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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Simply Christmas ~

forcing paperwhites on my kitchen windowsill

kitchen tabletop vignette

mourning dove

keeping room table vignette

one of my older angel paintings and favorite quilts

basket santa by Becky Carney hangs on my blue tulip cupboard door

tall santa by Becky Carney on our mantel

ironstone needlepunch & holly

mercury-glass tree & old children's brooms

little white log cabin 'smoker' and tiny glitter-bird w/ abandoned nest

our snug farmhouse

keeping room where Peaches & Barbara live

shoe-shine box with my collection of children's leather shoes

ironstone & pinecones

...as you can tell,
I'm paring down a bit with my Christmas decorating…
just tucking in greens amongst my treasures & collections, and keeping it lighter this year

the 'big' tree will go up when Hannah comes home this weekend ~
….please come visit again soon!!

* Blessed be * 


Cheryl Duell said...

Enjoyed your simple, but elegant Christmas decor....just beautiful. Thank you for sharing! May you enjoy a blessed Christmas!

linda56 said...

lori.....looks great around there with your everyday stuff...Christmas tucks are great....just enough to let you feel the spirit...i started out simple...and then kept adding....and now i have to much...lol....the sparkly photos i shot on my blog from last year that you asked about how i did that....i have not been able to figure out yet how i did do that.....maybe i used my ipad....not sure...i was layed up with my knee and had major pain meds in me...lol...when i figure it out i will let you know...lin

HomeSpunPrims said...

I love your lighter look this year! The little touches of green and natural items is wonderful. Merry Christmas to you, Peter and Hannah. Hugs, Lori

Vera said...

So pretty and peaceful. Thank you for sharing. Greens and berries tucked in here and there are my favorite decorations. One of my favorite things we have is a white birch log with holes drilled in it for candles. It sits on our buffet with pinecones surrounding it and a few old ornaments. The candles are lit each evening for dinner. Enjoy your holidays -- bet you and Peter can't wait for Hannah to show up!!

Linda Ann Evans said...

beautiful as always....also love the whistling tea kettle on your side bar, sweet !!

backporchcarver said...

Beautiful and so peaceful.

Len said...

I have gotten to know this fellow online and thought that you may be interested in his work.


Tammy Black said...

Hi Lori, Love your warm & cozy style! It made me feel good knowing I'm not the only one that doesn't have up my big Christmas tree yet!

Jennifer said...

So pretty!! I didn't know you had birds.

Penny Shepherd said...

thank you for sharing some pics of your decor! Fabulous. I becoming interested in the paper whites from your previous post. May have to give this a go.

Gisela Suski said...

My paper whites are ready to bloom any day. I love what you have done.

Anonymous said...

your posts always lift my spirits, lori! thank you for sharing your warmth!


gracie said...

Thank you for sharing you Christmas world...

Susie Hoover said...

Beautiful!!! Love the simplicity. Also still LOVE your new rug in the keeping room!

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