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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Musings ~ Woe is me…..

Have had a REAL yucky couple of days ~
been passing a kidney stone the size of Texas…
(my body likes to manufacture them)

so I've been dealing with that pain and a fever ~ 
I think it passed but it has left a painful trail along it's route.
copious amounts of Advil and water have been consumed in the meantime.

THEN I decided to open up the farmhouse windows to let in a bit of fresh air ~
{{ it has been SO hot & humid, that our AC has been going non-stop }}
In our dining room, there is one window.
Above it, on a huge nail, hangs an early oak child's chair in dry blue paint.
Well I went to open the window, which usually sticks since these are OLD windows…
and I put a little too much effort into opening…
 and BANG! 

Down came the oaken chair,
on my nose
and mouth 
(since I was looking up)

for a moment I had no clue as to what had just happened 
and saw these pretty, little twinkly-things floating around ~

….when I realized that the chair had come down and hit me, 
I cupped my hands over my face and let out a howl
(that most of you reading this probably heard, so yeah…that was me)

Poor Peter came running and when I took my hands away from my face
 I asked him if I had broken my nose…
he just looked at me with wide brown eyes!!!
then i thought "my teeth! my TEETH!"
and checked them to see if
#1 they were still there
#2 they were still intact
#3 if I could move them.
(they are fine, but numb…)

my nose on the other had, now lilts to the right, 
and is a muted shade of greenish/red
oh, and big.
(nope I will not show you & I don't care how many times you ask.)

After that excitement,
and after I regained some feeling in my face from the icepack ~
I needed to rest a bit ~ remember, I just gave birth to a kidney-stone.

I was feeling better 
when Peter came into the house 
yelling that Roxy (our lab) has a stick stuck in her mouth…
so up I get, off I hobble and out I go to poor Roxy, 
who is as wide-open and full-throttle as any black lab adolescent should be.

we wrestled her down and I opened her mouth to find a twig had become lodge up-against the roof of her mouth, crossing it from back molar to back molar.
Yay. What Fun.
Trying to get that out of there was like trying to herd a cat.
….just wasn't gonna happen.

but, thankfully with a little coaxing and a treat-or-three,
it popped out, leaving her bewildered and the roof of her mouth sore…
…welcome to my world Roxy!

Ok, 'nuff of that nonsense.
I have been working on a couple of dolls and things for the show ~
in between everything else
{ya think}

so here are a few pretty snaps
to erase any of the visualizations that may be still stuck in your heads 
from my above-mentioned happenings.

love my model 31 Pfaff Treadle machine!

waiting to come to life ~

shoes and folks

my favorite scissors ;)

sew pretty

Hoping you are all enjoying a peaceful, non-eventful Sunday afternoon my Friends!!

* Blessed be *


  1. all I can say is right now you must be One HoT MeSs!!!!

  2. Oh Lori....I feel your pain! And poor Roxy too!! I hope you feel better real soon. Looks like some fun creating is in the works at the farmhouse. Take care. Big hugs, Lori

  3. After all that, it should be smooth sailing for a while! Hope your pain eases.

  4. What a delightfully fun read ~ err ah , I mean I am so sorry you had such a rough time . I do hope things are starting to look up , umm hmm ~ and I hope things aren't falling down when they do.

    On a simpler not ~ That is "sew" pretty :)

  5. Sounds like fun times at the ole farm house! Hope you and Roxy gets some rest and feel better soon.

  6. could not have More hurts in one day if you tried. I hope you and Roxy heal quickly.

  7. OUCH! Well, Lori... maybe you can look in the mirror and get inspiration for your dolly faces? Prim~Sweet! Oh... I do hope your day is better and that you & the pup are healthy again in no time! HUGS!!!

  8. Oh dear, take Goode care. Speedy recovery to you and Roxy.


  9. poor thing.....I am not going to complain one bit today....after reading your post....I guess I can handle a cranky thought I had it bad......take care and give roxy my best..

  10. What a lousy day!! You need to get outside and absorb some positive tree energy. That happened to Skye once too and it was scary for all of us!! Hope y'all feel better, SOON.

  11. I think we are two peas in a pod.. sliced my toe (rake) non displaced fracture (nose~rake handle) and a cat choking on a milk cap ring..long week ;0( Glad to hear that you survived too!
    Please continue gazing into those big browns & get some chill time in before your show ((HUGS))

  12. Another blogger just had two huge huge stones and now you. Stones are the worse. You have so much going on right now. Take a breather and things will get done. You might not get it all done.

  13. Oh Man what a day you had! I hope this isn't a sign of the week
    to come! What happened to the chair?
    I hope you feel better soon. Sewing always makes me feel better too.

  14. Oh my word you had one of my days.....I hope you're doing better and Miss Roxy too!!! Goodness you need calgone!!!!!
    But some how someway we continue to trudge on.....


  15. Oh my, oh my, oh my...sounds like a rough series of unfortunate events! Do you drink tea and eat ice cream? I've heard it can be a kidney stone making duo. Hope you mend soon.
    Take care,

  16. Dear "Woe" & Roxy,
    May tomorrow be a much kinder day for both of you.

  17. Wow, Lori, you are ready for some good karma now. I have broken my nose when I tripped and fell on concrete. My nose turned all shades of color! My kidney stone pain is helped with morphine. But you win the prize for suffering with both on one day....

  18. Ooooh - that was so bad to read that it had to have been TERRIBLE to actually experience. You poor thing!
    I will be watching eagerly to see the folk and the shoes develop.

  19. Sending hugs & prayers and hoping things will get better for you and Roxy. :) Cathryn

  20. Poor you!
    I hope that you have a speedy recovery!

  21. You poor dear . . . but even all that can't keep your creativity down I see.
    Take care and rest a little to heal!


  22. OUCH!!!! Sounds like you had a really rough day(s). I've done the kidney stone thing too, so I can readily sympathize on that. But owww on the chair. Did you break your nose?

  23. Hope you feel better soon!
    We could so be friends!! Things like that happen to me too!!

  24. I know just how that kidney stone business feels....been there do not want to go back there! Sending hugs and hope you fell better real soon.

  25. I wish you a speedy recovery!
    The sewing machine is wonderful!

  26. Hi Lori, you really have been in the wars, I do hope you are starting to recover as it all sounds rather un-fun. I am looking at your photos and spying that thingee with the handee hand clips by your sewing machine. I seem to see a cord, is it a light? What's the provenance....of course I am hoping repro and here's where you can it! Rae.

  27. Yikes, things got to get better...think positive friend. On a much happier note, I just finished your September's Blessing, very pleasant stitch, you were my September's Blessing:)))

  28. OH DEAR LORI. Sending good thoughts, prayers and hugs your way!



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