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Monday, December 7, 2015

Just Breathe ~

finally getting to wind-down a bit now…
between last month's show in Ohio, 
to this past weekend's open house & yesterday's web-show ~
I am in need of some down time to refresh & renew.

finally have some time now, 
between online orders to pick up my hook again and pull some wool loops.

I know I should be working on my Out of Hand Rug Hookers Challenge Rug,
... but I want to finish this before Christmas:

a Flower Basket Stair Riser rug from Woolen Willow

I'm loving the colors in this, and since it was a kit it's a no-brainer…
just sit & hook.
I love that :)

I'm almost finished, just some more of the background and will be done.
then onto my stairs it will go ~

I want to hook a riser for each step…

after this one, I'll have 10 more to hook...
as I already have this one ~
Robins hooked by Rhonda Thomas 

Speaking of hooking, Peter is making hooks!
yep! my hubby is now turning wooden handles from our Poplar trees…

here's mine:

it's so light! 
Poplar wood is a very strong, yet lightweight wood…
we make everything from it and it grows prolifically well here on our farm :)

this tip is carbon-steel, so it's magnetic.
{good to use a magnet on my work in progress for my scissors & hook}

he kept the handle design very simple, based on an antique hook in my collection.
just a couple of lines is all that is needed to add primitive charm ~

my handle is oiled & waxed, and that brings out the grain of the wood beautifully.
I'm thinking about painted handles!
black, red, green, blue, white….and aged like our other wood products.
{{sealed & waxed too to protect the finish and feel good in your hand}}

I'll share my finish of the hooked riser soon, 
and once I get a couple of hook handles painted I'll show them here too….

our thanks for your purchases yesterday on our picture trail website my friends!!!!
shipping begins today!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Anonymous said...

Hooked stair risers. Wow. What a fantastic idea! Enjoy breathing, Lori. :)

Dirt Road Primitives said...

Oh I love the hooks, chippy farmhouse, or red and green, sound awesome....can't wait to see......will you be taking orders?


Ronda said...

Wonderful news Lori, you two are awesome!Love the stair riser hookings, wish I had stairs!

marie said...

Will the hooks be for sale on your etsy site soon?

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Glad you are getting some relaxing time because you and Peter work harder than any other two people I know. The hook looks great and can't wait to see the painted hooks. Hooked stair risers....oh my just another reason to love hooking. May I ask how you attached the first one to the riser?

denise said...

hope you sell the hooks! love the stair riser and my thread winders i received on Friday!

Jeri Landers said...

I love the idea of the stair risers, what a great thing to do! I never wanted to put rugs on my stairway as I just know I'd snag my heel on them and go tumbling down the stairs. But this is a wonderful way to spruce up a bland stairway, AND not ruin the rug with constant foot traffic.

Gayle said...

I hooked rugs for my risers about 10 years ago and they're still so much fun to look at! I can't wait to watch as you hook each one and add them to the stairs! Your hook looks so nice - I like the idea of painting the handles!

Jackie said...

Love the colors and pattern of your stair riser. I like the ease of using kits.

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