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Sunday, March 12, 2017

~ Repetition ~

Happy Sunday 
* friends & folk * 

sunny & cold
windy then not.

always the same, always changing ~

kinda like me...
always switching gears but between constant things:

Hook... Punch... Stitch......Repeat
{as my header reminds me}

with the Spring shows on my schedule looming,
I am flitting like the butterfly I am between textile mediums ~
... working on finishing my Lancaster Barnyard rug
now that I've totally changed the flower to include the blues that you all loved, 
and brought colors of the hen & rooster into it as well;

I can say that I am pleased ~
it is a more neutral rug than any I've ever hooked before,
 and I must say that I do enjoy the limited palette.
The 'black' background is made up of three dark wools now, 
as before it was just one and it was too stagnant for me...
~ I like movement in my backgrounds, 
... even if it is subtle.

Having been asked if I am 'retiring' from cross stitch, and emphatically answering NO WAY,
I have just been taking a little break from it to work on punching & hooking a slight bit more for different events I'll be at this year....
but, even though my tired eyes aren't what they used to be ~
{{with blessings from the Universe}} 
I will never stop designing patterns for cross stitch. 
nope, never.

but, since I can't see to stitch as well as I used to,
 I have to rely on the talents of others to stitch most of my models for me
...and I am so very thankful for them!
 I do have two new designs that are being stitched currently
by my sweet model stitcher/friend Heather.
{yay! for Heather!!} 

their titles are ~
"Steal Not This Work" 
"So Inclined..."
I'm excited to show them to you
and I think you'll like them.

...this one has been in my hoop for a couple of weeks, 
a design that I'm stitching first, {to the best of my abilities}
... then I will chart it.
I'm actually stitching this on my stained Cupboard Cloth {Osnaburg}
and am including some Algerian Eye stitches into it for fun.
you can see there are chickens included in the design too...
I have chickens on the brain lately I guess!

here's how I feel lately ~

 and I know I'm in good company,
for most of my friends are included in this description above.

Hoping your Sunday is a Peace-Full one ~

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori


Anonymous said...

You little Stitch Witch, always working your magic, whether by hooking, punching, or stitching! Your rug is turning out to be one of my favorites...

OldeThreads said...

The rug colors are just wonderful, and you know I am going to be anxiously awaiting that design on cupboard cloth! ~Susan~

Kathleen Bailey said...

The rug colors are perfectly prim!

NMK said...

Love this rug , colors are so pretty

Saundra said...

I'm loving your hooked piece and totally understand why you would be happy for it too.

Stephani said...

The stichery with the chickens is lovely. The colors!

elaine allerton said...

Lori,, your hooked mat is lovely!! So love the blues and beiges,,,, soft colors and you are fast!!!
Loving the stitchery too,,,,,thanks for posting and sharing ur progress,,,,

Karen said...

I bought a 5 magnification glasses online from Readers.com I think is the site and I can stitch on any count now. One draw back is if I am watching TV and stitching I have to do a lot of head bobbing to do both and make sure to take them off before walking through the house as the floor tends to look like it is right in my face and I am afraid I will plaster myself to the floor! I like the change in the flower! Very pretty rug!

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