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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

~ Mid-Week Musings ~

 Hello Friends & Folk!

... can it be Wednesday again? ~ 
and did you know there is only one more Wednesday left this month?

I was never aware how fast time passed when I was younger...
Summertime was endless
days seemed to stretch on & on.
but no more ~ weeks & months fly in the blink of my now tri-focal wearing eye.

I do try to make the best of the passing time, though.
Thankfully, I've never had a "bored" moment in my life!
{who can be bored with so much inspiration around?}

Some of you who follow NFF/me on FB and Instagram ~
have seen these small embroideries I've done recently:

I really love working long & short stitches, satin stitches & knots.
they are simple stitches that work up and fill in quickly ~
chain stitch & stem stitch are favorite of mine too....

how many of my readers do embroidery?
what are your favorites?
crewel embroidery, stamped embroidery, jacobean? 
Me? I love them all, but prefer to work very Primsically and Humbly

we'll see what next comes from my needle and thread....

•••••• • ••• • • • ••• • • • • ••••• • ••• • • ••• • • ••• •• • ••••••

 we have a vine of volunteer Morning Glory's growing on our farmhouse fence...
their little pink blooms greet me everyday on my way to the shop ~

our Banana trees are growing by the foot it seems!
can you find 'Waldo'?

and I don't ever remember our Black & Brown Eyed Suzy's ever being so full and tall....
we let them naturalize in our gardens to keep our pollinators happy!


tiny, helpful friends hard at work ~


We are SO happy to see tiny figs this year too!
didn't have any last year ~ hoping they will become full and ripe before any hard frosts...

Well I am off to hang laundry {again} and finish a few more farmwife chores
before settling down once again with my needlework...

Have a beautiful Summer's day my friends!

Please be as kind to one another,
as you would expect the same kindness in return ~

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Jane said...

Gorgeous photos on a gorgeous day!! My Susans are full of skippers, too! My banana plant is flourishing...I DID find Waldo!! My plans today include hooking on my "Bistro" deck!

Cheryl Reeves said...

Beautiful needlework, gorgeous gardens, Waldo too, what a great area to enjoy

Fran Caswell said...

Lori, I just love your work. I think I am going to try to do a little embroidery. I have seen so much of it lately. Your gardens are just beautiful. Someday maybe I will make the trip south to one of your events. I would love to see your shop. Have a wonderful day!

Winnie Nielsen said...

What beautiful flowers in your yard!!! They are just 100% Summer's glory. Your little Halloween embroideries are cute as punch too. Can you believe that October is only a little over two months away? This Summer has been flying by for me too. However, I am tired of the prolonged heat and humidity so I look forward to Fall when we will start to get a few changes in the weather.

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, your stitchery is so sweet,, love ur sense of humour!
Found waldo, too,,,, your gardens look very abundant !!
I used to do crewel stitchery, years ago,,,,
Thanks for sharing,,,

acorn hollow said...

Beautiful stitching I do not to any but love the look
glad your gardens are happy.
My mother always said don't wish your life away because when you are older you will wonder where it went. She was right.

oldmommy said...

Lori, its me...Lee. I have been encouraging you to do more embroidery and yay...you are doing it!!
Love your everything. I put your basket on my "stitch everyday for a year" piece. It looks great. I made it a little smaller. The crow is beautiful..will wait for a pattern for him.
Try to stay cool. Lee

Abraj Dubai said...
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