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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

~ Where the Wild Things are..... ~

Sometimes it feels like we are in our own little world here ~
the days go by slowly & quietly, for the most-part...

we watch the changing seasons from inside wavy-glass windows,
and walk wooded paths that have been trodden by many feet before us.

There is a still-feeling here, at this very humble old place that we call 

Springtime is a magical time of year for us here at the farm.
the gardens are asleep one moment, then seem to suddenly wake without warning,
welcoming the warmth and sunshine.

We let our gardens grow out of control this time of year,  and with with wild-abandon ~
just letting our herbs strengthen and coexist alongside the plentiful weeds...
{the weeds act as shelter for our tender herbs before they become a life-stealing nuisance to them.}


The first blooms of my beautiful wisteria have opened
bringing with them sweet-scented air ~ and sleepy woodworker bees
nestled in amongst the blossoms...

my iris are beginning to show their colors too...
this one surprised me this morning, in full regalia ~
next to the privy and old tea rose bush.

a bramble of blackberry vine entwines with the old rose ~
creating a perfect bower for our beloved feathered friends.

Our later-blooming narcissus have arrived,
both in our deep woods and ones I have transported to the farmyard ~
bringing with them waving leaves and delicate petals...

and, if you look closely at my blurry photo below ~
you'll see one of my most-favorite visitors to my flower beds:
a hummingbird moth!
I had never seen one until we moved from CT to VA 
and when I finally saw one I was amazed at how beautiful these tiny pollinators are,
~ and how fittingly they got their name.

A transplanted lilac bush 
{that we moved from the side of the old log cookhouse behind our farmhouse}
has finally matured enough to bloom ~
one sweet, small bloom 
...that I can smell on the spring breeze.

Our azalea bushes are laden with flowers this year as well....

while snapping photos I caught this:

~ pure love ~ 

 the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat and Merchant Mall are only 2 weeks away ~
it is being held at the 
Embassy Suites Hotel/Airport in Columbus, OH
May 5th & 6th

I have so enjoyed being a part of this Facebook group ~ 
it's members are always sharing, lifting each other up and are always happy to help one another.
~ we have met so many wonderful friends that kindly support our business and what we love to do.
we are grateful & blessed!

If you get a chance to attend, you will not be disappointed...

My talented model stitcher Heather is finishing up a few models for me for new designs that I will release at the PSS retreat/merchant mall {see above}
I'll have one new punch needle design, called "Birds and Bees"
and three new cross stitch designs ~
"So Inclined",  "Steal Not" & "Stitching & Mending"
I'm working on this one...'Stitching and Mending' in progress below ~
the finish will be a project bag to carry/store your threads, linens and charts.

I'm working it with beautiful Gentle Art Sampler Threads, 
but I will include a DMC conversion in the pattern ~

stitching this on my 28ct Old Farmhouse© hand dyed linen 
using two strands over two threads...
so far, so good!

Update on the shipping of our 
Little Stitches Handwork Club kits:
we apologize for the delay....been a busy time here lately!
~ kits will begin shipping end of the week to current members :)

the LSHC club design is called "Melancholy" 
and I will share the completed finish with you soon ~

Well I am off to do farmhouse chores ~
the pollen has been building on everything, including these old windows.
...going to grab my vinegar and old newspapers to wash them with...

Hoping you all have a *sparkling* spring day my sweet friends!

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Anonymous said...

Everything is springing to life on Notforgotten Farm! Beautiful gardens, Lori! You're right...Spring is a magical time, in the gardens, the woods...your workshop...:)

Saundra said...

Beautiful and serene photos but especially adore the pups and your hubby.

Patti said...

LOVE!!! Love each and every thing in this post :) So happy to see how your two pups love one another ~ it was meant to be :)
I have hummingbird moths in my garden here in Chicago ~ it is always a thrill to see one. They have not yet arrived this year.
Blessings to you and yours, Patti

Barb said...

What a lovely post. I found it poetic. Spring is such an amazing time of year.

Silent Stitches said...

Hi Lori,
Your yard is looking lovely! My garden has a few weeks to go before anything is in bloom. Thank you for sharing the photos.. The one of Peter with Roxy & Pepper...melted my heart. (Can't wait to see the puppies!!!) :-O I Hope your day sparkles too. ~C

Jane said...

Everything is so lovely and green down your way! So different than our rather bleak Springtime. Loved the glimpse of you place.

Winnie Nielsen said...

Lori, your farm looks beautiful all dressed in Spring green and blooms!! It is such a wonderful sight to see the way everything looks, smells, and changes with every season. Your Prims retreat coming up sounds like a lot of fun and I look forward to what you share about that weekend . I bet there will be so many inspiring and lovely new designs that will be shared too. Total fun!

Pam Kozikowski said...

Your black dog in the front part of the picture looks just like my girl Ellie! We love hugging our pets also. :)

Running with a sharp pencil said...

Isn't this a beautiful time of year? When the pollen fades away it will even be better! Love seeing your beautiful farm--and I think that your husband must be a dog whisperer!

elaine allerton said...

Awesome pics of spring, lori!!
Sweet puppys and peter,,,, what a pic,,,,
Your place way ahead of ours,,, thats ok,, something to look forward to after the rains,,,,
Thanks once again , for sharing!!

3millplainrd said...

Thank you for sharing such peaceful surroundings with us.

Karen said...

I am so envious of your home place. It is rare I feel that way about anything. I could only have a sock to mend and be happy. But an old house in the country with only nature and my animals with me speaks words of quiet peace. So happy for you to have your wavy glass and wild gardens and those cute puppies!!! One day I will make the trip from NC to visit your "Little Shoppe at Home".

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love everything but mostly the precious dogs with your Mr.
I Love Gentle Arts threads too.

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