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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Went for a walk...

After I drop Hannah of at High School in the mornings, I like to park my car in front of our County Court House in Lovingston, VA ~

The town is small, sleepy, quiet & quaint...with one stoplight, one garage, one bank, etc...the houses that line the little streets are old, but kept immaculate by their inhabitants...sidewalks are swept, yards are neat & tidy...everyone you greet waves & smiles.

Mayberry? perhaps...but I wouldn't trade it for the world....

On this morning's walk, the air was cool & damp...I could smell the change of seasons...the sun was making the dew on the lawns look like tiny little stars that had landed there...twinkling just for me to see...
an occasional humming bird flew past, making bee-lines for the many nectar bottles hung in trees & on porches by Lovingston's residents...every once in a while a car would drive past, with it's occupants purposely slowing down and rolling down the window to greet me with a hearty "Mornin'!! "

I walk around the 'block'...which, isn't by any means, the size of a regular city block...it is about 3 miles 'round, so I do get a grand workout...I don't even think of it as excersize for my heart, legs & lungs, but rather as a meditative time for my spirit & mind...a time to recharge & rejuvenate...a time to connect with my neighbors, even if this is not my community, but a community, nonetheless, of people just like me...

I'll continue my walks while weather permits...making sure I'm as pleasant as my surroundings...

....great way to start the day, don't you think???


janeu729 said...

Steve's aunt and uncle lived on the South end of Main St. in what is now the home of the coffee roasting company. We took many walks around Lovingston over the years and it truly is a pleasant place.I've always associated it with a quieter, gentler time. I'm not surprised that you feel such a comforting connection!

the magpie said...

a fabulous way to start the day--what a lovely little town!

go check my blog for an AWARD!!



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