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Sunday, March 6, 2016

~ Sunny Sunday Musings ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
can you smell that?
no, not the coffee brewing downstairs…
it's something else. something on the light breeze.
a familiar scent ~ could it be?
oh yes ~ it is coming!!

Sunday March 20th will ring in the Springtime ~ and this year I cannot wait.
not sure why the rush with me though, as I tend to favor the cooler months, not the heat.
Oh well I will embrace it!

As most of you are, I too am showing signs of Spring in my needlework;
in this case, more of my rug hooking ;)

here are a few Hook & Scissor Pockets I'm finishing up for the
Virginia Rug Fest on April 9th ~
{{click HERE for more info}}

these are just small little hooked pockets that I like to make ~ 
each one is lined & backed with cotton fabric in coordinating/contrasting colors.
the longer straps go across your front so the pocket kind of sits near your hip!
Hooking Holsters! 

I like this one especially, below…
I'm calling it
"the BEET goes on bag"
although it looks more like a turnip?

they aren't big, 
just a good size for your hook, scissors, punch needle, iPhone…
credit card & lipstick.

{what? those aren't your basic necessities?}

I need to finish lining them,
I'm hoping to hook a few more for the Rug Fest.
They're FUN!

Speaking of FUN ~
Yesterday was another wonderful day spent with Friends in the Shop ~
Pat, Robin & Joan visited & worked on their projects.
Pat, Robin & I hooked, Joan punched.
We laughed, talked, laughed, ate, hooked, punched, laughed & ate some more.

Robin brought along fresh veggies & cookies to snack on 
and she also gifted me with this beautiful purple Pansy.

{you really should come on out on a Saturday & hang out with us & hook, 
~ or whatever you're working on…we do have a lot of fun.}

my Daffodils are up now about 10-12" and starting to show buds…
our entire back woods will be filled with them soon!

Roxy is feeling the Spring in the air too it seems ~
she is super-hyper and can't help but chase the deer in the woods & fields.
She isn't aggressive towards then, & I tend to think they humor her now.
They don't even run from her anymore, they just stand there then saunter-away…it's funny to watch :)

here she is with her 'baby' ~ a pig toy that snorts instead of squeaks.
it is disgusting & she lugs it around with her constantly…

This morning, after I hung the laundry on the line 
~ I noticed how green our grass is already!
soon Peter will be revving up the lawn tractor for me 
and I will once again resume one of my favorite outdoor activities…
yes, I enjoy cutting the grass :)

 Here's my Farmer collecting fresh eggs before breakfast ~
Hi Pete!

Having friends over for dinner tonight ~
making sausage & meatballs with pasta…
oh & brownies. can't forget the brownies!

Hoping your day is filled with Spring-things 
& those who love you most!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


gracie said...

Your creations are all so wonderful Hi Pete!

Anonymous said...

You're livin' the life, girl, yes, you are!! Happy Sun---Day!

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Lori. It sounds like you had a perfect day. Thank you for the pictures...I'm waiting for Spring, too! I don't hook, but I could definitely see a little punchneedle purse. Hmmmm, ideas, ideas!! Have a beautiful day!

Susie Hoover said...

What a great "Springy" post! Love your pup and love the sound of collecting fresh eggs!

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