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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Short Post ~ Big News!

Good Sunday Morning Friends & Folk!

another sunny one ~ yay!
 that means laundry on the line & housecleaning too…
a visit to cousin Charlie & then to market for groceries.

a nice pot roast supper and while it is cooking ~
I'll get back to my work 
punching ~ hooking ~ stitching
for the upcoming Virginia Rug Fest.

Here's a sweet little design that I hooked 
...while giving my poor hand a rest from all that punching

"Charlotte" the swine
{she does not appreciate the word pig, altho she says it is fine when used in polite company}

she's a small, quick hook ~ only measuring approx. 8" x 12"

…the pattern will be available soon :)

...and SPEAKING of patterns ~
do you all remember those little booklets that I used to offer?
those little booklets that were chock-full of my doodles and designs
for you to hook, punch or stitch?
{yes, them}

well, here's the BIG news:

theeeey're back!
they are now in larger, 8" x 10" format and spiral-bound…

the larger format allows you to simply trace the design 
….onto your weavers cloth for your punching-pleasure…

and the spiral-binding allows for ease of opening 
….for enlarging for your hooking-pleasure!!!!

here are a few peeks in to the pages of each book ~
{for © copyright purposes, they are partial photos & some-what blurred, but you get an idea}

from the "Wytches Stytches" Booklet

from the "Wytches Stytches" Booklet

from the "Fraktur Folk" Booklet

from the "Fraktur Folk" Booklet

from the "Halloween Tyme" Booklet

from the "Halloween Tyme" Booklet

from the "Wynter Tyme" Booklet

from the "Wynter Tyme" Booklet

from the "Herb Tyme" Booklet

from the "Herb Tyme" Booklet

from the "Spring Tyme" booklet

These were in publication {published by me} from ©2001 ~ 2008
….so they are oldies but goodies.

each booklet contains line drawings for you to hook, punch, stitch or wool appliqué…

...there are 8 different designs in each booklet, except for "Fraktur Folk" where there are more, smaller motifs for you to use to design your own masterpiece ;)

the "Herb Tyme" Booklet also contains some herbal folk lore, recipes & such.
These booklets shown above will be listed in our Etsy shop today :)

I have a few more that I need to format into this larger size, so look for them soon.
they are: "October Folk", "Just Plain Folk", "Christmas Tyme" & "Summertyme Stitcheries"

….I'm so happy to be offering them again ~ I think you'll be well-pleased with them!

Wishing you all a wonderfully creative day my friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 


penelope said...

Thank you..so happy you are doing this!

Kathy Barrick said...

I LOVE these books Lori! It's like getting a glimpse of your sketch books!


susiedele said...

I just love your little piggy, scuse me...I meant, swiney. I think your farm needs one of those. I hear they're smart.

P.J. said...

Some Pig! Awesome release on your doodle books.

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