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Monday, February 13, 2017

~ List Making ~

 Hello Monday 
~ Hello Friends ~

the weekend found me multi tasking again;
list making, picture taking, sketchbook journaling...
deep-woods walking, cleaning & clearing out. 
I liken all of the above to being
 I also chase my own tail some days though,
where I'll be imagining I'm being productive and I'm really not.

do any of you do that?

 I find that if I don't make lists, I'll tend to wander off somewhere and get sidetracked. lost even.
lists help keep me on target. I have lots of lists.
grocery lists, thread color lists ~ lists of favorite words & colors...
but of course, a list is only good if you can find it.
{hello again menopause}

 the blue jay feather that I showed in yesterday's posting 
~ became part of my sketchbook/journal...adding small dimensions
 to my pages of doodles and droplets of paint-infused water.

when I'm not working with needle/thread or hook/linen
I am usually dabbling in my brushes and watercolor cakes ~
doing so keeps my mind clear and helps my folk art stay fresh.

Painting is also very relaxing and when done in the company of an open window 
where one can hear the birds {or chickens} is a bonus for my soul.
since the past week has been unusually warm in these parts, I'm taking full advantage of being either outside to enjoy the sun & fresh air, or simply working beside an open window.

do any of you paint? if so, which medium do you prefer?
I go prefer watercolors...they are so very

with today being Monday again ~ another small cycle is upon me.
I like to have a routine and Monday is definitely my Wash Day as in the old rhyme:

Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday 
Bake on Wednesday
Brew on Thursday
Churn on Friday
Mend on Saturday
Sunday go to Meeting...
although I have replaced a few of the activities, like brewing and churning to shopping and cleaning.

When all of my chores are complete for the day
and after blogging, of course and checking orders and emails...
that's when I settle in for my creative time.

having something in the 'works' is one way of staying productive, but in a very satisfying way.
there is nothing wuite like the feeling of clean floors, fresh laundry and something baking
while you work on a project ~ very comforting and cozy.

I've finished needle-punching 'Mrs Peabody' and I love her....
her design was inspired by an early angel from a fraktur.
I need to now 'finish-finish' it, by making it a sawdust & lavender stuffed pillow trimmed with some-sort of ribbon or yarn or wool.

Mrs Peabody will be available as a pattern {pdf & paper} soon....and I thinnk I'll turn her into a rug hooking pattern as well.
I'm working on a bunch of new designs for my upcoming shows, so you'll be seeing a slew of new things!
 {see my schedule to your right on my sidebar}

next to my sewing machine is a basket ~
in that basket are tiny sewn-things awaiting to be embroidered and stuffed...
some will be necklaces,
others will be scissor fobs and pin keeps. 
each will be different and available as finished goods at the shows too ~

I better get busy!

found the cutest notebooks at Micheal's over the weekend too ~
one for ideas....one for to do's.
both are perfect for me.

and I have to share this with you all....
a card that Hannah gave me
that hangs here in my sewing room and is the first thing I see upon walking in the room:

 Hannah, YOU are my greatest accomplishment, 
and are at the top of my list!

Have a beauty-full day my friends ~ find time for yourself....
~ take delight in the mundane and common.
 Notice the small things....they matter the most.

Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Anonymous said...

You know, Lori, I too am blessed to have a wonderful daughter! :):):) Your watercolors are beautiful…especially the mushrooms. You make it look so easy (you and Queen Victoria---my current obsession--- who also painted with water colors…). Now, lists? I avoid making them at all costs now, as I was a teacher for so many years and was a slave to endless lists. I try to keep my days simple and instead depend on my memory. Hope that method lasts, lol! Have a beautiful day!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lori,
Thank you for the lovely post today!! I always love seeing what you are up to and am always inspired! Love the card from your daughter and how you have it in a place of honor!! So very sweet!! Daughters are certainly special!!
Hope you have a wonderful week!!
Heart Hugs~

Rugs and Pugs said...

If I didn't make have a list I'd probably forget to get up in the morning and like you, have many. Such a pleasure to cross something off :)
Great card from you daughter.
Happy Valentine's Day :)

Jennifer M said...

Happy Valentines Day Lori:) Lists is something I often do, we're close to the same age(hello menopause)! I love your watercolor paintings, I don't paint but would probably fall in love because I love to create. I, unlike you, don't get nearly as much accomplished. I think I need to spend less time on the computer & social media, but I get so much inspiration from it. Of course work takes a goo share of my day also. Your little notebooks are perfect and the card from Hannah is a treasure <3

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,, love ur blogs,, thank you for doing this,,, taking time in ur busy , busy day,,, to cheer so many!!!
Love ur new punch!!
And ur card from hannah,,,,,

susan hemann said...

I have a love/hate relationship with lists. I love to make them, but if I don't accomplish everything on my list I get frustrated.

Winnie Nielsen said...

Lori, I love coming here to your blog for so much fun and inspiration. Yes, lists are what keep me on track and have been an anchor to my work life and retirement for keeping it all together. However, I am fascinated with your lists becoming a thing of beauty with drawings and watercolors! Wow, that is such a great idea to keep the mind open and flowing while keeping organized.

And the photo of Forsythia blooms? Are they out in Virginia now? We had a huge bush outside our kitchen door that was utterly a bright yellow delight each Spring. I love Forsythia and how it heralds Spring when the days can still be cold and grass is still brown.

Gisela Suski said...

I also bought 12 notepads from Michael, the same as yours as Valentine's Day gift for my helpers at independent living. Love them.

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