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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When the phone rings…..

when the phone rings in the middle of the night,
or in this case
very early in the morning,
and you jump out of bed and run to answer it ~
hoping you don't trip over the cat or fall down the stairs, get your nightgown tangled in your ankles,
{or inadvertently answer the television remote because you're not wearing your glasses}
OR when that moment of panic strikes you and you think 'oh no' …
and proceed to clunk yourself on the head {hard} with the receiver while answering said ringing phone
because you have now imagined everyone you have ever known is in some sort of trouble or distress?

….ever have that moment?
I did ~ this morning.
BUT I'm happy to say that it was a GOOD phone call from a far-away friend in South Africa!
Seems as though my Dear, Sweet Miss Cucki needed to renew her LSHC membership with me
..and she wanted to do it personally!
How's THAT for a devoted member & Friend?
I was SO relieved to hear her sweet voice 
...and knew at that point all was right with the world!

{We Love you Miss Cucki ~ Hoping you heal well & fast so you can get back to your stitching!}

when I finally calmed down 
from the shock of running through the house like a blind chicken wearing leotards
and settled back into bed, I had an attack of the giggles….
I was trying not to shake the whole bed at the thought of what I must have looked like
{that is if anyone other than Iggy was watching} 
and he was…from high-ground atop the dresser. Smart Cat.

Of course I couldn't go back to sleep.
too much to think about as my brain began it's normal (?) mind-chatter ~
oh well, time to start the day…I'll nap later ;)


Here is the little project I'll be teaching at the class
~ for the Virginia Guild of Needleworkers on Jan. 15th

"My Threads" pocket ~

front of project

back of project showing brown calico fabric

The members liked the 'Spools' pouch that I made designed for the 
April/May/June Little Stitches Handwork Club {LSHC} project ~
... so I used that as inspiration for their project.

April/May/June 2014 LSHC project

If you are a member of the LSHC and would like to renew for 2015, 
OR if you'd like to become a member ~you can contact me at not4got@aol.com
to read more about our 
Litte Stitches Handwork Club

Hoping you all have a creative & beautiful Wednesday my friends…
{{and if I call you better answer!}}

* Blessed be *


Kim said...

Its terrifying when that happens. You always think the worst. Glad your call was a happy one

cucki said...

Aww it's so funny :)
Me giggling too...early in the morning a phone call from far away african jungle ...he he
Miss cucki is happy to hear your voice and love you..thank you so much for my get well soon wishes..I am slowly getting there..
Big hugs x

Unknown said...

glad it was a good call! I have a question for you--you said you were going to sell little thread bowls for use with the thread used for punching. Are you doing them? Thanks--Karen Nichols
woodennichol@gmail.com Thanks

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Hi Karen! I sell them here in the farm shop only ~ you can find the maker on Facebook under the name 'the clay monkey' :)

ileyssilver said...

Wow! I wasn't as lucky when the sheriffs department called late on a Sunday night last February to tell us my brother had rolled his car and died on his journey to our home to move back. I had him moved in an apartment and ready to enjoy being with family again. I am thankful it turned out well for you. Those phone calls are the worst.
Blessings for a wonderful holiday
Iley from Kansas

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

So very sorry Iley ~ {hugs}

Ana Roat said...

The last 2 times this happened to us we became grandparents!!!

Glad all was well and that you didn't step on the cat or break a toe...

This pocket is lovely as is the spool pouch!

Martha Doe said...

Hi Lori!

I love your story about the phone call...you are gifted in humor as well as art, Loved the story months back about your visit to the eye doctor too!

The little spool pocket is adorable!

Merry Christmas!

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