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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Productive Weekend & a Busy Week Ahead ~

Oh Monday…..

I have miles yet to go before I am finished creating everything I want to 
for our upcoming show here on the 19th of September ~ 5 days away!!!!

every year, right after the show, 
I say that I will begin working on pieces for the next year's show.
{{yeah, how's that going for me? ha…}}

Oh no, nope, not me.
instead, I cram my head full of ideas all-year-long ~
then I sketch them in my books to 'keep' them there until I'm ready to bring them to life…
then I gather supplies, threads, fabrics, colors 
… thoughts and ideas and try to turn them into something cohesive.

usually a week or two {if I'm lucky} before the show ~ 
I will then put my hands to work:
needle to fabric
brush to canvas
hook to linen

my old treadle-machine whirs & hums and burns the midnight oil every night…
while in my head, as I peddle that old machine, 
I hum the tune that accompanies Elmira Gulch 
while she rides that clackety bicycle over to Dorothy Gale's house to fetch Toto.
{{{ I know you know that tune….}}}

seems I always do my best work under a little bit of nervous-excitement ~
{I prefer to call it that, I don't like the word 'pressure'}

 ~I like deadlines, they keep this free-spirited-girl grounded a bit.

these projects below, need final touches…
~ then I will begin on a few more.
they will all be rag-stuff'd pillows when finished.

Although the week will be a busy one,
I'm looking forward to my sister Louisea & her hubby Tom 
coming down from CT on wednesday ~ 

Then on Friday for the show's set up
we get to see our most-awesome vendor/dealer friends!
Our vendor/dealer friends have been with us since day one, and for that we are most grateful.

Our show may not be the 'biggest' one out there today….quite the opposite.
it is a humble Gathering of Primitive Friends that come together to share what we love.
it is more of a Quality-than-Quantity show, we like to say ~ 

Then, come saturday morning {show day}
we get to say hello & hug those folks 
who take time out of their schedules to come see us & visit for the day…
and that is what truly makes us happy.

 So please remember, 
this event is held on the grounds of our beloved homeplace 
… and we want to bring that comforting, homey-feeling to our guests that come to the show.


Hoping your Monday is a beautiful one my friends,
full of wondrous things!!!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


denise said...

sounds like fun .wish i was going.

Fran Caswell said...

I so wish I could make the trip. I would love to see all of the goodness that will be there.

Silent Stitches said...

Wow! I'd say that's a huge accomplishment!! Everything looks so beautiful! (I'll have that OZ song stuck in my head all day now! Thanks ;-) LOL! Have a wonderful day! ~C

Karen Budnick said...

You're so funny...I get the Miss Gulch song going in my head when I'm pressed for time cleaning and cooking before company comes! She scared me more than the flying monkeys. Good luck with your show - wish I lived closer.

NMK said...

I wish Mzz Gulch could wisk me away to visit your wonderful show !!! Love how you have hooked, punched & stitched all on one piece so pretty ! Have a great weekend !

Donna Rae Barrow said...

This weekend will be a treat for us... see you soon!

Jane said...

I've got my stitches together!! The weather looks great! So excited to be part of the Gathering!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

And every year my hubby and I say we are going to start a special savings spot so we attend "next year" - and how did we do on that!!! Not this year. Today I will find that special jar, decorate it and make that first deposit! Oh yes I will. We are there in spirit and will treasure all the photos to come.

Jeannine520 said...

I sure do know that tune. My mom has a cousin who looks and acts just like her AND rides a bicycle. Whenever she'd pull up to my grandma's house my brother and I would start humming the tune. ;-)

Sharon Laufer said...

Wish I lived closer. Just love all your Prim Halloween items.

Heather Hall said...

LOL this is what has been going through my head constantly...


but I love your tune as well!

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