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Monday, December 30, 2019

~ Scraps ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
... are you ready for a clean slate? 

~ tomorrow is New Year's Eve.
... have you been thinking about the past year 
and what you would like to change for yourself in the upcoming new one?

I will be changing many things:

The way I react to things not under my control ~
 letting the Universe instead work on my behalf 
and always trusting that it knows me well enough to take the best care of me.

How I perceive my surroundings... 
how when something may look right to my eyes, 
but shows very differently to my heart & soul.

Who and what just doesn't fit in my wheelhouse any longer ~ 
that may sound harsh, but we all have our very own memories 
of events and of people ~ some that we will cherish,
 and some that just need to be let go for the betterment of all.

and It's ok to feel that way ~
 for the health of our minds, bodies, spirits and souls.

two thousand and twenty.

it's a good number me thinks!
it's rounded out and sturdy ~ equal and balanced.

I will take all of the leftover scraps of 2019
and make something beautiful from them!!

~ scraps from both the good and the
bad things that have occurred this past year.

 I will imbue new life into them,
I will add hope, light & love 
...and forgiveness.

most of my scraps will be mended and stitched together tightly with love ~
... while others will be discarded ~ 
but thanked first for their use and the lessons I have gleaned from them.

~ some scraps will even become the stuffing for new projects! ~
filling my new year with fondness and healthy reflection.

worthy and beautiful still....

I'm binding last year's scraps together with resilience ~
the strength of love from family and friends will never be torn or ripped apart.

~ forgiving the weaker portions of last year's seams
 and repairing what can be salvaged
but knowing what cannot be repaired will be simply left to fade away.


I'll add new scraps to my basket in 2020 ~ 
... filling it once again with colors and textures of my life.

always remembering that each tiny remnant 
was in my life for a purpose or greater truth...
and that lesson itself will bring me so much more peace than last year.

may the New Year for you
be filled to overflowing
with love,
good health

~ and those who love you the very most.

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

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