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Monday, January 2, 2017

~ Monday Musings ~

 Hello Folks!
This evening would have marked our inaugural
 First Monday Needle Night
here in the Farm Shop....but,
I woke with a splitting headache/partial migraine 
... which I believe is caused by hormones and barometric changes.
so, I begrudgingly had to cancel.

On that note, 
our First Saturday Stitch/Hook Day will be this Saturday from 10 - 4
and shop will be OPEN from 10 - 4 for regular Farm Shop hours ~
So if you're in the neighborhood, come on by!


The photo below shows my sewing room/studio.
right now it's in it's New Year messy-stage, with paper, patterns, thread, 
fabric and wool strewn about as I finish up the soon-to-be released pattern designs.

I love this room, but ~ I need to lighten up.
my heavy wooden 'desk' {which is an old table} 
will soon be replaced with a new, modular glass and steel computer work station
 that will fit nicely into the corner where you see the cedar closet...
with it being glass, it will lighten up this room substantially.
{oh I can hear you saying glass? steel? that's not 'primitive'!!}
and no, it is not ~ but I am an eclectic-girl who likes many different things
and loves to mix things up.
... today Peter will be adding our new light fixtures, removing the white chandelier and replacing it with a more farmhouse-y and brighter pendant light {which will be better for my tired eyes too}
stay tuned for more photos of this transformation!

out with the old, in with the new :)

Here is my progress of Day Two for the
1 Year of Stitching 2017 Project:
I added a small crescent moon early this morning while waiting for my headache to dissipate.
some of you have asked in the FB groups what the fabric I'm using is called...
it's plain old Osnaburg, which I call 'Cupboard cloth' ~  that I've stained with walnut dye.
it's great to stitch on!!
{we offer this in our Etsy shop, HERE}
 and I've used it many times for cross stitching and simple embroidery...


Do any of you have this book?
it's by Japanese designer Noriko Komurata and is entitled
"Teeny Tiny Menagerie"

in it are the sweetest little motifs for all kinds of animals,
from mice to owls & sheep
sharks, tiny birds and otters!!!!

I want to stitch them all!!!!

 Hoping the 2nd day of 2017 is a creative one for you all ~

Blessings from the Farm ~
 Peter & Lori


Anonymous said...

I like your idea of mixing modern and worn, Lori. Most of all, it begs for usability. I love your sweet moon and sun! Hope you get to feeling better...

Winnie Nielsen said...

Lori, having a modern desk that is ergonomically better suited for you will be great for your shop sounds like a great present to yourself in 2017. I bet you will love it too!

I always enjoy seeing what cute projects you are developing. That book of Menangerie are just too cute!

Annemieke said...

The book you mention looks lovely to me. I thought of ordering it only it will take up to 6 weeks to receive it. I wonder why that would be.
I loved the brown heart in your previous post by the way!

Tammy Black said...

Hope that nasty headache goes away...nothing worse than a nagging headache to spoil our creativity! Happy, happy New Year dear friend!

tracydale said...

To Annemieke, Amazon has this book and can have it by the 5th with Prime. It will be fun to see your embroidery come together 😊👏👏

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hope your head is feeling much better!
Happy New Year :)

elaine allerton said...

Hapy new year! Hope ur feeli g better!! Love ur room, but k ow what u mean about brightening up! , HAVE A BETTER DAY,,,,

TheCrankyCrow said...

I've always loved your creative space Lori...but, then again, I am drawn to dark places and things. I try to brighten things, but end up in the dark LOL.... But I am looking forward to seeing your transformation as I do like an eclectic mix myself. Hope you're feeling better... Happy New Year! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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