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Saturday, September 21, 2019

~ The Tribe and being Normal ~

I am so blessed to have such girlfriends ~
they put up with me {even though I can be be tough}
They humor me and always want to support me in any way they can.

Today we had the chance to just get a little bit ‘back to normal’, 
After my non-scheduled trip up home to my Mom,
which, btw...I cannot thank you all enough for your concerns,
kind words and prayers.
So today was supposed to be our Gathering Show...we plan all year for our annual event and this, being our 11th year we have come to just kinda roll with the punches that life gives us ~
 as you know we rescheduled it to next Saturday September 28th, due to me having my emergency trip to CT for 5 days...

So sorry for the few folks that came out today expecting the show, 
I really did do my very best to use social media to announce the date change...
Hopefully next week those folks can come join us again??

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

So the NFF Tribe {a.k.a. {Notforgotten Farm Tribe}
~ what can I say about these girls? yes I call them girls because when we all get together,
somehow we are not fully adult, yet not schoolgirls either ~
we are somewhere betwixt and between...

today they came out once again to visit with me, with an added addition {Deborah!!<3 br="">
We stitched, we beaded...we applique’d and we rug hooked ~
we ate the homemade, hand-cooked goodness
~ that we love to share with each other each week...
always a delicious combination of sweet and savory ~
... just like each one of us!

Here are a few snaps of my beloved and TALENTED friends
also sweetly known as ~ "The Tribe":
Miss Anita has finished her "Flying Needle Witch' is beautiful!

Miss Nancy {foreground} working on her applique 
and Miss Joan {set back} working on her finished goods for the upcoming show on the 28th ~

We occasionally have a new Friend drop in
to learn a new technique, or just visit with us for the day...
today we were graced with the meeting of a new friend, Deborah ~
who wanted to learn how to rug hook ~
I set her up with wool, linen, frame & hook and WOW!!...
she took to it like a duck takes to water!

so proud of our new friend and thankful she put up with the Tribe for as many hours as she did!
{{Love Ya Deb!}

Miss Janice brought along her embroidery project ~
she is doing an amazing job with her needle and thread and I am SO proud of her!!!

after the shop/studio closed today ~
my beloved hubby Peter had the rockers and chairs set up on the porch...
he also had a fire pit going throughout the day ~
oh my....the scent of the woodsmoke made us hungry,
and happy that we were all together ~
looking forward to the cozy months to come!

So, Thank You my Friends ~
for kindly allowing our change of date for the will always come first.
We hope you can all join us and our fabulous dealers this coming Saturday, September 28th

with Humble Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

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