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Saturday, July 29, 2017

~ It's coming.... ~

 There are hints everywhere...

take a moment to listen to the wind.
it's changing ~
stop and look to the tree-tops.
notice the subtle change in color and texture...

 impatiently waiting for it's arrival 
just like every year.
history repeated ~

longing for this;
while suffering through heat & humidity
only makes it sweeter when it arrives.

come on in for a visit today ~ 
our little Needlework Shop here at the farm will be Open 10 - 4:00

... we can dream about and create our very own Autumn :)


Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. It sounds like fall, too. Upon our return from vacation, the crickets, cicadas, katydids or whatever they are are constantly making those "fall noises". I am so not ready.
    Happy Saturday :)

  2. Wow .... Not that way in Southern California ��
    We are in the middle of our summer
    August and September are the warmest of all typically ������

  3. My fav season is also autumn but here in Canada it also reminds us of the looonnnggg winter to come.

  4. I will say our winter is our longest season so not quite yet ready for fall even though I do love it and it's my favorite.

  5. Beautiful Autumn-to-come pix, Lori! We have had our first extended heat wave, and Autumn sounds good to me!

  6. Lori, I am totally with you on the tired of the long hot/humid summer we get here in the South! Tomorrow starts August and I am over all this rain and 90+ degree days that never change. I love those two little pumpkins in the bowl. Are they from this year's crop of last? Also, I noticed your blog header and let out a little cheer! Halloween thoughts are gathering in our heads and I couldn't be more excited!!

  7. Oh how I wish I lived closer! Today we are battling 39 celcius (Canadian prairies) with the humidity. Its not safe being outside.

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