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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

~ New FB Group ~ New Video Tutorial ~

 Hey Howdy Friends & Folkj!
I have created a new Facebook Group and actually have RENAMED it as: 
the Uncounted Cross Stitch Group
{with the unofficial definition as: the unconventional, uncounted, freehand or freestyle cross stitching group...not necessarily meant for those who count stitches, but for those who want to stitch early styled & inspired samplers, WITHOUT counting their stitches....

this is not a group for those of us who purchase charts from designers 
and use graphs to create an already designed project
....on the contrary ~
this is a group for folks who love early and primitive styeld and executed samplers 
in the early, untrained school-girl style...
uncounted & uninhibited
with wonky, uneven, crudely miss-stitched, 
not quite cross stitched but definitely not back-stitched
{kindly refer to the 1990's} execution.

I have uploaded a video to the group, 
sharing my crash-course basics for those who would like to replicate this style...
here is the link to request to join the group, where you can watch the video  
~ and perhaps connect with like-minded stitching folk ...

I would like to add this:
I love to share what I do with you all...
I have no problem doing so.
the only problem I seem to run into is 
persons that like to berate me for my techniques 
and disagree with how I do things ~
and to them I say:
Hey ~
thanks for your input.
if my way of doing things does not suit you,
kindly move along...
no need to chastise me for anything. 
you may be more 'schooled' than I am, and if so ~ 
then perhaps you should upload a tutorial on how you do things
 instead of being negative about what I'm trying to share with friends?
not trying to be ugly, just want everyone to be happy ~
and if I can spread a little happiness in your day,
well then my heart is full-enough.
I can only wish for you
that your heart be full-enough as well.

so here is the link to my new group, with the new name ~
if you're so onclined to visit, then kindly let me know...

and I am always wishing you & yours 
love & light & happiness in creating ~

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

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