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Jun 7, 2021

~ We're BACK!!! ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!
Happy Monday to us all! 
This past Saturday my Tribe and I got together here in the studio 
to make chicken wire cloches {more about that below}
but first we had show 'n tell... 

Mom put her crochet aside for a bit 
and got straight to work on making Hexies {English paper piecing} 
she just started, so stay tuned for her progress photos in upcoming posts ~
We have been crocheting!!
{well SOME of us have been when they're not busy stitching pattern models lol}
so we decided to do a group crochet-along...
a beautiful Sunflower afghan that ONE of us found somewhere on the internet ~
we have been working on the squares at our own pace, as
most of us are not seasoned crochet-ers, {but some of us are!}

Nancy {below} is gleefully working on her sunflower squares ~ love her yarn colors!

Anita has her squares done, but is now joining them together....
aren't they so pretty?

Janice has hers completely finished!!!
awesome-sauce miss Janice!

and so does Sharon!!!! you go girl!!!
and just like us, each one is different & beautiful ;)

 Janice also finished a few African Flowers, a pattern she found online...

ok, on to the Chicken Wire Cloches!! 
I LOVE A Simple Life magazine...always have always will ~
Thankfully I have saved every issue, as it is no longer in print 

I love to read them over and over and look for cool things to make,
 like this chicken wore cloche project from
Lynn Oppenheimer ~
So I asked the girls if they were interested in getting together to make them...
{did you all hear the resounding "YES!!"}???
so we did.
 Janice & Sharon brought the wire & supplies, 
Nancy & Anita brought some paint & cheesecloth...
we needed gloves, wire cutters and pliers too.
 and then we began by cutting the wire... 
with the help of Janice & Anita ~

 measure twice, cut once!
Sharon & Nancy doing algebra me thinks?
{mom is working on those hexies!}
Some of us even thought of wearing their project as a new fashion trend:
{the gloves make the whole outfit!}
 we each made two, one large one, one smaller...
some of us painted theirs white, brown or black ~ others left as-is...
 cheesecloth & calico added to the tops...
we had fun and enjoyed being with each other!
 Nancy offered to make
Elderberry Flower Fritters!!

such beautiful, delicate and fragrant blooms they are...Nancy grows these in her lush garden!

here are the blossoms freshly picked, before cooking:
here they are frying, after being dipped in a batter...
 and here are the finished fritters!!
Nancy always does something special for us...
like making Rosewater Syrup {in jar} 
and freshly whipped cream with Orange essence
{in bowl}

a dusting of powdered sugar and ~

and ye, they are as delish as they look!
 Thank you to my Tribe...for being who you are 
and being such wonderful friends!

Peter and I will be Reopening the Shop/Studio Soon!!
by appointment only, either call/message/email me...

I will be posting exactly when very soon :)
Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Robin in Virginia said...

What a wonderful gathering with your Tribe, Lori! I totally enjoyed seeing your pictures; thank you for sharing. said...

Nice to see the group together again! And what glorious crochet. I also loved A Simple Life. I’m getting Jill’s new emagazine.
Not the same as a paper copy tho

NMK said...

Oh that had to be Just the Best Day to have your Tribe together & make those Very Kool cloches !!! And all the pretty crocheting !!!! What Fun !!!! Your Mom looks so happy !!! Good for her soul too !!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Nothing beats a day with your tribe. Fun projects. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fritters though....then again, I have never had fritters of any sort LOL. ~Robin~

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