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Monday, March 7, 2016

March Madness!

~ Howdy Friends & Folk ~
hoping this posting finds you enjoying the day!

I know a lot of you are suffering from the flu that is going around…
it hasn't hit here so we are staying close to the farm to keep it that way!

Yesterday I told you about Roxy being nutty…
here is more proof:

isn't she cute.

"everyone" else here is feeling their Springtime oats too…
the new grass shoots are being nibbled by Bobby & Esther 
~ even before the blades of grass are out of the dirt!

{i just love the view out my sewing room window}

… my view in here isn't so bad either ;)
below you can see a new rug I'm working on,…
think I'll call it
 'Big Bird'

mostly hand-torn 3/4 - 1/2 inch strips
but I will add in a few cut 1/4" strips from my cutter.

I am loving working with the wider sized strips ~
 boy do they hook up quick!

think I'll add some Ribbon to this rug too…

OH! wait until I show you the new Sari Ribbon that we'll be taking with us to the 

What size strips do you prefer to hook with?
do you like to mix them up like I do??
Do you ever hook with anything other than wool? like Sari Ribbon, Cotton Fabric, Velvets, etc/?
inquiring minds….. 

Have a wonderful Monday my friends ~ 
let's make it a great start 
to an even better week ahead!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Jacqueline said...

I prefer #8. I hook with wool, fleece, yarn and am now trying some lycra... not sure how the lycra will do with steaming but I can always unhook..

Robin in Virginia said...

I don't hook! What is Sari Ribbon?

Anonymous said...

Roxy looks so soft…I love the expression as she holds her beloved squeaker…it's like, "This is mine…back off…" lol! And your [Sewing] Room With a View is enviable! Never have heard of hand torn rug strips. I rather like that idea! Have a beautiful day, and stay well!

NMK said...

When you hook with calico fabric , how wide are your strips ? Do you tear those too and do you fold the fabric so the right shows , kind of like bias tape ?
Is it hard to pull up your loops when the wool strips are 1/2 " wide ?

elaine allerton said...

Lori,,,, love your new mat,,,, sweet birdie,,,, I love the look of the wide strips,,,,
I usually use #6 and #8 cut,,, but do use sweaters,,,, so soft,,,, and sari ribbon ,,, love that,,, nylons, cottons,, wools,, love all the texture you get with the variety, ,, also love using yarns,,,
Looking firward to seejng ur bird done,,,,

Daniela said...

When you live in the countryside, so many things tell you that Spring is going to come ... and also all pets of ours do feel it !
What lovely works you're preparing, my friend, have a wonderful remainder of your week, filled with love and fulfillment,
sending dear hugs to you

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