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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wonderful gifts, a Swap & a new Patio!!

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

seems like my postings are taking a back-seat lately ~
I do apologize ~ LOTS going on here!

I wanted to share with you the outpouring of love we've received lately, 
...regarding the loss of our Lazy.

Friends from far-and-near have sent letters, cards, emails & have even delivered plants in memory of our sweet old-man dog….

I won't mention names ~ but you all know who you are.
we are so happy to know that so many loved our Lazy as much as we do ~
...truly fills our hearts.

sympathy cards & letters ~

even a beautifully stitched and framed sampler
~ in remembrance of Buddy & Lazy!

~ Hugs to all of you for your caring ~

Rhonda over at 
has been the host of a fun little Farmhouse/Garden-themed swap…

and just LOOK at what I received yesterday!
a most-beautiful, robins egg blue, painted box with a beautiful vintage-looking cross stitch on top!
be still my heart ~

along with the beautiful box came a handful of threads ~
a pair of women's gardening gloves, homemade fire starters AND some my of swap-partners
seeds for cantaloupe, bittersweet, sunflowers, peppers & even watermelon!!

I guess she knows me well, huh?

this box will be put to use holding my punch needle ~ as it is just thee perfect size ~
and I adore the tiny pompom trim around the edge of the wonderful stitching :)

My thanks to Rhonda for hosting the swap, and to my swap partner, LaDawn…

Now I have to get my rear-in-gear & get my swap partner's goodies out to them!


AND as busy as I have been inside the farmhouse working on my new Summer designs,
Peter has been outside working on this:

...a new patio!
we have 'married' our existing concrete patio with new brick pavers to make it a larger space ~

Peter also enlarged the fenced in area in the front of the farmhouse 
to make room for new kitchen/vegetable garden beds :)
{so LaDawn your seeds will be planted in here! yay!}

of course it's been raining, so there is red-mud everywhere…
and that red mud is the reason for the red brick pavers….

so we WILL be painting our concrete porch to match, 
...to help hide the muddy paw-prints of Roxy
{and Peter}

here is my farmer, dressed in his gardening finery ~
 a straw hat & 'super dad' t-shirt!

always working
…. never idle….

we even put in a fountain!
I have wanted a fountain of some-sort forever,
for the sound of running water soothes me so ~ 
of course for my little bird-friends…

this one is huge, and has three tiers of different sized rain-barrels 
with the water coming from a small hand-pump at the top.

Roxy thinks it is her personal drinking fountain though. 


our Hannah is home with us for a few days ~
when she comes home she always brings her shadow with her…

this shadow's name is Willie Nelson and is a purebred Italian Greyhound.
I have seen just how much this little dog loves my baby ~
and this just makes my heart happy!!

Hi Willie!
~ we love you ~
we couldn't ask for a sweeter grand-dog :)

Hoping you all have a beautiful day filled with wonderful things ~

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


primdollie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the lose of your sweet fur baby Lazy. I truly understand how hard that is, as we lost our sweet Bach this past summer and now only have our little old baby wiener dog Hieke who is 17 1/2! I am truly dreading the day, as I know it will come, I just hope that it will still be a long way off! Sending you both hugs!
I love the beautiful new patio addition and garden as well! I have always wanted a fountain and love the one you added so nice and I'm sure all the birds will enjoy that!! Enjoy you baby and grand fur baby being home too! I am hoping our son comes for a visit soon too he's in NYC and he's always working non stop so it's hard to get back here to OH!! take care and I hope time will heal your hearts! hugs Linda

Debby said...

Your patio is going to be beautiful! I want to do something similar to the patio of the farmhouse we just remodeled. (Where my hubby grew up, but we haven't moved into yet!) So, the pictures are very inspirational!

jean edmonds said...

Love your swap gift! it surely looks very useful.
Your new patio area is going to be so enjoyable, thanks for sharing all the new stuff that's happening there.

Jane said...

I received sweet swap gifts, too, from Martha Doe. One of them was a punch needle pin that's a design of yours! Peter's patio looks great, like everything he does.
Wasn't it great to get rain yesterday!!

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks for sharing your great farm pictures and sweet spirit. Love the patio extension. Peter is such a hard worker...you are truly blessed!

Your Granddog is just adoable and a wonderful companion for Hannah.

Enjoy your fountain and patio,


Rugs and Pugs said...

That sampler in memory of your furbabies is TOO SWEET. What a thoughtful gift.
Your granddog is a sweetie. Loved the crossed paws.
Hugs :)

marly said...

If you ever hear someone wailing from a Hallmark store, just keep walking by. It'll be me reading pet sympathy cards.

lisa said...

WOW! Beautiful swap parcel....I also participated in the swap (because I saw your posting last month...thanks!!) and just received a fabulous package with a handmade angel doll from a gal in Sacramento!! The parcel had a lavender theme and was amazing!! Please post a picture of your parcel before you send it out...I'd love to see!! Thanks again for directing me to the exchange. AND I love your blog...wished I lived closer to come to your shop and events...looks awesome!! Lisa

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