Down a dirt road, past fields and deep woods ~
stands a humble little farmhouse wearing chippy white paint and a rusty tin roof...
it's here at our beloved Notforgotten Farm that you will find me...

chasing kittens, puttering in the gardens or talking to the tree.

I love seeing the past through the eye of a needle ~
...I collect old & odd things.
I pull wool & cotton through linen. I walk barefoot in my garden and throw my head back and cackle when I laugh...

I'm just a little farm-witch that loves where I am & who I'm with ~

Our little needlework shop & studio
is located at
3530 Tye River Road
Amherst, VA 24521
ph. 434-263-6508
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Regular Shop/Open Studio hours:
Fridays & Saturdays 10:00 ~ 4:00
*unless we are away at a show or teaching a class*
{better to call/email first}

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

~ Shop Photos from Open House and other news!! ~

Good Sunday Morning 
~ Friends & Folk ~

I've been waiting to show you photos of our newly renovated shop,
and here they are!

Yesterday was our official re-opening ~  
after weeks and weeks of being closed while Peter & Chris worked their magic...

let's take a tour!

{finally got my purple front door!}

{ the 'big' room now holds class/work/display tables }

{ new pegboard was added throughout the entire shop to hold our models }

{ Peter built shelving complete;y around the shop for merchandise }

{ Updated our furniture with a fresh coat of paint }

{ new shiny racks hold our wools in the 'wool' room! }

{ models can be seen more clearly due to new gallery track lighting }

{ white painted floors make it see so much larger }

{ wool racks have wheels so I can move them about }

{ Old favorites like our sewing tables that Peter made are still with us and put to work for display }

{lighter, brighter and farm-fresh!}

{got wool?  ~ we do!}

{ everything in it's place }

{ Peter made the lattice toppers in all of the windows }

{ new bright lighting over the counter }

{ a new look to the woodstove area with beautiful tile }

{ and I even have a cozy chair to hook in front of the woodstove now! }

Miss Joan came out to lend a hand, {thank you dear fiend}
and Pepper was here to greet you too ~ as she cannot leave Peter's side.
Roxy and the pups stayed busy in the barn all day...

Inside, outside and all around ~
such a difference in the way our little shop looks now!

I am blessed to be married to this wonderfully talented, 
hard working, kind and gentle, always-giving, full of love, helpful, & hope-full person ~
thank you for doing what you do for us to make such a wonderful life.
It is sometimes rough, and sometimes we are so tired that we seem to pass the days in a blur ~
but we are together, healthy & happy.

I couldn't have wished for a better partner in life and love.

{ a RARE sighting of Peter sitting down }

Thanks to all who came out for a visit, and we look forward to seeing more of you soon!
We will have the shop open on Saturdays, from 10:00 - 4:00 and you are welcome to bring along your rug hooking or stitching/punching to work on with me...
If you would like to come for a visit outside of Saturdays, give us a call, PM or email!!

in honor of our 20,000th Etsy sale {yes you read that right!}
we are offering you FREE SHIPPING on all Etsy Orders over $20.00 ~
use the coupon code FREESHIP20 
when you check out for your gift of free shipping now until Tuesday...

I will be updating our shop CLASS SCHEDULE in the next week,
and will be including :
watercolor folk art painting
rug hooking
punch needle
wool applique 
& embroidery


Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Jan Croon said...

The shop look sooo lovely, Lori! You all did a wonderful job...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lori, it's just fantastic! All the engineering aspects such as rolling racks, shelves all around, track lighting in all the right spots...why, even a purple door! Every detail is perfect (especially love those lattice toppers...brilliant!). And, yes, the shop is for everyone...but I'm pleased to know you have your own special spot by the stove and bright window for your quiet work, too...

Congratulations on a fine opening!! And Peter can stay on that front porch swing as long as he wants to, lol!

LindaB. said...

Beautiful job, shows all your hard work. Wish I was closer...

oldecrow said...

The shop looks wonderful! I so hope I can visit in September to see it in person. My BFF's and I had such a fantastic trip there last year.

Ronda said...

Oh Lori, everything looks amazing! So inviting and refreshing!

elaine allerton said...

What a wonderful job u and peter did,,,,
It looks for wonderful,,, would love to come and shop,,, but online for now,,
Thank you for yr free shipping,,,
Keep going over the pictures,, so lovely!!

Jane said...

SOOOOOO IMPRESSIVE!! Notforgotten Farm is even MORE magical. Hugs to you, Peter, and Chris! Hope to see y'all soon!

marly said...

Light and bright it is! Every item seems to stand out and there is so much to see. Congrats to you both for your vision and work. It's a wonderful shop! Maybe one day I will get to visit.

3millplainrd said...

It is wonderful in every way.

Patti said...

Oh Lori, Your new shop is absolutely amazing!!! You know how much I have always wanted to visit - well now that desire has increased ten-fold!!!! I need to find that time!
Blessings to you and your new lovely shop!

NMK said...

Wow Wow Wow !!! Beautiful !!! Everything stands out and looks so warm & cozy & pretty !!! I am envious of all the lucky shoppers who live close by . Congratulations !!! You & Peter need to sit back & enjoy all your hard work !!! Looks wonderful !!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Lori, your shop is BEAUTIFUL!! It makes my heart hurt it's just so pretty. I would be there for hours. Hope to make it there some time.


Jacqueline said...

Very nice. I am happy for you guys. A great place to be in.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Simply beautiful ❤️

Cheryl Reeves said...

Its all so perfect and the lattice toppers are cleaver.

woollabeast said...

Lori & Peter ~ just ""eye candy galore""... it's B-U-T-FULL in every way!! Peter & Chris worked their magic; Lori... all your "special" nooks & crannies, the baskets, fresh painted cabinets, floors, walls, shelving and most especially your Purplicious door...what's not to L-O-V-E ♥♥♥ !! CONGRATS to you guys for all the hard has paid off! Now I just have to plan a trip down one of these days! Nice to see Peter sitting and admiring his hard work...he deserves a rest now on that ol' swing for a long spell.
Woolly Hugs from your friend up Nawth! ~Diane

Connie Fletcher said...

Congratulations! The space is gorgeous and so inviting. Hope I can talk Roberta into a road trip ��.

JustGail said...

Well done on the remodel! I think my bank account & stash drawers are very happy I can't visit in person to rootle the wools :-) I'm still eyeing the stitcher's tray though.

Sweet Sue said...

great reno lori, lighter brighter is always a winner, esp on not so youthful peepers! congrats to all on a job very well done, wishing you and friends many long days enjoying the rewards of your vision. happy spring!

Jackie said...

The shop looks amazing!

Cathy G. said...

Lori and Peter your shop redo is just divine!!! Everything looks so organized and lovely! Love the lighter look! That Peter... what a blessing to have someone like him to share your love and life! Congratulations to you both!
Someday.... I intend to visit! On my bucket list!!!
Cathy G

Hannah said...

Beautiful, mom and dad :) So proud to call it home. Love you both!

Deborah Tate said...

Lori, your renovated shop is a wonder to behold! You and Peter did an incredible job. Congratulations!

Giacomo said...

Congratulations you two! Your shop looks BEAUTIFUL! All the best!!! 😍

HomeSpunPrims said...

It all looks wonderful, Lori! A lot of hard work but it looks so bright and everything shows up so nice. Lori

Hunny Crafts Primitives said...

Your shop looks positively stunning Lori and Peter you are right to be proud. I only wish I could see it in person. May be one day :)

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