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Sunday, October 13, 2019

~ Autumn Sunday Musings ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
a wonderfully crisp October Sunday it is here on the farm!

I heard geese flying overhead this morning as I was waking up...
heading south to their winter homes.
I like to pretend this is what was making all that racket:

I have been a huge fan of Charles Wysocki since my childhood!

For those who have been following along on the progress of my embroidered Santa brooch,
I finished it yesterday ~ the addition of the beaded edge and berries just makes me smile ~

I just have to sew the pinback on and it will be fully finished off {FFO}
finished size approx. 2-1/2" x 2-1/4"
and yes this will be a pattern with detailed instructions.
I plan on a Youtube video tutorial for this type of embroidery
when I release this and {a few others} in the coming week or so ~

Of course,
I had to begin another brooch ~ so many irons in so many fires but that is me!
I drew one up on my osnaburg fabric and have put in a few start-stitches...
these help me with direction and shading as I stitch
~ and will be covered by my tiny little split stitches soon.
** Click on the Santa brooch photos to enlarge them, you'll see those tiny stitches!

It is a sleepy little fox nestled in the holly leaves ~
and I cannot wait to see this one come to life!
and I know my sweet friend Nancy B. will love it too...
of course I will add some beads to this one,
holly berries of course but perhaps a sprinkling of snow for the background?

Lately I have become a bit obsessed with beads
right along with my Tribe of enablers I mean Girlfriends!
adding beads to my work opens up a whole new way of designing for me ~

and speaking of beads...
I made all of these with the help of my friends
Sharon & Becky 
who are fabulous beaders and have the patience of Job with us
while we try to learn new things! I tend to cuss alot {really? shocking!}
while I helps me concentrate {not} 
and I thank my girls for putting up with me being the sailor/trucker in the room hahaha.

On the far left is an eyeglass chain, and the rest are bracelets ~
the one on the far right I just finished yesterday
... and holy cow that thing plucked my last nerve!
I muddled through and I love it.
friends Anita & Janice helped me through the last stages of it, 
as Janice was just beginning hers
~ and I was finishing mine up.

I may make another like the one on your middle-left, {blue beads & jump rings}
it was the easiest one for me to make and I have the perfect beads 
that I think will work nicely for another one.

Well folks ~
 I am off to grab my punchneedle, weavers cloth and threads!
a few new Christmas/Yuletide/Winter pattern models need to be worked on today! YAY!
I'll share some peeks of them, {and my progress on little sleepy fox embroidery soon.}
I tend to post my progress photos on my Instagram page & FB too...
the links are up there on the right hand side of this blog
if you should care to follow me there.

have a beautifully creative and peaceful day my sweet friends!!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Perfect artwork for the season and your Santa broach is awesome.

  2. The Santa broach is just beautiful , didn't realize it was that small ! And your bracelets are so neat !!! I think I would be saying the exact same words too , & might have to have a bar of soap in my mouth afterwards !!!

  3. Love the itty bitty Santa. Your eyes are certainly healed.

  4. Love the Santa and the fox will be so sweet!


  5. Your Santa is wonderful Lori....was this a class you taught??? Or future class??

  6. Ohhh Lori your Santa Broach is just wonderful and "FULL of Wonderment" too! And I know your Holly Fox is going to be as sweet as can be! I need to get out of my dye pots soon and (play)! :) Looks like you're on a roll again... @@ rollin' @@ rollin' @@ rollin' ~~ hugs from your woolly friend up Nawth!♥

  7. Oh I wish you lived nearby. I would soooo love to be a part of your tribe!! We are moving to CT ready to move "home" yet? ;0)

  8. Beautiful Santa brooch. I can't wait to see your sleeping fox. I am so excited you will be sharing a youtube of this technique of embroidery. I will be looking forward to it and hope I can stitch as pretty as yours. The bracelet are awesome!

  9. Hi LORI. Your SANTA looks just like a Swedish tomte. Soon is Christmas here but first Halloween. BOO
    Jouise in Sweden

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  11. Lori, just thought with your interest in beads you might want to check out the site for French General
    In L. A. Lots of beautiful beaded bracelets. She finds her trinkets in Paris at the flea market.
    Enjoy your blog...Lee

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