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Saturday, August 29, 2015

HER Work ~

that's right…
HER work.
at the moment ~ 
… MY work is being inspired by HER work.

who is she 
that has taken hold of every needle woman's heart these days
& has refueled a love of deep rich color and traditional motifs in all of us?

who is this woman 
that has such passion for her work that it oozes from her hands 
...and into the wools & threads she works with?

I'm sure you have guessed by now…
and if you haven't heard of her before, 
...well ~ you must have your head in your wool.

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Rebekah at the 
this past November.

I got to see firsthand not only the amount of work this little powerhouse -of-a-woman puts out,
but the high quality, folk-infused style she has become so recognized for.

Rebekah has been my creative muse lately…
how can I help it?

So I read {devoured} every word and ingested every photo in her book:

being a needlewoman, folk artist & designer myself ~
I just cannot fend off the wonderful sense of cozy-ness this book makes you feel.
and why would I want to?

Last night, I wanted to create something
so I dove into my wools, 
came up for air a few times and chose the ones you see in the photos.

and I wanted to create my own design, 
using the valuable lessons gleaned from Rebekah's book.

my stitches aren't perfect, and that's always been ok with me ~ 
I'm just happy to be finally able to make a half-way decent blanket stitch!
my motifs are a little wonky but the freezer-paper method helps with that immensely, too.

{and yes….there is ALWAYS cat-hair in my photos ~ no matter how hard I try to find them all.}

The design I chose to create is from my 
Handshake Logo 
that you see up there on the top of my blog's sidebar.

~ Hands have always been a favorite motif for me,
and how befitting I thought, for needlework such as this ~

I need to play some more,
now letting my own personal creative muse guide me through the rest of this project.
I want to add to it, make it larger, put in more pretty stitches…..
no plans, just following my heart.

Many Thanks, Dear Rebekah ~
for sharing your gift with everyone.

We are OPEN today here at the farm shop ~
11:00 ~ 3:00
come on in for a visit, sit for a spell.
bring something to work on & create with me
you know what I'll be working on :)

Have a beautifully creative day my sweet Friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


denise said...

i recently purchased the book and love it!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Martin said...

My daughter informed me last night that she would ride with me to Ohio in November so that I can attend the From Our Hands and Heart show. I am so excited to get a chance to meet my very favorite designers.

marly said...

Great piece Miss Lori.

Anonymous said...

Now I am wanting to return to appliqué work…I will look for Rebekah's book. We all need fresh inspiration from time to time. What is it that is said? There is really nothing new under the sun? We just pull from something and make it our own, a "re-creation," so to speak. Thanks, Lori, for sharing your inspirations. Enjoy the beautiful day…and don't forget! Tonight is the Super Moon, the Sturgeon Moon! May its light brighten your night!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

A lovely post Lori . . . I so wish I lived nearer . . to sit and stitch and yak :-)

May all your stitches be happy,

Jim Waldecki said...

Lori, I was fortunate to have purchased that day a beautiful piece of Rebekah's art! Jill cherishes the workwomanship!! It has also propelled Jill to advance her creativity. I am blessed to have you both in my life!!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Love, love, love the design!!! Rebekah's work is beautiful....as is yours! You are both "awe_inspiring"! What would we do without the internet???? I'd probably have a lot more money...LOL!!

Gayle said...

Beautiful design - I think Rebekah has a huge fan base that has only gotten larger with the release of her book - you channeled her perfectly with this piece.

NMK said...

Her work is so pretty , all the little different stitches add so much, her attention to tiny details.....so pretty. Your design looks just as pretty too ! I tried making a case for my new phone , mine looks so simple & plain , but I will try again ! You are both such talented woman with such a keen eye for design & colors. So inspiring ! Thank you !!!

karen said...

Absolutely love this! Just ordered her book. You and Rebekah have inspired me.

Nichole Franklin said...

Love it Lori.. And your new little design and mat are gorgeous... You always inspire me.. And now- I may just have to look at that book again too...


Rebekah Smith said...

Lori, You are so sweet! My husband enjoyed your description of me. We are so glad you are joining us again in Nov for From Our Hands. Be sure to bring you stitched hands. I love this piece and want to see it in person!Thank you so much for all of your support!

kelseyanilee said...

You are such a wonderful writer, Lori! It is so fun to hear how other people see my very talented mother! :) Happy stitching!

Three Sheep Studio said...

HER work and YOUR work are simply lovely and full of inspiration !

Emily Veys said...

I just love what your created! How lovely that would look as a table mat and how welcoming to the folks who come to join you at table!

barb said...

I have her new book and just love it. So nice of you to tell us how she has inspired you as you have inspired the rest of us also. There is another artist who inspires me to add to the group and that is Rose from Three Sheep Studio. I love her work also. Keep up the good work ladies.

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