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Sunday, March 13, 2016

~ Spring Ahead!!! ~

We interrupt this post for the following announcement:
 My AOL account is DOWN! 
I cannot read ANY mail and have not been able to for 2 days ~ IF you are trying to contact me for anything, and I have not responded to your email, well, thank AOL for that! 
If you NEED me, please message me on Facebook. HOPEFULLY AOL will resolve this issue soon!


On to our regularly scheduled posting;

Oh what a beautiful morning…
slightly overcast ~ but warm temps still.
I woke up looking strangely at the clock next to our bed….
yep, I forgot that I changed the clocks last night and could not figure out why it was so late!
 oh well, it is Sunday after all ~ a day of peace & rest….

I took my camera for a short walk to the Farm Shop
~ to snap some  pics of our forsythia bush just beginning to bloom:

we found the beat-up metal peddle-car in our woods long ago…I don't have the heart to throw it away...
the silly stick-man was gifted to us by Mr. & Mrs. Millstone Mercantile
{a.k.a. Lee & Robin Harrison}

 ah, here she is…
just starting to open her petals.
I have always loved forsythia's for their pale yellow flowers
 and how they cheer up the Winter-worn landscape.

in the Winter, their branches make for perfect place for our bird friends to build cozy nests.
Spring is surely on it's way!!

a time of change & renewal
to recharge & refocus!!

I also wanted to share something with you ~ 
it's been a few weeks in the making and is now 99.9999% finished:

Peter has redone the 'pattern room' in the shop again for us!

ta da!

If you remember, a few years ago 
he built beautiful wooden racks that held the patterns for us ~
they were located on either side of the far window below:
well we outgrew them quickly!
 so plans were made to take them down and build shelves that would hold alphabetized bins where my patterns could now be easily located by name…

bright & cheerful and HAPPY!

Peter & Chris painted the pegboard walls for me to brighten them up…
Miss Natalie helped me rehang the models on the pegboard, 
~ and she also put all of the patterns in the bins for us.

now we have more room in there for us around the worktable, 
where on Saturdays' we gather to play
...and also use this space for classes ~

come on in!

I can't believe how many models I have! 
Peter told me to stop making so many…yeah, that's gonna happen {not} !!!
I said now that I have such a beautiful creative space, it makes me want to do more!

Hook, Stitch, Needlepunch…

~ A place for everything & everything in it's place ~
 and so much brighter to work in there now too…

Here is the view from the pattern room into the bigger room of the shop, below…
wool, finished pin keeps, candles…patterns from other designers, threads & fabric too!

Yesterday was a busy one!
Joan, Pat & Patti came out to play…
Joan was working on wool appliqué, Patti was hooking on her rug, and Pat was cross stitching…
I was trying to hook but only pulled three loops I think ~ ha!

Tammy came out for a lesson on beginning needle punch ~ 
and WOW she took to it like a baby duck takes to water!
{so proud of you girlfriend!}

and also we were visited by our friends Mary & her hubby Art…
they brought me this BEAUTIFUL old glass countertop display cabinet below:

I cannot wait to decorate this sweet cabinet for each & every holiday!
Thank You Mary & Art!!! xoxox

We also moved our bolt fabrics to the front of our counter,
where you can now choose & have your yardage cut from :)
I love how the shop is taking on the look of an old General Store now….

we will be getting more bolt fabrics in April!!!! woohoo!!

 So come on out & see the 'new' old look of our beloved Farm Shop!

 ~ and most importantly ~
 I am blessed to be married to a man who shares my passions ~
and enjoys creating as much as I do!

{I Love You Peter}

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Lori. So incredibly welcoming! You are only 3000 miles away...day trip? Probably not...Sigh. But, the Farm Shop is so beautiful. Sigh again...

denise said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Lori. Just….WOW. Everything looks terrific, inside and out!

Jane said...

It looks beautiful!!! You and Peter are a great team!

Karleen said...

Wish I lived closer. Your shop looks so inviting.

NMK said...

Oh , I am drooling !!! Wish I didn't live soooo far way , your shop just looks Wonderful & so inspiring to sit & enjoy all the pretty things & work on a special project ! You & your Hubby make the Perfect Team !

Jacqueline said...

So warm and inviting looking. You and Peter do great work together.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Love each nook and cranny!!

Mary Disanto said...

Thank you so much Lori for your kind words...Art and I had a wonderful visit and it just makes me so happy to see the cabinet in it's perfect home!!!

Marilyn Schirmer said...

Ah! Thank you for bringing us into your lovely space! I love my space, the place I created out of love and care. So nice to see your wonderful place of creativity.

Marilyn Schirmer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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