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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hibernation ~

Where have I been?

~ I have been hibernating ~

saying goodbye to a most wonderful 2014...
while welcoming a brand-spanking, shiny new year 
...that is just bursting at the seams with possibilities!

I have so many concepts in the works ~
new products, new designs, new publications :)
and little-by-little, 
I will be sharing them all with you ~ my most-favorite folks!

but for now, this very moment...
you can find me right here:

enjoying my tea….

my sanctuary

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

next week will begin the first 
~ of many new classes for 2015 here at the farm shop…

January 24th
A Winter Tea ~ at Notforgotten Farm
Create your own Herbal Tea & Wool Applique Teacup Rug class

here is what we'll be working on {I'll be teaching this}
... while our custom herbal teas {Nancy will be teaching us how} are brewing:

folky little wool appliquƩ mat filled with spices ~

 There are only a couple of spaces left for this fun class ~
email me soon if you'd like to be a part of the merry-making and join the class!

getting back to that hibernation-thing….
here's who I watch while I enjoy my tea in my chair ~

Pinocchio & Daisy
~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~

wearing their winter coats

after putting Christmas 2014 away,
I had to bring out my Spring…
yeah ~ I know.
real early.
as a designer,
I have to think way ahead of the actual season we're in….
inspiration, ya know ;)

I left my feather tree-in-a-coffee-pot up
but decided it needed a Spring-y facelift ~

yes, tulips in January.

I also put away the dark red ware & pewter,
and brought out my beloved ironstone again ~
and I am toying with the idea of painting this cupboard white!
{or cream, ecru, chalk, oyster….you get the idea}

bonnet topped cupboard

here's a closer snap of what is on my tree:
birds, bird's nests, blue calico boxes, beeswax sheep…
antique Easter postcards 
{yes I do know that Valentine's day hasn't even arrived yet}
and white velvet strawberries ~

and here's what's beneath the tree
on my early jelly cupboard ~

chalkware rabbit, cement ram w/ vintage wicker cart pulling a vintage paper mache rabbit
 {who looks like his ears were tasted} a small ironstone plate holding beeswax cakes & old pins….

oh I forgot ~
I even stuck in a birdcage & watering can !

love my happy farmhouse~look!

and of course,
I have been working…
stitching, hooking….punching.

here are a few little x's that have popped up on my linen:

and here are even more 
that have appeared on Miss Flea's linen {Felicia's} 
she just finished this model for me ~

I love the colors that I chose for this pattern:
red, green & purples…
I have some wonderful reproduction fabrics that I want to use to finish this,
sharing photos soon ~

Hoping you all have a wonderfully creative day my friends ~

it's a cold one out there!
P L E A S E 
remember to take care of your fur & feather friends outside…
fresh, not frozen water, birdseed in the feeders ~ 
share your wool snippets & thread orts with them to cozy up their nests

...perhaps something special from the butcher for our cat & dog-friends
bring them in if you can,
& if you can't 
please make sure they have warm spots to hibernate,
…just like us.

~ Blessings from the Farm ~


Jan Emerick said...

Lori.. love the colors.. in the sneak peek piece… looking forward to seeing it all!

Gisela Suski said...

I kept checking your blog each day, we all worry about you. I love what you did to your tree for Spring. I love your creativity and appreciate all you do for your bloggers.

Karen said...

I love your little sewing place! I see that Pinnochio and Daisy are wearing their winter outfit and look adorable. When I look at donkeys I just want to hug them. I follow the blog Velvet and Linen and she has two miniature donkeys and I got yours confused with hers. She has two females I believe. And I see you have a male and female, regular size from what I remember. My granddaughter and I took a walk down the street to the farm in our neighborhood and the horses were wearing their winter outfits too, even down here in NC. Your little hutch is so pretty and my fingers want to stitch bunnies!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I can see the cupboard in a softer color but I love the red! My kitty is in by the warm fire and the bird feeders have been filled up twice today. Makes me feel so sad that I can not protect all animals the way ours are. Enjoy your tea and your cozy day stitching away!

Cheryl Duell said...

Love your spring colors in the cold winter temps....and I too am watching the birds flock to the freshly filled feeders. Our five dogs only "brave" the elements when it is necessary and spend the remaining time along with us beside the fire. Stay warm!

Susie Hoover said...

Your sewing space looks so cozy. I'd love to stitch with you on the other side of the window!!!

Thank you for reminding everyone to take care of their critters. I just hate to hear about one of them being neglected to death ... literally.

Looking forward to seeing what you're working on!

dulcy said...

Love the idea of giving the feature tree a little spring treatment. Mine's put away, but maybe I'll bring her out for a new "do".

linda56 said...

hi lori.....your first two pictures made me think....awe!!!!...so comfy and cozy.....and i personally would love to see your cupboard painted a lighter color....but of course you knew i would...lol.....i also really enjoyed your two friends in their winter coats....oh lori....i love visiting your blog....you are always such a breath of fresh air...it never gets stale over here...hugs linda

Carol Bisek said...

Love your spring decorating! And love,your blog.

dulcy said...

Love the idea of giving the feature tree a little spring treatment. Mine's put away, but maybe I'll bring her out for a new "do".

Mary said...

I Love buying tulips in winter, I mix with greens, almost spring but not yet. I do enjoy a nice snow storm! It covers up the garden which looks so messing in winter. Stay warm.

Barb said...

I love the way you have fixed up your home for the next season. I white stoneware is just perfect!I love the birds and rabbits too.

Becky said...

Lovely, just lovely... I need to come see you. I need a lesson and supplies.šŸ˜œ


Faye said...

Love those nice vintagey spring colors.... We will be ready for soothing colors as we sip hot tea.... Wish I could go to the Tea.... Maybe once I retire! Be safe~stay warm~

Burlap Luxe said...

Love my country visit here with you.
Love how seasons inspire so much I side and outside of our homes.

Happy New Year dear!

See you soon


Rhonda smith said...

Good morning!! Hibernation is what I am doing too....it is freezing here in Ohio...I love your spring decorating I have started as well..I love the the lighter colors so my choice would be paint the cupboard a chippy antique cream color or white would look great... I love your stitching area....
Stay warm and happy stitching!

Jennifer M said...

Love it all Lori, I really like the cupboard in red, it looks great to me. I would love it lighter too I'm sure...cuz I just love those kind of beauties:))

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