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Thursday, July 13, 2017

~ Home ~

Hello Friends & Folk!
Hoping you are all not melted into your stitching chairs?

hot hot hot
but it is Summer ~ after all. 

I am playing catch-up on all of the emails/convos/messages I received while away ~
so please have patience with me while I root through them all. 
~ I'll do my best to answer every single one!

Joan & I headed up north to PA, 
then up to CT and back again to PA before heading home again yesterday.
{we literally shopped our way up and back!}

of the many {many} shops we visited in Pennsylvania,
one of our VERY favorites was
Grant Street Woolworks
 where we drooled on all of the lovelies Linda has in her quaint shop!

I needed more wool {really?} for upcoming projects
and found that GSW carries beautiful wools that' I've not seen before ~
like these:

and these: 

when Joan & I first opened the door to GSW ~ 
there were a few gals already busily looking through line patterns on the shops' large worktable ~
{Hi girls!}

but to my surprise ~ my sweet friend Kathy Makers
{Hi Kathy!}

Kathy sent me this photo below, 
of me holding Linda's tiniest-puppy-in-the-world!
we all thought it was a beanie-baby when her son brought it over to show us, but then it blinked!
{good grief I look like I want to take a bite out of that puppy!}
and btw, my t-shirt reads: Keep Calm and Eat Whoopie Pies not puppies, ha!

Joan & I also shopped at various needlework & quilting shops on our travels 
and these just sorta kinda jumped into my shopping buggy.

while visiting Connecticut, 
Joan & I and my sister and brother in law visited the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford.
I love garden toads and play with them every evening on our patio ~ 
~ so when I spotted this old heavy rusty iron toad, I had to have him....

of course he was the very first purchase I made, 
so dummy me lugged him around in the 90 + degree heat and hot sun for the rest of the day ~ 
while I was away, Peter held down the farm ~
tending to our beloved animal friends and gardens...
and he even opened the shop for a special customer last Saturday!
{Thank you muchly Cindy & Hubby!!}

and here are a few garden snaps ~

fried green tomatoes on the menu for this evening...

overgrown with sweet annie ~

peppers and sausage? hmmmm....

our banana trees are getting big 
~ with all of this tropical-feeling heat & humidity!

and so are our puppies!!
yep, this is Big Black on the left, 
and little Black Dahlia on the right...

we call them 
Big & Dolly and they are quite the terrible-twosome....
in every good-puppy way of course ;)

I'm happy to be home again ~
miss my family in CT but love where I am planted.

 I'll be processing all orders tomorrow and Saturday and will begin shipping the new 
Little Stitches Handwork Club member's kits next week ~
and I'll share the finished July/Aug/Sept 2017 project tomorrw!

Keep cool everyone ~ don't let this heat make you grumpy.
eat ice cream, go for a swim, stitch in the shade 
& drink plenty of fresh lemonade with chocolate mint!

and don't forget to keep cool clean fresh water filled
 for your outdoor friends in this heat too please ~

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


  1. Love your cheery report and the lovelies you bought on your trip. Especially love the toad!
    Hoping Joan had a good time!
    Mary in Pennsylvania

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful trip in her garden looks beautiful😍
    xoxo, becky

  3. Glad you had a good trip! Your gardens look beautiful! I hope Joan enjoyed getting away as well. She's lucky to have a great friend like you.

  4. Yes... it IS A HOT ONE!! I've been stripping wool for 2 projects.
    Just want to tell you I'll be demonstrating at the Historical Society on Saturday.

  5. I'm so happy that you and Joan had such a nice trip.....I'm sure she needed it...such a good friend you are! I've been to GSW two times and they've not been open either time! I was so disappointed! I'm really happy you're back on your blog....I've missed you!

  6. Welcome home, Lori! As you are arriving home, I am leaving. Your purchases look scrumptious, but not as much as that little puppy! Take care...I'll be back!

  7. Sounded like a fantastic trip just what you & Joan needed...such beautiful fabric! Gardens at your place looking fabulous Lori so inviting...many blessings...

  8. Good heavens but those pups have grown.

    Beautiful wool, cottons and baby puppy but am VERY jealous of your beautiful vegetable garden that I'd like to visit.

  9. We have had rainy weather in the 50's during the day and high 30's and low 40's at night. I think I should be there eating ice cream, playing with puppys, shopping, and stitching. Maybe I'd thaw out a bit. Be safe in that heat. Glad you are home safe and sound.

  10. Glad you are home safely and had a such a nice trip. Hard to believe that sweet little pup is real!

  11. Wow! Lori, what a beautiful post!! I enjoy them all, but this covered everything!! Glad u and sweet joan had a great time! You need that!!
    Those wools look yummy , as well the fabric!
    That puppy did not look real!! On my, oh my,, sooo sweet!
    And ur puppies are so big now,,,,
    Your gardens are beautiful, ,, take care in the heat! Wow,,,

  12. Oh my...all that gorgeous wool...and puppies, too!!! Annie loved seeing all the pups!

  13. So glad You ladies had a much needed trip. Sounds fun and beautiful treasures too. Sorryabout the heat. We just had violent lightning thunderstorms and so much rain.

  14. LOVE your longer hair, LOVE your lead toad and WANT that puppy you're holding!! xoxox


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