Friday, March 29, 2024

~ what's in your workbasket? ~

~ Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
....and a very happy Good Friday to us all...

 we have had rain, cold temps...
and wind!
dear old March seems to be a bit confused as to whether {weather}
it wants to be a lion or a lamb this year...

the garden is sprouting, the trees are greening and
new life is all around us here on this old farm.

and speaking of this old farm...
(nice segue, huh?) lol

I'm slowly working on this piece that I started last month ~
...a larger {for me} embroidery that will be depicting an old farm, of course.

I try to make a few stitches on it daily,
and I don't really have any particular 'design' in mind,
besides using my surroundings as inspiration.
{nothing new there!}

I'm working from my head, to my heart, to my hands and to my cloth.
just letting ideas pop into my thoughts of what needs to be included
to make my soul happy...

my usual muted colorways & palette ~
brown, white, black, green....

I can really get my threads in a knot if I'm not careful<
so I wind it around my pincushion to keep it tidy.
I made the pincushion from a scrap of silk linen matka
and stuffed it with scraps from previous projects {and failures}.

I like to think it has a soul now ~ filled with memories and hours of healing.

...the old house resembles ours ~ how can it not?
with picket fencing and chipping clapboard...

I will stitch a garden-of-sorts next, then our animal friends
and farm folk who live there.

I'm also thinking on adding a cross stitch alphabet, or initials & date in the mix somewhere ~
perhaps hidden amongst the hustle-bustle of the daily goings-on ~
or in plain view.
...we shall see...

In the meantime, 
we have been busy planting,
preparing for roof-painting,
preparing for the Easter Holiday...
...planning new designs in thread.
 ~ always planning something.
what's in your workbasket this week??

❤ ❤ ❤

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Anonymous said...

I love that you can just think it, and make it happen. Doreen -Privies and Prims

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing this finished piece! I so love your embroidery and wish I could create such wonderful items!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your mellow stitches have such a soothing and peaceful presence so I'd say you are capturing the spirit of your old farm quite aptly. I love your soulful pin cushion/thread keep as well. My workbasket holds an old mourning sampler right now. It may be time to put it aside for a bit and move on to something more spring like. But it's hard to think spring inside with snow coming outside. Happy Easter weekend my friend. ~Robin~

Anonymous said...

What a heart-warming farmhome you have stitched, Lori! I like the way you create...with your heart and soul.💙

Saundra said...

You do magnificent embroidery! I've done a little embroidery myself but now I'm hooked on hooking.
Happy Easter.\Saundra

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful peace your posts always bring. The beautiful prim colors are calming.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your farmhouse embroidery is looking fabulous, Lori. March seems to think it needs to go out like a lion versus lamb. Yesterday's wind was wicked, but at least the power remained on and no fires started. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

Faith said...

From my Tinker basket, I am finishing up a shamrock doily for a mandela, even though it is passed St. Patricks day. I've been looking for a lovely doily to crochet, and didn't find the pattern until after. I like it, almost done and then I'll share the posting. Blessing of Easter to you.

Persnickety Wares said...

I'm working on a topiary embroidery pattern fron Gingham Fox on etsy.

Had a question, do you have a pattern for the embroidery necklace looking picture in the right pic at top of your page?


Nina said...

This may sound very odd, but this piece (and many of yours) reminds me of a stone or a piece of driftwood that has been tumbled and tumbled for ages in water, so that it takes on a patina of wisdom and experience. This very dear house is a beautiful example of what stirs my soul about weathered items from long ago, how the elements of nature can give a softening to the edges of things. Your words “ I'm working from my head, to my heart, to my hands and to my cloth” add that touch of love and spirit that flows through all of your work. It tugs at my own heart, for sure. xox