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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

~ Wednesday Musings ~

had a few raindrops last night ~ 
...we need more.
since we've had no snow, our ground is dry way down deep.
our well needs rain, 
the flowers need rain 
and so 
do I
to refresh and recharge a bit.

April showers bring May flowers.
but in my mind
flowers are already here ~
buds, vines, tendrils
fiddle-heads    shoots    sprigs
all co-mingling with color and composition
and coming out of me in thread & paint form.

painting with thread
my punch needle goes round & round 
conjuring imaginary pathways and mimicking garden walkways.
~ longing for the scent of fresh lavender and rosemary on my ankles...

in & out
up & down
round & round
spiraling towards center-ground,
keeping me focused {for the moment} at the task at hand to finish
but always dreaming in my Piscean-way of hidden glens or deep-woods.

inspiration is everywhere
inside & out
all around

dipping a brush into clear water
and watching a new project come to life on my paper...
 small puddles of colors
tiny pools of creativity
saturated hues both natural and alien all at once.


take a moment to breathe it all in, 
then let it all out ~
... and begin again.

 listening to the cardinals outside my window
 calling for the promise of more rain....

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Cathy G. said...

Beautiful post Lori! And your watercolor art is fabulous! Plant life is ever inspiring! Hope you get that much needed rain!
Cathy G

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing artist, Lori. And you know what else is really weird? Just today, I spoke out loud to myself that embroidery is painting with the needle. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all know that…it's just that I think you heard my thoughts!! What you are punch-painting is absolutely magical. Can't wait to see the finished
piece, but in the meantime, enjoy your "wandering." Wishing you a plentiful rain…perhaps I will step outside and do circles in the air with my broom for you!

Cheryl Reeves said...

loving the Lily of valley water color. Nature is so inspiring. e Every time I hear..those colors don't go together I say "have you looked at your flower garden"

Annelein said...

Lovely new design... Just the look of it makes me smile...*Ü*...

Yesterday I've discovered you on you-tube...You live in a lovely place...

Hope that the rain will come soon...

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,beautiful, ,,,, punching and watercolors!! Lily of the valley,,,, love them,,, we have them in the spring,, definitely not anywhere near sprjng yet!! Wishing, but enjoy my hooking in winter!! All seasons are perfect!!
Love all ur pics, thanks for sharjng them,,,, have great day,,,

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