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Monday, May 28, 2018

~ Super Prim Stitching ~

 it all begins with a speck of an idea...
a small seed of inspiration from anything I see, hear, smell or feel.

it could come from where I am, where I've been,
or where I'm going ~
 and from places that don't even exist outside of my own little mind.

one word can conjure up thoughts for me of stories, poems & characters...
and then I have to create.

thread ~ linen ~ wool ~ fabric ~ pencil ~ ink ~ paint

lately as I am preparing for the
Prim Stitcher's Society Retreat and Merchant Mall 
{June 1 & 2 2018 ~ Red Lion Inn ~ Harrisburg, PA}
I have been once again plying my needle and thread and making tiny little x's.

trying to make them perfect by counting 
has always been a challenge to my somewhat dyslexic brain...
so after my 'near' perfect models are finished being stitched by myself,
I turn once again to my most favorite way of cross-stitching ~

So those that are familiar with me know that I  love freehand cross stitching, 
or uncounted cross stitch as I like to call it!

not stamped, not on linen...
but I simply hand drawn onto Osnaburg {click HERE for more info} 
then filled in by row {or not!} with my uncounted and crudely stitched wonky little x's ~

no, the look is definitely not for everyone,
{ I once had a very sweet & kind member of a local EGA chapter 
feel sorry for me and offer to teach me the correct way to do it ~ }

a needle, no I don't have a favorite, one with an eye big enough for me to thread though,
some floss ~ in this case one strand for me, 
and a hoop ~ are all I need.

 oh and I use beeswax on my thread ~

I love the smell and feel of it ~
I love how the wax keeps my thread from tangling and knotting up as I pull it through my cloth ~
and I like how the wax keeps my threads from soaking up too much stain when I am finished stitching and want to age my work a bit with walnut dye.
{I sometimes dye my fabric before I stitch, sometimes after ~ sometimes both.}

I started this specific work last year, and put it away to peruse other ideas ~
but it has been here in my sewing room,
looking at me every time I pass by it,
with a most-pitiful, woe-is-me attitude
that I just couldn't walk by it one more time...

this is where I left off last year...
 and this is my progress as of last evening:

I am hoping to complete it soon, 
then make it into a pillow stuffed with fabric scraps & such

here is a good shot of those wonky x's ~

I have had a positive response to my posting this over on my Instagram page ~
it isn't new to me, but may be to new followers and readers... 
I am using the hashtags:
 #uncountedcrossstitch, #freehandcrossstitch and #nocountxs 
if you would like to follow or post your own progress photos of your work.

 So, my questions to you on this day are this:

~ does the idea of cross stitching in this way make you nervous?
~ can you break free from the thought of perfectly counted cross stitches?
~ can you unleash your thinking into a more free-form way of prim stitching?
~ are you interested in learning more and would you consider a class from me online for this?

inquiring minds would love to know your thoughts...

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Anonymous said...

I love your prim stitching, Lori...so original. What makes me nervous is counting stitches! Letters don't bother me so much...but a counted design is so tedious to me. Your prim stitching, as you call it, adds such texture and variation, as well as more artistic shading. I think the olde samplers were somewhat like that, though perhaps not from intelligent design. :). Love the goat and bird...but that flowerpot is awesome in its stitcherliness!

Anonymous said...

I think I will try this today.I love counted cross stitch but this looks relaxing. Ny drawing skills are definitely primitive! I love how charming your primitive designs turn out. Annie

NMK said...

I have trouble making all those tiny stitches & counting & keeping track , so I stopped cross stitching, but I think it would be much easier for me to just go free hand too !!! I Love how you do it & it looks great !!!

Penny said...

I love this! But as a person who can’t draw a lick, would one be able to purchase the fabric with a design already drawn on it?

acorn hollow said...

I haven't crossed stitched in years and the reason is if I went off a row on didn't find it until I was 6 rows ahead I had to tear it all out. Very frustrating for me that is why I love rug hooking not much fuss in counting etc. If I ever got back to it I would try it.

elaine allerton said...

Love ur uncounted cross stitch,,, would like to try this,,,
Sounds fun,,, like the freestyle ,,,,
Thanks for sharing,,,

Annmarie said...

LOVE your free hand stitch and wish I, too were talented to draw....I think I will give it a try. As a member of EGA, Dayton, OH, I love to see ALL stitching.....if you have a needle in hand it is lovely and a treasure will result. Thanks so much for all you do for those of us who enjoy all pieces created with any type of needle.

Cheryl WNC said...

Hi, Lori. I love the look (texture) of the uncounted cross stitches. Gives your pieces character. Plus, the designs are so fun.


Anonymous said...

I, think I would love to try your method. Your style is beautiful !

susan hemann said...

I love it! would love to take an online class

Rosemary said...

This is how i have stitched for 20 years! LOL! Many years ago i sold my school girl samplers under the name Turkey Ridge Primitives and all of them were free hand stitched on either osenburg or vintage linens. My eyes cant see to stitch on any of the fancy stuff these days :)

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