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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Bakset Case ~ *UPDATED*

Hello Friends & Folk!
Yes, I've changed out my header & look to my blog yet once again ~
one thing for sure, you can always rely on me for being constant:
about changing things! ha!

We are eagerly awaiting the news from the American Made Contest, to see who the winner is ~
news that will hopefully come tomorrow sometime.
am I nervous about it?

So in the meantime,
I am trying to keep my brain/hands busy {when are they not?} with things ~
like kitting up the current LSHC kits as mentioned in my previous posting, 
 ~ getting things prepared for our little rug hooking class here on Saturday ~
and in-between time, working on finished items for shows & open houses :)

lots of things in my basket, huh?

AND Speaking of baskets….
{what a corny segue…lol!}

Here is my basket that I use for all of my punch needle supplies ~
some of you have seen me toting this around to classes & shows, and you might have noticed 
that it was a natural-color with a green rim before, 
I had to paint it.
~ and I'm happy I did. now it looks older & more primitive to me :)

I lined the upper & lower compartments with wool fabric,
 so my supplies don't have a chance to sneak out between the woven spaces…
oh, and I tied some old blue calico to the handle with some brown ribbon to make my grip more comfy.
{and it looks sweet!}

since I punch So much, my poor fingers are all crooked from arthritis ~
that means I need to change out my punch needles often to give my hands a rest.
{you rug hookers out there know what I mean,
 we also change out our hooks to keep our hands from getting too tired}

I punch with my Cameo Ultra Punch Needle with Medium tip 98% of the time.
but, when I need a break I use this:

a tiny little punch needle! 
it is only about 4-1/2" long, and the diameter of the handle is MUCH smaller too,
... that helps with my fingers immensely.

This little wonder is NOT ADJUSTABLE ~ which means that your loop height will never change.
it makes the almost-same loop height as my Cameo if I have it on the #1, or lowest setting!!
It DOES however, accommodate all 6 strands of DMC floss, 
and/or the #8 Valdani Pearl Cotton that I love to work with ~ YAY!!!

and LOOK! the tip fits down into the hole of my Thread Ball Jars! 
perfecto :)

the purple rubber-ish grip on the handle is comfy as well…
and it has a little "divot" in it which corresponds to where the bevel of your needle-tip is :)
a very well thought out little tool, don't you think?

These Punch Needles will be available in my ETSY shop soon, 
as well as in our Farm Shop here at Notforgotten Farm
~ happy happy happy~

can you see the 'divot'? ~ just to the left of my farmwife thumb...

So, getting back to my basket ~
everything I need is in there…
wanna see?

here are the contents of the top compartment ~ photo below:
pens, pencils…Cameo needle {with a piece of rubber tied 'round it for a more comfy grip}, 
wooden spool winder, rusty pins, sewing thread & needle, thread ball jar, small notebook 
and another small sweet-grass basket that holds my beeswax, tape measure and a little 'mad money'

and here are the contents of the lower compartment ~ photo below:
WIPS {works in progress}, weavers cloth, extra threaders & punch needle, scissors…
and a beautiful box that holds my Valdani #8 pearl cottons in my palettes!

The blue calico-covered box was made by Linda Evans from Remember When Farm ~
I have a couple dozen in different sizes from her, but all of them are my favorite blue.
this one fits nicely in my basket and I am THRILLED about that!!

Having an organized {somewhat} basket of goods to work from keeps me {somewhat} sane…
and that in part will help me create a little better in the end ~

here are a couple of my WIP's waiting to be finished…

I'll share the actual finished projects soon too ~

Have a beauty-full day my friends,
use your hands & heart to create something wonderful!!!

my basket was purchased a couple of moons ago, at a shop in CT that was closing ~
 I was lucky to score it!! I will do my best to try & find a source for them for you all too!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


Anonymous said...

A feast for a creator's eyes! I adore that little double-decker of yours…and I think the red entices you to punch needle…

Yes, tomorrow's the day…all digits crossed!

Happy creating, Lori!

Prims and Needles said...

Lori, reading your posts is like a present I get open everyday! I especially love your post today. So much fun and information. Can you or will you tell us where you got the basket? I bring my supplies everywhere and I do mean everywhere! I use a basket, but I absolutely love the double decker basket. My stuff tends to get messed up. Thank you for sharing today and everyday! Here's hoping for a win!

OldeThreads said...

The sweetest basket, and a wonderful color, almost seeing some "greens" in there too! Can't wait to see your WIP's finished, they look wonderful........stay calm and carry on! ~Susan~

Silent Stitches said...

Something in the air... seeing bursts of creativity in everyone's blogs this week! Beautiful works in progress,Lori! (Luv that sweet little Iggy face too!) GOOD LUCK tomorrow!~C

Anonymous said...

I adore your two tiered basket with its custom grip! You always write about such fun topics ... We love the inside basket scoop. Sitting on pins and needles in SC

Three Sheep Studio said...

Get a good night of sleep tonight (as you wait for your news tomorrow) and remind yourself to B.R.E.A.T.H. !

Carolyn Boutilier said...

Hi Lori, Hope tomorrow will bring good news. You deserve to win but you are number one in my books. I love the tier basket. You said you painted it red. How did you paint it? spray paint or with a brush?

kstehens100 said...

Praying for your win. Never missed a vote and enjoyed the excitement. Hugs, Kat

susan hemann said...

sweet basket! love your punch needle projects, still haven't figured out how to do it left handed

barb said...

Here's hoping you are the winner. I voted consistently for you. I love the basket and how all your "stuff" is organized and ready to go. I need one. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful update! I love the basket. I change everything too, I always tell my husband he is the luckiest cause he's the only thing I haven't changed. Every time he comes home from out of town the rooms are rearranged. Furniture traded from room to room. Keeps things new and fresh and enjoyed all the more,

Christine McClure said...

Do you use the bees wax on the thread for your needle punch? I have some,if it is helpful I'll start using it. Does it leave a coating you can see? Would it cause dirt to stick to the threads? Please excuse my ignorance 😊

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