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Thursday, December 26, 2019

~ The Day After Christmas ~

friends & folk!

an early evening post for you today...
a quiet, peaceful posting
after the hustle-bustle has gone away for another year ~

our little family enjoyed Shepherd's Pie for a comfort-food dinner, 
 ~ then watched old movies and classic Christmas comedies too!

Our temps here in this part of Virginia are mild ...
...  really mild ~ 60's and bright sunshine today ~

I cleaned the bathrooms, hung the laundry in the fresh breeze outside to dry
and even began my yearly purge of my sewing room ~
all with these old wavy glass windows open to let in the clean air.

I even undecorated a bit,
packing away the more 'Christmas-y' things,
and leaving more of my 'Winter-y' things out...

Every year, I force a white hyacinth bulb on my kitchen windowsill ~
the promise of longer days with every morning's sunrise!  

this window overlooks out onto the back woods behind our beloved farmhouse ~
the woods are deep and the trickling of the creek can be heard after a heavy rain.

our deer and bird friends usually visit us here
and I love watching them while washing the supper dishes ~

Now that the house is quiet again, 
{seems too quiet now that the kids and our grand-pups have gone}
I'll take advantage of the stillness...

~ then I will make a simple supper and sit down to stitch.

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Sounds delightful ~ open windows and laundry hung outside! Our high was somewhere right about freezing yesterday.
    Happy stitches:-)

    1. we are hoping for cold weather to come...we need it to kill of that nasty flu bug!

  2. Our Christmas was slow and easy. Mr. MW made pot roast for the three of us. We stayed in our jammies all day. We ate in front of the t.v. I pulled the porringer table from our family room out to our sunroom and the three of us sat on our cozy couch with the table in front of us and ate yummy pot roast and veggies while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It was wonderful!!! This momma needed some R&R! Your today sounds equally wonderful. My one resolution for the coming year is to take time to pull a needle every day...finger crossed!
    Enjoy your stitching,

    1. your day sounded wonderful! we always watch christmas matter how many times it's on ~ it's tradition! <3

  3. In this mild weather I've also hung my laundry on the line ~ love the sweet scent of fresh air. Tomorrow will be another mild day and will wash the sheets to hang out before any colder wintery weather invades the area.

  4. We had Shepherd;s Pie too, vegan. These photos are so beautiful, and your words and photos evoke such a calm and restful feeling.

  5. We had a very busy Christmas , twin baby girls just learning to crawl, a 2 year old little boy, & a 5 & 6 year old girls ….was a hectic , fun few days . Weather here was in the 40's , but our yard was still covered with a layer of ice. I am enjoying a nice peace day cleaning & finishing Cmas projects !!! Every night we have been watching favorite Cmas movies too !
    Have a nice relaxing New Years Eve too !!!!

  6. Being cold, up here in mid NYS, it's amazing to think of hanging washing out and opening windows, at this time of year. -smile-

    Such lovely photos, of spots around your home. It must be a very welcoming place.

    Keep enjoying this 'Time Between Time'... The week between Yule/Christmas and New Year's. It's nearly over but ... Still time left...

    Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

    🌲 🏡 🌲

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