Monday, November 13, 2023

~ FREEBIE Cross Stitch Pattern ~ "Little Sam Snowman"

Good Monday Morning
Friends & Folk!

...while rummaging through my winter/holiday decorations,
I found this little cross stitched snowguy that I made last year ~

I had the idea to 'capture' him in a glass jar, so I repurposed a 'Cheerful Giver'
glass candle jar & lid....

here he is outside his glass world:

...and here he is captured once again inside...
{sorry about the glare}

here is the lid, I covered it with a circle of cotton batting {to fit just smaller than the lid}
and then covered it with a piece of fabric that I cut about an inch larger than the lid...

I glued the cotton batting to the top of the lid first,
then covered that with the fabric circle {centering it on the lid},
then brought the edges to the inside of the lid and glued into place.
{as you can clearly see, I wasn't too worried about the underside of the lid LOL}

...before I put little sam snowman in, I poured about an inch of my old white buttons,
rusty safety pins, old jingle bells, etc. into the bottom of the jar...

then I cut a circle of batting with my pinking shears
{just a bit smaller than the base of the jar} and tucked that on top of the buttons to look like snow.

after that, I placed some of my tiny white sisal trees in the jar,
and added a small twisty garland of shiny silver stars around the insides of the glass jar walls.

I plunked little sam snowman down in there.
~ I fussed around a bit {too much!}
and got him to stand
where he would lean against the jar side and some of the trees...
*** oh I forgot... ***
I strung some jingle bells onto some grey silk ribbon and then tied that around the jar topper.

and Viola!!
there he is with a very confused look on his face LOL

but I love him nonetheless
❤ ❤ ❤

So, would you like to make your own
Little Sam Snowman?
here ya go!
below you'll find the color chart, the symbol chart and the symbol/floss legend with all the details...
just click on each photo below, save to your computer and print them out.

❄ ❅ ❆ ☃ ❆ ❅ ❄

I finished my little snowman into a flat-stuffed pillow,
backed with some old cotton fabric I had.

I would LOVE to see your finished project if you decided to stitch/make it...
tag me on Instagram @notforgottenfarm

Have fun & Happy, Snowy Stitching my sweet friends!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


TheCrankyCrow said...

Sam is so sweet Lori! I'll definitely be stitching him up at some point. And I know I have some of those jars or something similar somewhere. As always, thanks for your generosity in sharing your creativity with us! ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

So sweet. Thank you so much for sharing all you did to make him just perfect.

Lelia said...

Thank you for sharing.

marly said...

What a darling little stitch! I save yankee candle glasses/lids and will follow your creativity. Already know which fabric will be on the lid and your idea to capture him in a glass home is brilliant. Thank you !!

Nancy said...

You "captured" the essence of Winter perfectly!❄️☃️

Shelly said...

Thank you! Sam is cute and I love how you have him displayed🥰

NMK said...

Sam is just Adorable ! I Love all the wonderful details for your jar ! I saved all my jars like that too , Now I have to try to stitch this little Sam ! Maybe I can do him , since he is small and my Grandson's name is Sam !!! Just such a super cute display !!! You are just so clever !!! Thank you for sharing this and I LOVE your Cmas Trees !!!

Saundra said...

Adorable country cousin snowman to a 'snow globe'. LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love smalls! I can probably finish him! ☃️

Betty said...

So creative, clever and so cute. Thank you for the freebie and for sharing. Very inspirational!

Robin in Virginia said...

Little Sam Snowman is darling, Lori! I like him in his glassed home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lori!!! So adorable!! (Keeping you & your family in my prayers. I know this year has been difficult for you. I've been there, so I understand how draining it is.) ~Hugs, Charl

Tammy said...

He is so precious Lori! Very generous of you-he's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lori! I love Sam the Snowman. Your idea was explained so well. What a fun project to make.

Anonymous said...

Such talent Lori! And you’re generous to share

Suzanne H said...

Thanks so much! He'll be a quick fun stitch!

Anonymous said...

So cute Lory.Thanks!!

Wendy said...

Oh my word! How delightfully sweet! I love it and it is definitely on my list of this to do this weekend! Love it! Thank you so much… for the finishing idea as well as the chart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much