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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

~ Feeling Blue ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!
~ happy Wednesday to you all ~

the title to my post is misleading... 
I'm not personally 'feeling' blue ~ 
I am just adoring the blue samplers that I've been seeing pop up on Pinterest lately!

look at these beauties:
this one is a naive and simple Alphabet band sampler:
"Behold the Daughter of Innocence how beautiful is the mildness of her Countenence"

Indigo dyed threads of cotton & silk
make me swoon...
such a difference in execution from the previous sampler above,
but nonetheless just as beautiful ~

and look at this big girl below!
just how many motifs can you have in a sampler at one time?
ALL of them I guess! 
{{love the weird looking mermaid/fish-woman middle-left and long-necked woman upper left!}}
I believe this one is Belgian, dated 1830 ~
 if I am wrong on the provenance, please forgive but WOW!! 
a stunner and how many hours went in to this??

soft sweet blues, pale and pretty...
this sampler stitched by Eliza Cookson (below)
 is just plain sweet and shows the prowess of a well-schooled 13 year old girl in 1824:

the lettering on this one below is perfect in my eye & heart ~
oh I just love them all!

Hoping your day is filled with many small things that bring you great joy!!
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


gracie said...

Happy the blue you are feeling is in samplers!

Anonymous said...

Now I'M feeling the blue!!! Beautiful post!

NMK said...

Just beautiful samplers !!! Can't imagine any 13 year old sitting down to create these beauties in this day & age !!!

littlemancat said...

Love blue too! These are just lovely - thanks for sharing them!

elaine allerton said...

Thanks for that beautiful show,,, of blues,,,,

marly said...

I stitched that first one and it is still one of my favorites. As for the Dutch motifs, I can only imagine how wonky mine would be!

Jennifer said...

That "fishwoman" is just calling out to be re-charted into something special.

Penny said...

WOW!!!! Love them all, too! These “blues” are wonderful!

denise said...

Wow! Just Wow!

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vic said...

These are gorgeous. The biggest one is amazing. Any idea how big it actually is? It's interesting with all the letters (initials?) mixed in with the various motifs. And I do wish whoever did it had put her whole name down. It would just be nice to know.

Ine M said...

The big one is a so called Vierlanden sampler. This one is a pattern from Permin and still to be found on their website.

becky J. said...

I LOVE the big Permin 1830 sampler. It's available on 123 stitch and is now on my "wish list". Thanks for showing it.

Ginger Sanches said...

I am pleased to have found the sit ethat can be found by every one. It will be good to feel good every minute of your life rejoice!!!!

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