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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

~ HOOP-la ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk!
 another dreary day here at the farm...
hoping the sun will return soon 
and the barometric pressure will change and alleviate my brain-pain ~

I've been stitching a lot lately.
working on finishing the Jan/Feb/March model for our 
Little Stitches Handwork Club
{{ click HERE for more info }}

using muted cotton {DMC} threads, 
and I am actually stitching with two threads for a change!
linen I'm using is my 30ct Old Farmhouse Linen ~
{I'm waiting for a back order of 32ct, 28ct & 40ct at the moment 
and will re-list in my Etsy shop asap}

I should be finished with it this evening, 
and will either post again here and/or on FB/Instagram.

 I'm stitching this 'in-hand' or, without a hoop....
~ it's a small stitch so it's easier for me to stitch this way.

I am using a 10" Morgan hoop
to hold my 1 Year of Stitches project.

I added a storm-cloud to it this morning,
how apropos for the current weather ;)


If I have time,
 I will be taking down the Christmas decorations & tree today too ~
after processing orders and working in the shop for a bit.

Hoping your day is one filled with Good Things!

Blessings from the Farm ~
 Peter & Lori


Anonymous said...

Love the storm cloud, Lori (what's the glory of sunshine without some storm clouds, eh?). Have a marvelous day putting up and putting away. Just finished that myself (felt as though my house had been hijacked by Christmas :)). I remember how befuddled I was when my Mom was ready to put Christmas away…now I know!

woollabeast said...

Hi Lori, Happy New Year! You & I are (migraine sisters) related to barometric weather changes...no fun indeed! I truly know what you're going through...I've had a couple of days (too glazed over) in my eyes & head to think straight & of course...work on projects I had planned.

We didn't even get our Christmas decorations up till Christmas Eve this year due to my non-stop business & (it just became part of us getting into the spirit of the holiday with all of that & our music playing). I was still staring at Hallowe'eeeen (sad to say) soooo we are going to enjoy our Christmas & Wintry decorations for a tad longer...at least till the First of February! Haha!! ;0

Feel better soon! I'm busy-busy trying to set up my new (newsletter mail service, ugh) & back to wool dyeing & teaching my classes. One year flies by in a flash ...and the next one enters in with a fury!
~~Woolly Hugs from your friend up Nawth, Diane

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