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Friday, September 30, 2016

~ Rug Hooking for Dummies ~

....well, not exactly FOR dummies ~ but
rug hooking Dummy Boards for sure :)

HOWDY Folks!
what is a dummy board you may ask yourself?
well, I have an answer for you...
{of course I do hehe}

a dummy board is simply a wooden board 
onto which a painted scene, person or animal was applied.
 {{{{click *HERE*  for a brief historical synopsis}}}}
I have been wanting to make a few of my own dummy boards
 after seeing Kathy Clark's beautiful hooked versions *HERE*

I wanted to make mine super simple and what else is new?
and I came up with a simple flower basket design reminiscent 
of the earlier hooked rugs
that I love the most.
so I started with this ~
a basic outline for a basket-shape, then went from there...

not really having a complete picture in my head yet, I just hooked using scraps in my worm pile{s}
and hooked in that now popular 'higgledy-piggledy' fashion,
which ~ if you've read my postings before,
 or are familiar with how I hook, 
I use the term 'wonky' for my uneven, never-straight & high/low loops. be it.

**in the current issue of Rug Hooking magazine 
there is an excellent article written by  Nancy Z. Parcels on this very technique ~ {a.k.a. 'antigodlin'}
I'll call it the 'Hig-Pig' technique most likely from here out though!

you'll see the base of my basket, 
some of the black background and fill-in between flowers are hooked hig/pig.
while the flowers, stems and upper portion of the basket are hooked in rows.
and by rows, I mean in my 'wonky' high/low/uneven loops, 
although they are  still standing in little rows,
~ for me, & so-to-speak. 

So i finished hooking the entire thing, blocked it and let it dry,
 then trimmed the linen edges away to within 1" of the last hooked border-row.
I turned the linen edge to the back and used tacky-glue to hold them down....
{I use Aleene's Tacky Glue ~ acid free, dries clear & flexible, avail. everywhere...}

 a close up of my loops...

so then off to the woodshop I went,
paper pattern in hand and armed with directions for my woodsmith-husband...
and in a jiffy my hubby & Chris 
{our left/right hand & much-appreciated wood-shop helper} 
had the wooden cut out for me to mount my project onto....then we painted the edges black and  attached a little wooden stand to the bottom/back so it will stand upright.


don't you love it? 
I do....
~ here it is outside in daylight:

and here it is in various settings in the farmhouse ~

 I'm planning on making different dummy board designs,
... and offering patterns and the wooden backs for them.
I have so many things in my head that I just can't sleep anymore ~
we'll blame that partially on creativity, the other part will surely be blamed on menopause!

well, at least the weather has cooled,
and although muggy ~ I feel like I can breathe a bit again.
plus with it being cooler, I'm happy to get back to my wools!

I'll be updating my 2017 schedule for workshops, classes & events ~
....keep an eye on my sidebar for the changing schedule.

AND Stay tuned for some super-exciting news!!!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Thank the Stars for Kind Folks!

I was messaged by a friend
and let known that I made a couple of mistakes in the 'Harvest Angel' pattern...
 Thank you so much for catching this for me my friend!

the P12 is a typo, should read JP12 where the P12 is on step #2
and I forgot to add the step for the leaves for the P2! 
good grief!!! 
{{{please no throwing old shoes or rotten tomatoes at me -
 my back is not 100% yet so I can't duck!}}}

Thankfully, my back is feeling better today! woohoo!!
a little rest, heat & stretching does a body good.
{not quite like this though:}

I'll be working on finished goods 
for the From Our Hands Show in November this week, 
and will share sneak peeks of my progress on my Instagram page 
{link to my Instagram is up there on the top right if my sidebar under 'my links'}

and I'll be heading to CONNECTICUT 
on Monday to visit my Mom & Sister for a while ....
Looking forward to seeing them again!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

~ Short & Sweet ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
another fine day here at the farm....we enjoyed the much-needed rain last night,
a nice steady soaking rain that our parched ground happily absorbed.

Thank you all for the kind words & helpful suggestions regarding my aching back!
it is a bit better today, and I am hoping to get a few slow-paced walks in this afternoon....

since I have been 'couch-ridden', I hooked this below...
The very first one of a series of stair riser designs
 I have been wanting to make for a long time now ~
what do you think?

they will all measure approx 6-1/4" x 24"
and think I'll have a total of 13 when finished with them all.
{although some of you may have more-or-less stairs, depending on the age of your home}

"Toby"© Stair Riser pattern from Notforgotten Farm™

 these will be available as PAPER patterns for you to transfer onto your favorite rug backing...
and will offered in both printed/shipped patterns and PDF/downloadable patterns ~

any suggestions that you may have for a favorite design you might like to see for this series?
I have 13 sketched up, but always welcome your thoughts as well.

 So now off to the farm shop I go ~ to print, package & ship orders from the weekend.
I'm so happy that you all like my old Notecards so much!!
{ should design a few new ones too?? }

Hoping you all have a wonderful September day my friends!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

~ Something Special ~

Good Sunday to you all 
Friends & Folk ~

I've been wanting to do this for a while now and have finally done it!
I have listed the remainder of my printed Folk Art Notecard sets in my Etsy Shop :)
{link is above}

below is a smattering of the 39 different designs available...

These are the notecards that you've seen published in the much-beloved, 
but now defunct Country Home magazine AND are the very same designs that my sweet & talented friend Kris Miller at adapts for rug hookers for me!

I'm offering them in sets of 6 {same design} with matching envelopes ~ 
~ so when they're gone they are gone.

~ AND ~

I have also decided to open club memberships again to our
Primitive Punch Needle Club {1st kit model shown below}
for those who have asked to join....


I am happily punching away on design #2 for the club kit, 
which will begin shipping in November ~
I'll share some previews as I get time :)

Hoping you all have a wonderfully creative & Peaceful Sunday!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Saturday, September 24, 2016

~ Farm Shop is Open ~

Farm Shop is Open today 
from 10:00 ~ 4:00

stop by if you're in the neighborhood!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Friday, September 23, 2016

~ It's that time again! ~

Hello Friends & Folk 
and a hearty happy Friday to you all!

I can't tell you how wonderful our weather has been....well for me anyhow ~
I am a lover of Fall, rain & cloudy-days.
we have had a few in a row now, but today is a sunny one and just loverly too!


I wanted to pop in here this morning to let you all know 
that we have resumed our regular Farm Shop hours again of 
Saturdays from 10:00 - 4:00
{if you would like to visit on a day that we're not regularly open, 
please call or contact me via email or FB to schedule a time to visit}

with the coming months however, 
there will be times when the weather won't be good for a visit ~
 so please keep an eye here and on my FB page for inclement weather closings ;)

since the shop is once again open, that means it's time again for our
Crafty Saturdays!

just bring your needlework in progress and just sit & have fun while creating with me...
I'll proved the snacks & drinks :)

Do you have a group or guild interested in coming for a class?
or are you interested in me traveling to you?
{{ my Winter '16/Spring '17 Teaching Schedule is filling up fast ~ 
and I will be updating that on my sidebar soon }}

Rug Hooking, Punch Needle, Wool Applique or Cross Stitch 
~ all taught in the humblest manner by Yours Truly.

Have a *SPARKLING* Autumn Day my friends!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Thursday, September 22, 2016

~ A U T U M N ~

... And then it was.

and I am ready ~


I'll once again prepare my old farmhouse
~ for the coming cold months...

... and remember the important things. 

I'll savor the colors & scents of this season ~


and keep them in my heart
for another year...

~ another turn of the Wheel.

... trying to stop time to enjoy it's swift passing,
before my beloved Autumn is gone again.

and feed my soul with it's beauty and bounty,
and hold close the memories that will be made 
... with my needle & thread ~
and of friendships and family.

it's true.

{all photos courtesy of Pinterest}

Happy Autumn, 
and a Blessed Mabon to you!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

~ Looking Ahead ~

 Good Wednesday Morning
 Friends & Folk!

a beatifully-overcast day is on tap for us...
a perfect day to fire-up the slow cooker with some lamb stew 
~ and I think I'll bake some apple hand pies for dessert...
I love when the farmhouse is filled with wonderful scents from the kitchen, don't you?

As the month of September winds down, and with the first full day of Autumn being tomorrow,
I have been sketching ideas & creating for the upcoming Winter shows & events on my schedule...

by far the most exciting event on my schedule each year is the imitable:
 From Our Hands & Hearts Show
November 11 & 12 ~ 2016
The Boston Twp. Hall
1775 Main St. ~ Peninsula, Ohio

Friday Preview 
4pm ~ 7pm
$15.00 per person

Saturday Show
 10am ~ 3pm
$6.00 at the door
($1.00 off with any ad, printed web page or post card!)

From Our Hands & Hearts Show
 I look so forward to seeing my artisan friends there, and greeting friends old & new who come to spend the day shopping with us ~ this is a not-to-miss event and you will never regret going!

I am working on wonderful one of a kind finished goods for this show
~ and am in full throttle creative mode!
this year is my third year as a participating artist with them...
I am so very thankful to Lori Ann & Rebekah for their gracious invitation ~

in other news:
The Winter issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine is out
and includes another of my 'primsical' punch needle designs for you.

I have been blessed to be a part of this fine publication since it's inception...
and if you don't subscribe, you can find it at any bookseller :)
If you are any kind of primitive needleworker, you'll love this issue!

Primitive Quilts & Projects

and here is my design in the current Winter issue ~
{isn't he dapper?}

 I used wonderful Valdani threads for this design 
and finished it off with sweet mini pompom trim from

And ~
Look for another of my punch/wool applique design in the NEW publication:
Wool Works Magazine due out in January 2017...
I am SUPER EXCITED to be a part of this new magazine for lovers of wool!!!

 Also ~
 in between this & that,
~ I'm almost finished designing the next model for the October/November/December 2016
and will send that off to my model stitcher ~ 
member's kits will begin shipping about October 10th.

 so there you have it ~ 
my heart is full and my hands are busy!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

~ Show Photos ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk!

... after a few days of relaxing, 
I finally have some photos for you of the show on Saturday ~

The weather was good, hot & dry and a little overcast but still good!

~ Welcome ~ 

 Friends started to line up at the gate 
while Pinocchio & Daisy enjoyed their breakfasts ~



friends from near & far graced our humble little farm

Our dealers booths were beautiful {as usual} this year...
so festive & fun!

Millstone Mercantile ~

Olde Rectory Antiques


Bittersweet Folk Art

Miss Nellie's Primitives

Teresa's Primitive Treasures

Prim Lizzie

A Wing & a Prayer

Olde Threads

Death by Thread

Fat Cat Soap Works

Almost Home {SPCA}
Buck Hill Farm

and the shopping begins!!!
{save some for meeee}

 Here is my hubby doing what he loves best...
working with wood and demonstrating his foot-powered tree lathe!

a few snaps of the shop before we opened...
pattern/model room
wool wool wool

happy shoppers!

Peter & I would like to thank all of our wonderful dealers
 for being the best part of another great show ~ we love you all!
To all of the shoppers who came and spent the day with us, for putting up with donkey-braying and the long lines in my sweat-box shop...
Thank you so very much for your friendship & support!

 our heartfelt thanks to our friend Robin Muddiman for helping out in our shop with customers...
much xoxoxoxox to you girlfriend!

and to Hannah & Tevin who helped hold down the fort 
while Dad & I ran around like crazy-people...
{what else is new?} ~ 
.... our love to you both!

Plans are already underway for our 2017 show!
~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

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