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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning Musings ~

Good Morning
~ Friends & Folk! ~

I had such nice responses & comments to my posting yesterday 
 ~ regarding wool appliqué & Rebekah's new book!

I'm so happy everyone feels the same as I do
... in loving working with wool, needle & thread :)

This time of year, with shows just around the corner,
my sewing room 
{read: living room, dining room…oh heck the whole farmhouse}
… is a wreck.

my usual 'helper' has been by my side
and under my feet as a cat with a mission usually is.

Iggy loves wool & threads just as much as I do.
he waits patiently {or so} for a scrap of wool or a snippet of thread to hit the floor,
then he tears around the room with it like a maniac
until he tires and comes right back to his spot under the old sewing table.

gotta love ya Ig. 
and yes, you are a handsome nutcase.

Last night was the Super Sturgeon Moon ~
Peter & I headed outside to see her rise…she was beautiful as always.

here she is shining through our black walnut trees over the barn:

just a beautiful sight.

our humble farmhouse at night ~ 

when the moon came out, so did my toads ~
in case you didn't know,
I love toads.
garden toads.
red ones, green ones.
fat toads & tiny toads too ~ tree frogs and bullfrogs are nice too.
but I am smitten with the garden toads that live here with us!

here's a tiny little brown-spotted fellow….

tiny little toad-hiney in the palm of my hand.

… and a plump copper-y eyed toad friend, below.

they come to the patio where the porch lights are 
and wait for the moths & beetles to come in for a landing…then: Sluuuurp!
~ another bug bites the dust.

" Ma'am? can you put me down now?…"

in between moon-watching & toad-catching 
I am working on a few projects for my September 1st's offerings on
I'm so happy to join back with my friend 
Tina {The Burlap Owl} at her wonderful primitive co-op website!!

I hope you can join me 
and all of the wonderfully-talented Artisans on the 1st & 15th of each month…

and here is a preview of my work in progress:

a combination of cross stitch & wool appliqué of course ;)

the pumpkin at the very top 
will receive more embellishment with my Valdani threads ~

Today will be a quiet, but productive one…
I'll make yet another huge pot of garden tomato sauce {no seeds for me!}
~ then sweep & dust this old farmhouse a little.

… only then can I settle in to my stitching chair 
for a little stitching, punching, hooking & sewing to my hearts' content...

Hoping you all have a peaceful & productive Sunday my friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Jane said...

I've got the applique' bug, too! I think I'm going to make that lovely Have a Heart piece in Rebecca's book. I woke up thinking about it!!
We watched the moon, too! We're so blessed to be in our beautiful places.

linda said...

You and Nan have the wool and cross stitch combo down! Really enjoy it. Loved seeing the toads; I miss them where I live.

Lillian Carol said...

The moonlight was quite spectacular filtering through the trees onto my deck......perfect weather and temps last night to enjoy the sky! Can't wait to see the reveal on your current project.....wool and stitching create such beautiful treasures!

denise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I swear, Lori…we are twins (of course, you being the more talented twin, lol!)…maybe Sisters of the Broom? :) I could not watch the moon rise last night as DH and I attended a theatre function…but! Thank you for the posts from your Farm…She was a Lovely Lady A-Risin', for sure. I like the combination of cross stitch and appliqué! Great idea! Have a peaceful Sunday and contemplate the goodness, as you always do.

The Burlap Owl said...

Hey Lori,
I am so happy to have you back on Early Work Mercantile. :0)
I can't wait to see all the wonderful creations that you will conjure
up each month!

Take care girlfriend,

denise said...

Tropical Storm Ericka keep me from moon watching but I did stitch. :-)

Emily Veys said...

I too love toads - you should feature some in your work. That precious pumpkin is delightful - we are ready for fall here! NE has had a cool wet August, very autumnal already!

Susie Hoover said...

I love this idea of cross stitch on wool! Thank you!!!!

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