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Monday, December 21, 2015

First Day of Winter ~

Happy Yule!
 Happy Winter Solstice my sweet Friends ~

here are a few of my very favorite 'winter'-themed artworks I absconded from Pinterest ~
each one different, but each one holds my heart...

i could live here forever ~

who would not want to be invited to join this gathering of friends?

~ princely owl ~

bobcat & gnome-smiles

i think I heard this band of merry-makers in our deep woods last night ~

today is the shortest day of the year ~ 
a great day for new projects or beginnings!

Here are a few snaps of us in the farm shop on Saturday ~

l-r:  Joan, Louisea {my sis}. Robin & Patti 

oh, NOW I have your attention…lol!

except for Patti who was using an Oxford punch with wool strips for the first time...

Patti you are a peach ~
 and we love when you come for your visits!

"lefty" at work….watch out!

Robin offering encouraging words ~

 great job my friend!!
keep at it :)

here is that little hooked mat that I was working on {below}
… all finished and attached to the blue stool ~

December 21st 2015 and my herbs are STILL growing on our patio!

I hooked with all hand-cut wool strips, ranging from 1/2" to 3/4" 
{and maybe even a little fatter than that}

I used little black carpet tacks and my trusty ball pin hammer to nail it on with…
one tack in each corner and one in the middle of each side ~
doing things to old-fashioned way :)

{{ please excuse the cat hair }}

I love the colors of the wools against the blue/green paint of the stool.

I wonder who used this stool ~
a small child to reach cookies on the kitchen counter?
a farmer's wife used to milk her goats?
or was it used to prop up tired feet after a long days' work in the fields….

…. each nick of wood and chip of paint tells a story if we just listen.

This little gem and more finished items will accompany me to the
Winter in the Valley Show 
on February 6th {snow date Feb 20th}
in Fishersville VA

mark your calendars!


Today I will be charting & begin stitching the 1st of our 2016 
Little Stitches Handwork Club projects ~

Kits will begin shipping to club-members in mid-January 
~ if you are not a member of the LSHC or need to renew your membership,
 please click HERE

Have a beautiful & creative first day of Winter !!!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the art works that touch your heart! I especially love all the animal ones. Your footstool turned out BEAUTIFULLY (and thank you for telling us how you attached the rug). :) Merry Solstice, Lori! I will be spinning tonight to usher in the December Solstice...

Glenda said...

I love to look at all my wonderful antiques and wonder what stories they could tell. When I get a new scratch on my beautiful farm table I wonder if the original owner cringed like I do or did she take it in stride.

Jane said...

I don't know if I've told you this before....Every June 21st I pick branches from our magnificent oak tree. On the following Winter and Summer Solstice, I burn those leaves to bless our house. Then, the ashes go into my garden. I love to acknowledge Mother Nature at the turning of the year.

KAREN said...

Love love love the pictures

here is a link about the winter solstice-it is actually tomorrow this year


Louise Dückhow said...

Love your pictures and the blue stool,which remember when at a country auktion many years ago I found a stool used for milking cows
and and a big rusty can sold together for almost no money at all and the auctioneer asked if I really wanted that "trash".Of course -The stool is just the right level to sit on when remove weed and the can keep some flannel.
Do you use your linen as it is,little stiff or is it easier after a wash?
Louise D

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Beautiful post and great pictures

summersundays-jw said...

I love the wonderful pictures from Pinterest & your stool. I also love your snow. I've tried everything to get snow on my blog & nothing works. Can you share how you did it? Jan

Mary A said...

Blessings, Lori! What cat hair?? You mean texture enhancer?? At least that's what I call it at my house! Love your style and the little stool is cute! When is your next book coming out??

Eric Allerton said...

Hi lori,,,, loving ur blog,,,,, I just started,,,, beautiful pics,,,, and what a lovely cozy spot for the group,,, your stool cover is adorable!! Just love it,,,,, after seeing ur stair risers, I am keen to start 14 for my stairs,,,,,
Merry Christmas to you and ur family,,,,, elaine allerton

Jackie said...

Love the pictures! I see that Iggy allowed you to finish your little hooked rug! It turned out beautifully. Have a wonderful day....

Hunny Crafts Primitives said...

Hi Lori,
I love your artworks thank you for sharing, I too would love to join that little gathering in the woods ;o).
Your little stool rug is a-dor-a-ble and I look forward to seeing each riser as it is completed ;o).
I love your blog and visit nearly every day, keep up the good work.
Merry Yuletide Greetings to you, Peter and your family both human, furry and feathered.

Julie x

Heidi Sutton said...

What charming, inspiring pictures. The animals dancing in the woods with trees aglow reminds me of childhood books. The farm looks quite busy with crafts, what a joyous time it must be to be surrounded by loved ones and creating such beautiful pieces. Lovely job on the stool; I picture it being a child's aid in the kitchen with mom.

Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine

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