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Friday, February 10, 2017

~ Inspiration Friday ~

 ... I'm so 
{{ not really, but thought that would be appropriate for today's edition of}}
 "Inspiration Friday"

I love the color blue.
my mom loves the color blue...
true blue, prussian blue. viridian, carolina blue, oxford, denim ~
cyan, violet-blue, periwinkle....
cerulean, indigo & robins' egg.
and let's not forget sapphire blue, cobalt blue, & cornflower.

I have so many blue threads, blue paints & blue fabrics 
and I'm shamelessly always on the hunt for more!

my keeping room here in the old farmhouse has cabinets, boxes and baskets 
all in different hues of blue.

it can be a happy color, like sky blue...
a quiet color like powder blue ~ or an energizing color,
like turquoise...

here are photos that I collected from Pinterest
{these are not my photos and have not personally made 
any of the projects/needlework you see in them}

You can go to Pinterest.com and simply type in a search for
"Blue Needlework"
to see many many more delicious photos...

**If any of the following pins are your photographs and I have not credited them to you, please email me and I will be glad to add your name/credit/link to the photo for you**


antique needlework using metal threads

antique hooked rug

early sampler work

antique hooked rug

contemporary needlework {unknown source}

early hooked rug

contemporary sewing clamp/pincushion  ~ Primitivespast.blogspot.com 

contemporary hooked rug ~ Oldglorywoolenco.com

antique needlework

contemporary punch needle ~ Doodle Dog Primitives

punch needle {source unknown}

embroidery {source unknown}

dolls/fabrics ~ Ghost Island Primitives

needle-felted budgie {parakeet} (source unknown)

antique quilt

punch needle ~ Michele Palmer

antique hooked rug

early hooked rug

needlework {source unknown}

yarn for knitting {source unknown}

contemporary embroidery {source unknown}

the above advice is good, no?
"Start where you are...
Use what you have ~
Do what you can."
Hoping you all have an inspirational and creative day!
Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori


Anonymous said...

I love the Blues! Those are incredibly wonderful works you've chose to share with us. The one that you have labeled "contemporary needlework, unknown source, reminds me of Spirit Cloth's work…

Thank you, Lori!

rx2massey said...

Lovely blues!

Darlene said...

Wonderful selections!

Kathleen Bailey said...

I'm a blue girl too. Thanks for sharing all the lovelies

NMK said...

My favorite color too ....pretty post !

woolyredrug said...

Lovely Blues...lovely, timely post Lori...I'm gearing up for some indigo dyeing as soon as Spring has sprung. ~Laurie

KathyB. said...

Blue makes me happy. Creating needlework and rugs in blue makes me happy. This post made me happy !

Krissy B. said...

I knew this was going to be fun!

susan hemann said...

lovely, blue fan also, love the quote, timely for me, excited to hear your making new you tube videos- want to learn to needle punch but am left handed

Annmarie said...

Hi Lori. I have to tell you how SPECIAL this post and last week's is. The time and effort and energy you put into sharing this with us is AMAZING. I love your designs and work my fingers to make them mine but this is such an extra gift to all of us. I'm so lucky that I have found a number of special blogs and through them "met" needleworker friends who inspire me and make me so happy. THANK YOU!!!

Janet said...

WOW. Beautiful. I think that contemporary embroidery is very interesting. Really like the "Love Bluebird" piece.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori . The blue needlework pictures are so uplifting and thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The 1876 flag needlepunch is designed and made by Doodledog Primitive design.

kelley said...


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