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Sunday, June 17, 2018

~ To You ~

Happy Father's Day 
to my sweet husband ~ 

he may be Dad to our one and only daughter Hannah,
but he is also "Dad" to many more sweet souls who love him dearly!!

we love your enthusiasm and smile...

and how you're up for almost anything...

thank you for giving me the most perfect gift,
our daughter.

we love your kind and gentle ways
and how you take care of all of us ~

you are my True North and
without you we would surely be lost!

All my love, All my life ~
 ~ Lori


NMK said...

So sweet !!!!

Pat said...

Happy Father's Day Peter!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute to your lovely man. Mine shall have a beautiful day, as well...

Krissy B. said...

Beautiful post. You and your family(critters included) are very blessed. The life you have created is so wonderful and those of us who get to share it with you are also blessed because of it.

kelley said...

Happy Father's Day Peter!

darlynn said...

Lovely post Lori~~

gracie said...

Peter is a keeper.

3millplainrd said...

You married well Lori!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

@3millplqinroad...yes I I did...

elaine allerton said...

Sweet, sweet pics,,,
Happy dads day, peter,,,
Lovely pics,,,
Have a great day!

Vicki Jo said...

Beautiful tribute!

Ginger Sanches said...

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